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The evolution of a mobile phone

Mobile phones today are becoming very powerful computers, or teleputers. But to fully exploit their computing power and connectivity, we will have to break free from the physical form factor of the tiny screens and keyboards, while still keeping the devices portable. A number of advanced technologies available today will help us shape the future of mobile phones. Inventions like MEMS-based laser projectors, able to display images directly on our retinas while not blocking our sight, will free us from tiny screens. Brain waves sensing technologies, aided by eye tracking will provide touchless input. By 2020 a mobile phone as we know it will disappear, evolving into a device linking our senses directly with senses of other people or with machines.

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The evolution of a mobile phone

  1. 1. Szymon
  2. 2. 50 years: 1970 - 2020 2020 2007 1973
  3. 3. a phone yesterday was a phone
  4. 4. a phone today is no longer a phone
  5. 5. voice today is a VAS one of many
  6. 6. a phone today is a PT a personal teleputer
  7. 7. a phone tomorrow will be a gateway to our brain
  8. 8. a phone tomorrow will be telecoupling us and machines
  9. 9. acoustic will change into direct via our wireless gateways
  10. 10. so how do we get there ? and when?
  11. 11. bypassing the tiny screens / kbds (freedom from the cage)
  12. 12. screenless instead of better screens touchless instead of better touch
  13. 13. laser based wearable displays
  14. 14. Source: Lemoptix
  15. 15. Sources: Brother, Microvision
  16. 16. Source: Microvision
  17. 17. functions controlled by mind (like a third hand)
  18. 18. Sources: Reading University, University of Tokyo
  19. 19. Source: Katarzyna Niżegorodcew
  20. 20. senses and brains will be networked this decade
  21. 21. thank you!