Career project i


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Career project i

  1. 1. Tom Harrington
  2. 2. Lifestyle• I enjoy reading Choices reading news articles. TIME magazine and These interest me and I like to try to solve the issues that are discussed within them.• I like to solve complicated problems and enjoy a good challenge. I will not give up until I’ve solved the issue at hand in the best possible way.• My dream occupation would be the governor of New York. It’s an ambitious goal and one that is nearly impossible to reach, but it’s my dream and it’s what I wish I could do as my career.
  3. 3. Learning Style• I am a visual learner which means I perform best when I can read or write something.• I have trouble sitting and listening to people for long periods of time, but I can remember just about anything I read from a text book reading that I was assigned.
  4. 4. Work ValuesIMPORTANT TO ME:-I could try out my own ideas-I could receive recognition for the work I do-I could do things for other people-The job would provide an opportunity for advancement-The work could give me a sense of accomplishment
  5. 5. Unique Qualities• I am a well rounded student and perform above average in all subjects.• I am a boy scout and soon to be Eagle Scout.• I have a great knowledge of history and English which should help me in my future careers.• I take criticism seriously and I’m always looking for better ways to improve my techniques when it comes to writing and anything else.• I truly enjoy and am good at analysis, like figuring out why something happened the way it did and what may happen if an action is taken.
  6. 6. Holland Code• The Holland Code is used around the country in order to help people to determine what careers they are probably best suited for.• The Holland Code has 6 career areas including: Realistic, Artistic, Enterprising, Investigative, Social, and Conventional.• My Holland Code went in the order of Social, Investigative, and Enterprising or SIE.• Careers were selected by this code that were suited to my interests.
  7. 7. Fire Investigator• Under Investigation, I found the career of Fire Investigator.• This job requires you to act as a sort of detective in order to determine the cause of a fire. In order to do this, a fire investigator must perform tests and experiments to see how certain objects burn and look for patterns within the scorch or burn marks.• A fire Investigator is a hands on job, except for filling out some reports, and you’re part of the justice system because you can use your knowledge to see if any crime was committed.• This career would be of moderate interest to me because while it is low paying and you don’t have anything to do for work some days, you get to use your brain to solve problems.
  8. 8. Software Developer, Applications• Under my interest in Enterprising, I found the career Software Developer, Applications.• Software Developers are often employed by a person or company to help create or edit websites. A software developer usually works with a team of other developers in order to fix/edit or update a website to address their employer’s needs and wants.• A software developer must be a good communicator and must spend a lot of time behind a computer.• I think this job would be of little interest to me because I wouldn’t want to spend my entire day behind a computer for the rest of my career. However, I would like to learn how to write programs.
  9. 9. Birkman Test and Colors• The Birkman test was a short multiple choice test that helped to determine our interests and working style. At the end of the test, I was assigned colors based on these areas. People with blue Interests like job responsibilities and occupations that involve creative, humanistic, thoughtful, and quiet types of activities. Blue Interests include abstracting, theorizing, designing, writing, reflecting, and originating, which often lead to work in editing, teaching, composing, inventing, mediating, clergy, and writing. People with yellow styles perform their job responsibilities in a manner that is orderly and planned to meet a known schedule. They prefer to work where things get done with a minimum of interpretation and unexpected change. People with a yellow style tend to be orderly, cautious, structured, loyal, systematic, solitary, methodical, and organized, and usually thrive in a research-oriented, predictable, established, controlled, measurable, orderly environment. You will want to choose a work environment or career path in which your style is welcomed and produces results.
  10. 10. Sociologist• A sociologist is a person who specializes in the analysis of human society and behavior in the different parts of life. They’re somewhat like a psychiatrist, but instead of an individual, it’s a large group of people.• Sociologists are often hired by businesses, advertising companies, or political parties. This is because they can help to analyze how the public will react to a certain idea. A sociologist also looks for continuing patterns within society in order to create theories as to why we act the way we do.• I believe I would be well suited for a career as a sociologist because of my skills as an analyst. I enjoy learning about our society and why it functions the way it does. I would also enjoy helping a business or political party to act in the best way possible to attract more people.
  11. 11. Teacher• A teacher is a person who teaches children, whether it be in high school or elementary school, a teacher instructs students.• In order to be a teacher, you need to know the subject you’re teaching extremely well, you need to be patient and be willing to work with individuals, you need to create a curriculum, you need to assign homework, and you need to assess your students knowledge of the subjects being taught. Teacher’s are a vital part of our society and are given a large responsibility in teaching the people of tomorrow.• I believe I would enjoy this career because I like to teach people things that I enjoy and know about. I believe I would be successful in this career because of my enjoyment of the skills needed to perform this job.
  12. 12. Career Clusters• In order to narrow down our choices of careers, we took a little quiz to see which three career clusters, out of 16, were best suited for ourselves. From there we selected 2 careers per area that we were interested in and researched them. MY TOP 3CLUSTERS: -Government and Public Administration -Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security -Education and Training
  13. 13. Postsecondary Political Scientist Teacher• -In the Government and Public Administration cluster, as well as the Education and Training cluster, I found the career of a Postsecondary Political Scientist teacher.• -A college political scientist teacher must have a degree in political science, they must be able to communicate effectively, as well as many other aspects. To be a political science professor you need to develop a curriculum, effectively teach it, evaluate student performances, and keep up to date with current issues and topics in politics.• -In order to be successful in this career you should have skills in critical reading, critical writing, speaking, and a knowledge of English Language, Law, and Government.• -I would highly enjoy this career because I love learning about politics, and I love to teach.
  14. 14. Police Detective• I found the career of Police Detective under the category of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security.• A Police detective works for the government and helps to solve crimes using a variety of different methods. It requires you to be a great problem solver, a critical thinker, and good judgment skills.• To be successful in this career you need a knowledge of, Law and Government, English Language, and Public Safety and Security.• I believe this would be a suitable career for myself because I enjoy solving difficult questions and using critical thinking. And, I believe I would enjoy catching criminals.
  15. 15. • I chose the career of Political Science Teacher/Proffessor because it interests me the most, and I enjoy the different aspects of it. I enjoy learning about, analyzing, and teaching about politics.• I feel that this career best suites my work values and lifestyle choices as well as my skill set and interests.• This career also seems to incorporate parts of the 4 other careers, that I researched, into it, with the exception of Software Developer.