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  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE VSL Group Architect
  2. 2. Introduction VSL Group Architect is established in 20th June 2013 and registered with the Board of Architects. This company is owned by Voon Sze Lun with a Master of Architecture. VSL Group Architect company’s main goals and services are planning for future expansion, schematic design, design and development, construction documents, bidding and construction administration.
  3. 3. Company Profile Company Name: VSL Group Architect Director: Voon Sze Lun Office address: 2nd Floor, Block A1, Jalan MSubang Jaya, 47600 Selangor, Malaysia Telephone: 03-8073 6000 Fax: 03-5823 9856 E-mail: VSLgrouparch@gmail.com Website: www.VSLgrouparchitect.com
  4. 4. Company Organization Structure Director Voon Sze Lun Architect Lee Kwang Yew Architect Bong Soon Qiu Assistant architect Kho Wang Jian Architect Kho Chew Ling Architect Wong Rong Xian Assistant architect Lee Kim Loong Assistant architect Lee Xian Ming Assistant architect Lim Chiun Han Secretary Chua Chu Yew
  5. 5. Personal information Name: Voon Sze Lun (Director of VSL Group Architect) Age: 30 Date of birth: 11th June 1983 Nationality: Malaysian Address: 1625, Lorong E6, Subang Jaya, 47600 Selangor, Malaysia Telephone: 016-446 5211 Personal E-mail address: as19ai@gmail.com
  6. 6. Projects of VSL Group Architect Project: Sunway Apartment Client name: Drasa Investment LGD Occurrence date: 12th June 2002 Project current status: Completed Project: Midvalley apartment Client name: Bharti Airter Kenya Occurrence date: 19th October 2005 Project current status: Completed Project: Sunlight Shopping Mall Client name: Dr Wangatao Occurrence date: 17th April 2011 Project current status: Completed Project: Feather Hostel Client name: Ji Chou Chen Occurrence date: 11th April 2013 Project current status: Ongoing
  7. 7. Staffs Information 1. Lee Kwang Yew Qualification: - Master of Architecture (Taylors University) - Registered architect Position: Senior architect in VSL Group Architect 2. Bong Soon Qiu Qualification: - Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architecture (Taylors University) Position : Assistant architect of Lee Kwang Yew
  8. 8. Financial Information Registration Company Number: 167468-A Authorized Capital: RM 200 000 Paid up Capital: RM100 000 Registered Bank: Maybank Account No. : 4352-5452-8542 Shareholders: Director: Voon Sze Lun (60%) Signature of Director and Secretary: _____________________________________ ______________________________________ Director Secretary Voon Sze Lun Chua Chu yew
  9. 9. Form 49 Company No. 167468 A RETURN GIVING PARTICULARS IN REGISTER OF DIRECTORS, MANAGERS AND SECRETARIES AND CHANGES OF PARTICULARS VSL Group Architect MANAGING DIRECTOR Full Name § National Race † Date of Birth Residential Address Business Occupation (if any) Particulars of other Directorships £ Nature of Appointment, or Change and Relevant Date # Identity Card No. / Passport No. ¶ Voon Sze Lun Malaysian Chinese 11th June 1983 1625, Lorong E6,Subang Jaya, 47600 Selangor, Malaysia Director NIL NIL 830611- 13-5391 MANAGERS AND SECRETARIES* Office in Company Full Name § Nationality/ Race † Residential Address Other Occupation (if any) Nature of Appointment or change and Relevant Date # Identity Card No. / Passport No. ¶ AVSL Group Architect Chua Chu Yew Malaysian Chinese 0552, Jalan Ampang, 57000, Kuala Lumpur Secretary NIL 910107-14- 5731 Dated this 12th day of June 2001. ------------------------------------- Signature of Voon Sze Lun
  10. 10. Form 24 Company No. 167468 A RETURN OF ALLOTMENT OF SHARES VSL Group Architect The shares referred to in this return were allotted *on the 24th day of July 2011. (2) Shares allotted Details of Shares Preference Ordinary Other kinds (Specify class) 1. For cash consideration: (a) Number of shares .................... (b) Nominal amount of each share.................... RM (c) Amount (if any) paid on each share ....................RM (d) Amount (if any) due and payable on each share .................... RM (e) Amount of premium paid or payable on each share .................... RM 2. For consideration other than cash: (a) Number of shares .................... (b) Nominal amount of each share.................... RM (c) Amount to be treated as paid on each of the shares so allotted.................... RM (d) Amount of premium treated as paid up on each share.................... RM (3) (e) The consideration for which the NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL 10000 10.00 10.00 NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL
  11. 11. shares have been so allotted is as follows: 3. (4) Particulars of allotters of the shares so allotted and the number and classes of shares allotted to them are as follows: Full Name and Address (8) Nationality/Race (9) I/C No. / Passport NO. Number of Shares Allotted Preference Ordinary Other Kinds Cash Otherwise Cash Otherwise Cash Otherwise Voon Sze Lun 1625, Lorong E6, Jalan Subang Jaya, 47640 Selangor, Malaysia Malaysian 830611- 13-5391 NIL NIL 200000 NIL NIL NIL Chua Chu Yew 0552, Jalan Ampang, 57000, Kuala Lumpur Malaysian 910107- 14-5731 NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL NIL Dated this 14 th day of June 2001. ______________________ ______________________ Director Secretary Voon Sze Lun Chua Chu Yew
  12. 12. Certificate to be given by all Companies A certificate in the form set out hereunder shall be given by a director and a secretary of every company and annexed to this form. CERTIFICATE We hereby certify, in relation to VSL Group Architect that - (a) The share referred to in this return were allotted pursuant to a resolution of the *directors/* members made on 24th July 2011. ; (b) The shares so allotted do not exceed the authorized capital of the company which is RM 200,000 divided into (5) .100, 000 share of RM10.00 each; (c) * the allotters have agreed and have not withdrawn their agreement to take up the shares so allotted; (d) the total issued capital of the company now stands at 100,000 shares of RM 10.00 each and the paid-up capital is RM100, 000; and Dated this 14 th day of June 2001 _____________________ _____________________ Director Secretary Voon Sze Lun Chua Chu Yew
  13. 13. SAMPLE document
  14. 14. Current project- Feather Hostel Our architect’s roles during the construction process of this project: Performance Evaluation - Observe construction to ensure the process will meet the specifications of the construction documents - Submit written evaluations of work at regular intervals during construction Deviation and Adjustment - Submit modifications made to the design of a project during construction to the Contractor - Construction documents that are discovered after their finalization should be submit to the client along with any necessary scheduling adjustments.
  15. 15. Costs - Provide an estimate for the cost of work - Refine cost estimates and share that information with the Contractor and owner. - Estimates should always take into account contingencies and potential price escalation. - Recommend alternative solutions to resolve any variations to the original budget if the cost of the project is exceed the budget Site Assessment - Submit an assessment of the site for the client - Make recommendations for maintenance and improvement if any are required.
  16. 16. References 1. Building Design& Analysis, Inc. (1999) Available from http://www.buildingdesignanalysis.com/article01_ArchR ole.html [26th July 2013] 2. PNMB-LawNet (2006) Available from http://www.ssm.com.my/acts/fscommand/pua0173y1966s c029.htm [26th July 2013] 3. PNMB-LawNet (2006) Available from http://www.ssm.com.my/acts/fscommand/pua0173y1966s c070.htm [26th July 2013]