Martha's Diary - Abomination


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Martha's Diary

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Martha's Diary - Abomination

  1. 1. Abomination-Martha’s DiaryRobert Swindells
  2. 2. Monday, August 22Today was the first day of school. People were catching up with oldfriends, and asking about their summer vacations. But not me. Iwas alone. I recognized a few faces, Simon and Tracy, both bullies.I could see some people pointing at me, and I could make out“Raggedy Ann” in conversations. I saw a new kid walking throughthe school gate. He didn’t seem to know anybody, and stood in acorner. I wanted to be brave. I wanted to strike up aconversation, and become friends. Now that I look back onmyself, I realize that it was stupid of me to not talk with him. It waschance for me to make a friend! A friend! We could eat lunchtogether, walk home together, there were so many things that wecould do! I wish I could be like Mary. She was so brave! Afterschool I was chased home by the majority of my grade, with themchanting “Raggedy Ann” the whole time. The bad thing is, the newkid was in the middle of all it.
  3. 3. Thursday, August 26Today the new kid, Scott, lent me his ruler. It looks like thingsare finally going my way. Tracy Stamper, one of the biggerbullies, said that Scott shouldn’t lend me anything anymore.I wish that I could just fit in, be normal, for once. My parentsjust have to ruin that all for me by making my life miserable.Especially with Abomination. Even if I couldn’t change mylife, I just wished that people would understand, and notbully and tease me for something out of my control. Oh well.At least I might have a friend in Scott. Hopefully he doesn’tturn out to just be someone that joins in on the chasing andname-calling. So far it isnt looking to bleak, because herecently hasn’t been chasing me home with the rest of thekids. I hope I make a friend.
  4. 4. Wednesday, September 1I think I can now say that Scott is my friend. I’m not sure if Ishould be glad about it though. Ever since we becamefriends, the others have started treating him like an outcast.The thing is, I’m fairly sure that if he continues to want to bemy friend, then everyone else would treat him like they dome. I hope he decides to choose me over everyone else. AmI being selfish? I hope not. I need to be like Mary. I need tobe brave. As for my situation with everyone else, it might begetting worse. I’m chased home everyday now, and thebullying in class can’t be getting any better. I wonder if Ishould tell any teachers about it. Or should I tell them thatfather is beating me? I don’t think I could ever bring myselfto do that.
  5. 5. Friday, September 10Scott and me are inseparable. We take turns walking eachother home, and do as much as we can together. Thedownside is that we both get bullied, but the upside to thisis that we can stick together. I’ve told Scott about my life andmy parents. Abomination, however, is still our family secret.I think that if I tell him about Abomination, then he won’twant to be my friend anymore. I wonder if I can one daytrust him enough. Tomorrow I’m set to meet Scott whenmother asks me to buy the groceries. This is my first step inbravery, lying to my parents. I need to do this. I wonder whyI’m writing this into my Diary. Oh well.
  6. 6. Tuesday, September 14Today afterschool Scott was getting beat up by thegang. He was on the ground, and they were kickingaway, showing no signs of stopping. So I got the PEteacher. Right away everyone scattered. I stopped byScott’s house. His parents are so…normal. I wish theywere mine. When I got home, I was immediatelyinterrogated on why I was late. I guess I have to say thatlife has taken a turn for the better in the form of Scott. Iwant to tell him about Abomination, but I’m scared to.Can I just reveal such a huge secret?
  7. 7. Monday, September 20Abomination is a little 6-year old boy. Moreimportantly, Mary’s 6-year old boy. How can I havemissed it all this time? Scott knows about Abomination.I can tell he wants to help. But do I want help? Can Ibetray my parents. I want to be like Mary, to be able todisobey what my parents say. But I’m not sure if I can.My parents are growing more and morecautious, because they know that I have a friend inScott, and know that they can go to jail for both beatingme and keeping a boy in a cage in the cellar. I need tomake contact with Mary, and tell her about her kid. Buthow?
  8. 8. Monday, September 27Scott has made contact with Mary via email. I must saythat I have become different from before. Yesterdaywhen father asked me if I had told a certain boyanything about our family, I yelled at him about keepingMary’s boy in the cellar. Mother and father were bothsilent after that. Old Martha would never have donethat. The problem is, we’re moving. To anothertown, somewhere far away, where I would never seeScott again. Or Mary. My only hope is that Scott tellsMary the details and she comes in time to pick upAbomination. Oh Lord, please help us all.