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Original photos


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Original photos

  1. 1. Original Photos Front cover of digipack
  2. 2. These two photos were not good enough to use as the front cover of my album. This is for two main reasons as well as the other photos taken at the same time are slightly better.1. The photos are blurred due to not using a tripod with the camera and movement from the band members.2. The photos look staged and un- natural. The arrangement and instructions behind the photographs are too vague and not distinct enough.
  3. 3. This also became the problem in these two photos. I found out that movement and positioning was becoming an increasingly problematic area.Being in a band with two other 17year old lads, we were never goingto get a serious photo shoot.However in these photos, there isfar too much movement and“messing about” going on to use asthe front cover
  4. 4. We were getting closer tothe kind of photo I wantedfor the front of the digipackbut once again there wastoo much movement in theframe of these photos. It was cold in the mill where we practice therefore it was difficult to keep the camera still. But I couldn’t use these photos even though the positioning had improved. The blurred pixels meant that the quality in the photo decreased dramatically.
  5. 5. This is the final photo that I chose to use as the front cover. It is natural and clear I took this photo into photo shop and de-saturated it to keep to the conformities of the Indie/Indie-rock, simple genre.