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NIIF Grid Development portfolio

  1. 1. NIIF Grid development portfolio Szalai Ferenc, NIIF Institute
  2. 2. Introduction● Main force: ClusterGrid Infrastucture – about 1000 computational node organized in 32 cluster● Two main direction: – Infrastructure development: virtualization, distributed storage infrastructure, manage hugh amount of nodes etc. – Middleware development: Grid Underground (GUG) Project
  3. 3. ClusterGrid ArchitectureNumbers:1000 nodes32 sites (cluster)22 TB storage
  4. 4. Pre-GUG histroy● ClusterGrid since 2002● First middleware: Condor Flock – problems: strong centralization, required central auth with LDAP, the io overhead was lot because the shadow processes etc.● Second middleware: Centralized broker based on Apache/Postgresql/PHP – since then Condor just an LRMS – problems: missing storage, missing interoperability● Final solution :) GUG
  5. 5. Grid UnderGround● new generation ClusterGrid middleware.● Since Feb 2006 using in the production system● Design goals: – pure web service based framework (no WSRF) – using selected GGF, W3C standards – simplify service development – focus on core services (info, storage, job management, security, monitoring) – KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid – destop and HPC ware: low memory and cpu usage – open source development (
  6. 6. GUG Architecture● Pure python framework: – framework runs as a single daemon – manage threads – handle network communication over HTTP(S)/SOAP – every service is a dinamicaly loadable plugin of the framework, services use backends to separate interfaces and functions● Mandatory services: – Manager service: manage simple lifecycle of other services. Remote management also possible. – Grid Information System: p2p system to route advertisements, service descriptions of services (better than UDDI)
  7. 7. Example serviceclass Test: def __init__(self, id, local_gis_url,  config): pass def _get_description(self, site_id): return ”””<?xml version=1.0?> <ServiceDescription> <Site>%s</Site> </ServiceDescription> ””” % site_id def echo(self, x509, x): return x
  8. 8. GIS● separates data and metadata● advertisements: (metadata, data) tuple● data: XML description of anything like service, resource etc.● metadata: source of data, TTL, etc.● simple routing algorithm based on static peer list and TTL (we like news feeds :)● two main source of data: – services (get_description function), – GIS backends: standalone data provideres
  9. 9. GUG Core Services● VOService (security) – every entity identified by X509 cert – every VO should set up at least one VO service – manage authorization information, organize them into the tree – manage VO membership like a maling list● Job management components – Exec: run and manage job in SMP systems (useful on destops) – Job Controller: using GGF BES interface and GGF JSDL. Interface with common LRMS (eg: Condor, Exec etc), no scheduling – SuperScheduler: use the same interace and data model as Job Controller, its a grid level scheduler
  10. 10. GUG Core Services● Storage management components: – file based arch. – Storage Controller: stores and gives back files using transport independent protocol like SRM – ShareDirectory: directory and file sharing (same interface as Storage Controller) – File System Service: metadata catalog – Storage Manager: provides POSIX like interface (mkdir, ls, mv, cp etc.), create replicas on Storage Contollers, manage file system entity types as a plugin: file, directory, shared directory etc.
  11. 11. GUG Serives and UI● Additional services: – Compiler service: create binaries from source to all avalilable platforms. Use job management componets● User Interface: – modular command line interface: grid command: $ grid storage ls /grid/tmp ­R /grid/tmp: d   2006­04­12 14:04 proba /grid/tmp/proba: ­ 8 2006­04­12 14:05 szoveg ­ 8 2006­04­12 14:06 szoveg.1 ­ 8 2006­04­12 14:06 masnev $ grid job submit testjob.jsdl – graphical and web interface comming soon
  12. 12. The real life say good● Seamles transaction to new middleware: UI have almost compatibility interface with old ClusterGrid broker● GUG already tested with real life applications: – virtual screening (pharmacy) – nonlinear dinamics (physics) – compliler optimalization (IT research) – usual ClusterGrid applications