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  2. 2. When me and my artist talked about what type of style we should go for, for the digipak images we wanted to go for the black and white theme to compliment the video to his song. I used photoshop to design my images the grey music sign is the bands logo and the theme of musics note can be seen on the from cover of the Dvd. I used this particular image because its very eye grabing, as you can see he is pointing at the potentially at the person who will be looking at the product, this will immediatly catch the consumer attention. You find a bar code on the back cover and you can also find a list of the names of the songs and what you will find in the video.
  3. 3. The booklet i have designed has a relationship between the video and the song. The images i used reflect the video everything is interlinked together. The look/ image remains the same throughout the video digipak and the booklet. Beside each picture there will be some wrtting next to it. I wanted the pictures to be the main focus but i also wanted the consumer ti have something to read and remember about the artist. All the pictures i have chosen are medium shots, i wanted them to be this size so that the image is always somehow drawing the the reader in for example on the image above, T-nay the artist is pointing and is almost looking at someone i like this idea because it engages the consumer with the image and the text that is on the right side.
  4. 4. This is image is very dominating right down to the body image, each picture i have chosen for the booklet has to be this way otherwise the audience will lose interest. My artist T-nay tends to where a lot of shades as his trade mark, this can also be seen in the video "i can go". I wanted to carry this feature on right up to the digipak design aswell, just to have a purpose for that picture i decided to add a quote from my artist " i love wearing my shades they are like my number one trade mark"..... I just used photoshop to place everything in order unlike the other picture i did'nt want this image to be in black and white, i wanted it to be show the natural light that was there when we where taken the pictures  
  5. 5. Most of the pictures that appear on in the booklet, just show the artist on his own, so for this particular page for the booklet i decided to put together some images of other people, you can find a quote on the side from T-nay saying " Friendship is the best medicine". I believe it is important for his image to show this particular side of him.
  6. 6. The Booklet that can be found in the digipak is called " the black and white memoirs" i chose to give it this name because of a very simple reason, i fits very well with the video, the digipak, front and back cover, the font and the images i have used etc. If you can notice the running theme of the digipak and the video is black and white so i chose to name it the black and white memoirs, it's like minnie story that is being told that is why the back cover of the booklet is subtitled "journey fufilled". The artist trade mark can be seen through out the digipak, i liked the idea of music notes it emphasis the style and image that the artist is trying to put across and most importantly it is memorable.
  7. 7. IMAGE FOR THE BOOKLET. With some information about the arist on the right hand side. All of which was edited on photoshop
  8. 9. This is the back cover of the digipak. On the left side you can see the list of names that will appear on the back cover. THINGS THAT APPEAR ON THE BACK COVER OF THE DIGIPAK    Codes and Conventions Song titles Credits What will appear inside the digipak e.g. the video/dvd. Images etc. Bar code Logo A picture of the artist.
  9. 10. Star image is very important, how they come across is alsi important. So i chose to construct an small interview at my artist studio. Basically i asked him a few questions just so that when people read it they will have a small insight into what he does and what he is all about. T-nay's part of the interview is written in a different font just so it stands out, it also helps emphasis what he is saying.
  10. 11. The image i used where taken outside, the natural light on this picture allowed the image to stand out, this image was taken against a black backgorund, outside the city college of norwich. I like this image because of the style of the shot the clothes his wearing match the background and the light hits his face very well. Everything about the image links very well with the rest of the digipak.  On the side you can also find some writing
  11. 12. This page from the booklet allows the reader to see who did what on which track, Its a list of credits to the people that helped to work on the songs, producing the beats writting the lyrics etc. On the side there is just some images of thr artist in the studio, on the top of the page there is also some website links that shows the music/ videos that my artist has been involved in.
  12. 13. This particular page is important because it a short biography of the artist, it just explains his background e.g. how he began with the music business and where he has performed
  13. 14. The sign on the left side is the artists logo it can be found on the back cover of the digipak and the front cover of the digipaks booklet. It is important for the artist to have a logo because it is a something that can appear on cd covers, album covers and many other things dvds, even clothes they may chose to sell to their fans. It is important because it is one way a band, or artist can be recognised. I edited the logo on photoshop, the logo fits the theme of the digipak because it is also in black and white, just the image on the right side.
  14. 15. This is the complete version of the front cover of the digipaks booklet. The cover is very simple but, you have the large title to draw the reader in and then the subtitle underneath then the logo standing alone on the bottom part. Then you have the image on the left side. The font i used for the writting was "juice tc", as you can see there is two images the white one at the background and the black and white one which is the one on the forefront of the page. I took the same picture and reduced the tone of the colour untill it was completly drained out of colour then i done the same thing with the black and white picture.
  15. 16. This is the artists logo, which can be seen on the back cover of the digipak. I used photoshop to help edit the logo to make it fit the artists style
  16. 17. Before T-nay went solo with his career he used to be in a band called No Komment and the used to produce and write hip-pop music. The clips above are just some of the performances they have done. CLICK ON THE CLIP TO VIEW THE VIDEO.