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Newspaper advert presentation


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Newspaper advert presentation

  1. 1. Advertisements commonly include discounts andsavings, a popular high street store like M&S is wellknown and aimed at older women. Discount is bold and bright, vibrant andA lot of white eyecatchingspace but as it is its mainthe different selling point.coloursspace thatout Includes attractive woman sporting M&S clothes which correspond to the season, probably autumn or winter.
  2. 2. Includes the product, being theOrange of largest aspect ofthe juice is thecontinued advertisement, exclinto the uding the title.advertisement to separatethe vitaminwatersproperties Includes snappyfrom ‘OJ’ pun from title which is humorous, includes intertextuality of a mug shot perhaps, carries a criminal theme. Includes facts and figures
  3. 3. Uses same Plays on the factlarge that kitkats are‘discount’ so good, there issign similar to no need forM&S innovation andadvertisemen likes to keept, however traditional.this is differentas the KitKatis exactly thesame. Graphology is simple andApplies unique, a lot ofperhaps to white space butstate of the vibrant redeconomy ‘in catches your eye.times like these’is now and upto date.
  4. 4. More of a localadvertisement forkickboxing, offers graphicsand is visually stimulating. Includes website and phone number but no location, quite vague.
  5. 5. This is an Featuresadvertisement pictures ofI would like to gold, money,create as it plays on thecan be very fact thateasy to make. people needGold is also money inpopular to sell recent harshright now and economicwill correlate the time. Includes what you can sell, precise and straight to the point. FREE is in bold red letters to catch the eye and make the advert seem more appealing.