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  1. 1. Intro to the film• Title – The Entertainer• Group – Katherine Stefaniuk, Ewan Reddyoff, Adam Stevens• Genre – Horror• Sub genre – Slasher
  2. 2. Final Plot Synopsis After a news flash of the escape of Harry Atman a convicted criminal.He is spotted harassing a clown and attending a child’s birthday party. Jennifer Stevens is 10 today and wants a birthday party with all her friends at her house so her mum orders a clown. The party is in fullswing when the kids get the main attraction, the clown. After a couple of minutes of entertaining the clown becomes agitated and takes a dislike to the birthday girl because she refuses to join in. One of the children finds an antique jack in the box, which sparks a sequence ofunfortunate events such as a series of gruesome killings to her friends who all attended the party. After this the clown goes on a murderous rampage, stabbing and strangling all the children from the party. Jennifer is able to elude the clown’s rampage, fight for her life and ultimately defeat the clown.
  3. 3. Influences• ‘It Clown’ – Because it’s a film about a scary psychotic clown and it looks quite frightening and abnormal.• ‘Scream 4’ – The slasher horror, same sub-genre and same settings for most of the locations.• ‘Insidious’ – The use of intimidated children/ family in fear and the house playing a key factor and a prominent figure in the storyline.
  4. 4. Structure/Scenes to include• Title/Production company• CCTV of criminal punching and dragging someone behind a dumpster/corner, with voice over from news reporter• Real clown man is attacked by killer, show on CCTV type footage.• New clown walk out of the van.• Shot of the parents opening the door to the clown• Straight to the back to start the party• Kids all crowd around the clown when he starts his “act”• She stays back away from clown while all other kids crowd around.• Little boy goes up stairs and finds a jack in the box• Starts to wind up the jack in the box• Cuts to the clown finding one of the kids and killing them• Back to the jack in the box kid• Finds the kids in sequence and kills them in the woods, park, walking to school and the party• cutting back to the kid in the jack in the box• Then final shot is the kid on the end of the bed with the jack in the box then the clown in the room comes into lighting and then takes a swipe for the kid• Credits/title/release date
  5. 5. Generic Conventions• Antagonist (clown)• Protagonist (the kids)• Scream Queen (small girl)• Knife as murder weapon
  6. 6. Characters/Stereotypes• Clown killer- vicious• Small girl- vulnerable• Parents- caring, oblivious• Friends at party• News reporter
  7. 7. Settings/Locations• In a fairly modern standard house as the main scene and location. Then within the house, the huge living room where all the children are and then the dark scary room in which it’s the child’s room with lots of toys etc.• Back garden• News studio• Woods• Van• Park• Stalking location
  8. 8. Props/CostumesProps CostumesKnife Clown costume – wig, makeup etcInteractive whiteboard for Suit for news reporternews reporterVan Children party hatsJack in the Box
  9. 9. Cinematography/Lighting• Then when the clown arrives dark colours start to take over. In the room its virtually full dark, hardly any light to make it mysterious and scary.• High contrast, low saturation.
  10. 10. Use of Sound• Children noises, emphasised screaming.• Jack in a box theme tune playing over trailer starting at a certain point to add intensity and fear.
  11. 11. Editing and Effects• Fast cuts, Eerie colours, High contrast, Low saturation, Sound beds
  12. 12. Title screens/Typography• Creepy large fairground type font to relate to the clown. Fast title scenes.
  13. 13. Target Audience/Uses and Gratifications/Points of Identification• Teenagers and young adults because it’s like child hood memories having fun and then the impact of the clown, which many people are frightened of and it plays on their own fears. There is blood and violence which is will be a 15 certificate. Mainly males because they like action packed horror films.