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Screen it january 2013


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Screen it january 2013

  1. 1. Generating Value through Human Talent
  2. 2. Portfolio of Services• Specialized Talent Attraction Services ▫ Our service provides all the benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO),but in a nearshore delivery model. We maintain the ability of keeping control of your critical business functions, while lowering the cost of traditional in-house recruiting by up to 50%. Whether we are finding talent in Mexico or selecting and recruiting individuals in other Latin American countries, our bilingual consultants will always provide you the service you need.• Psychometric & Technical Assessment Tests / Background Checks ▫ Identifying strengths and weaknesses of candidates, conflict management assessment, and other technical aptitude tests that provides value in helping our clients objectively assess new personnel. We conduct comprehensive BGC to provide a report or personal/professional references, credit and basic financial information, education and employment background of the candidate.• Virtual Captive Center /Build Operate Transfer ▫ If you need to test out a new market or simply looking for a partner to help you scale in Latin America, ScreenIT can provide you facilities, talented IT resources, payroll services and HR management at all of the cities we are located in.
  3. 3. How are we different?• Flexible fee arrangements• We don’t just recruit – we manage talent communities• We use both traditional recruiting tools and progressive social media marketing tools• We have over 20 Talent Attraction Consultants (recruiters) and Talent Community Leaders (sourcing specialists) that specialize in specific technologies• Our team is completely bilingual (English / Spanish)• We are a turnkey solution: including background checks, technical assessments, visa processing, and client onboarding
  4. 4. Quality ManagementOur Talent Attraction Consultants are passionate about ensuring that those recruited candidates exceeds the expectations of our clients. We follow up with candidates and clients at regular intervals to verify performance of our placed candidates into the company as well as their ensuring their successful integration.
  5. 5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)ScreenIT is a recruitment process solutions provider. We understand thecontinuous increasing needs for talented IT professionals in the development ofnew technologies. Minimize our customer’s cost overhead in Specialized Recruitment process. Sourcing Specialists Our staff has over 10 years of experience in recruiting and selecting IT personnel. Process oriented methodology. We always look for ways to improve ourselves.
  6. 6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  7. 7. Recruitment Process Outsourcing Define Set Questions to measure Evaluate Get the Best One with Role Requirements gap between candidate vs. Role Requirements Candidates Histogram & Radar Report (MODEL) Enter needed levels Set the questions Enter the levels Choose the best on each Skill: for each Skill: of the candidate candidate that 1. English Set the answers for each on each skill overpasses or has the 2. Technical Question so that any closest Role 3. General inexperienced person Requirement’s score Experience can evaluate a 4. Specific Experience candidate as a first filter 5. Energy and Drive (e.g. Human Resources) 6. Prev. Performance 7. Quality 8. Education 9. Cost 10. Analysis 11. Communication 12. Clear Thinking
  8. 8. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  9. 9. Contract-to-Hire Contract-to-Hire is very similar to Outsourcing or Service Agreement with the exception that is usually the intention of the client company to hire ScreenIT’s consultant at any time during the life of the project. Contract-to-Hire gives the company the ability to monitor the consultants performance before making a formal offer of employment. With Contract-to-Hire, ScreenIT and the client agree on a standard monthly fixed rate for the contract period, the date the Consultant will become a Sample Nearshore Client Rates* regular employee of the company, and the placement fee payable to ScreenIT once the consultant is actually transferred to regular employee status with the client company. Contract-to-Hire allows our US clients to start the consultant immediately while waiting for the visa *Actual rates will be based on consultant’s experience, terms of contract, etc. process to complete.
  10. 10. General Process • Candidate Contact •Position •Company •Expectations •Client Follow up •Client Request •Client interview •Client Follow up
  11. 11. Fixed Fee BPO Services for Clients Psychometric Tests eSkill Technical Assessments Mexico Background Checks TN Visa Processing H1B Premium Visa Processing
  12. 12. Global Background Check Options Employment Check:Verifies date of employment and job titles, salary, circumstances of termination, and eligibility for rehire. Education Check:Verifies date of attendance, course major (when available), degree(s) attained, and the date of the degree awarded. Reference Check:Verification of business or personal related references. Criminal Record Check:Search of the appropriate National or Local Jurisdiction for criminal record histories. Reputational Media is recommended in countries that it is not permissible or available to conduct criminal record searches. Reputational Media Check:Can be conducted for due diligence in countries where criminal record checking is not permissible. Searches vary by country. This is also known as criminality, local language media check or press file. Credit Check:A consumer credit check utilizing official credit information sources. Some countries have availability, others do not have availability. Bankruptcy Check:Verifies information on bankruptcy filings, tax liens & civil / small claims judgments. Regulations vary across countries. Civil Litigation:Reveals the record of civil suits where the applicant was either a plaintiff or defendant. Regulations vary across countries. Directorship Verification:Verifies if a candidate had fiduciary responsibilities and sat on the board of directors of a company. Professional License:Verification of provided license, registration, credential, or certification. Drivers License Verification:The driver’s license check provides results regarding motor vehicle registration violations and may also reveal speeding, reckless driving violations. ChoicePoint Global Sanctions:A review of OFAC, FBI Most Wanted (incl. Terrorists), FBI Seeking Information, FBI Hijack Suspects, and Politically Exposed Persons. ID CheckVerifcation of the identity of the individual Address CheckVerificaton of address provided physically exists.
  13. 13. Sample assessment exams
  14. 14. TN Visa Processing• Considering all of the above, ScreenIT will charge a flat fee of $2,000 for each TN processing petition that we file on behalf of client which will include filing fees.
  15. 15. H1B Premium Visa Processing• Considering all of the above, ScreenIT will charge a flat fee of $7,500 for each H1-B premium processing petition we file on behalf of client which will include filing fees.
  16. 16. Why Nearshore? Easy Knowledge Transfer > 60,000 Graduates (Year) 0 Time Zone Difference NAFTA Legal Framework
  17. 17. Apodaca Delivery Center
  18. 18. PIIT Delivery Center (Monterrey, MX)
  19. 19. Guadalajara & Buenos Aires Delivery Center Guadalajara, Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina
  20. 20. Lubbock, Texas (Rural Sourcing)
  21. 21. Software Development Capability.NET, Java, iOS, GISEnd-to-End Projects Software FactoryStaff Augmentation
  22. 22. Why ScreenIT
  23. 23. Our Coverage Office Locations •Lubbock, Texas USA •Houston, Texas USA •Monterrey, Mexico •Aguascalientes, Mexico •Guadalajara, Mexico •México, D.F. •Queretaro , Mexico •San Jose, Costa Rica •Managua, Nicaragua •Buenos Aires, Argentina •Sao Paulo, Brazil
  24. 24. Some of our Clients un◻square
  25. 25. Adding Value through Human TalentEduardo Campos – CEO Imre Szenttornyay – Executive Vice is@tas-screenit.comHouston: (281) 763-2072 x802 Houston: (281) 763-2072 x800 Monterrey: (81) 8421-2124