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Brand Association Map – InsightsCompetitive Threats:Killer is the prominent competitor with an almost similar attitude and...
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Spykar bedazzled reverb-vgsom


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Brand Association Mapping for Spykar

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Spykar bedazzled reverb-vgsom

  1. 1. Integriti Economical Colt Allen Solly Fastrack Arrow Formals Accesories Confidence Wrangler Student Pepe Urbane T-Shirts College Fests Youth Lee Stylish Killer Rebellious Youngester Comfortable Denizen Attractiveness Jeans SPYKAR SmartphoneLevis 501 Quality Social Media Denims Online Shopping Shirts Flying Machine Funky Outgoing Premium Youth Trendy Skinny Levis Strauss Signature Cool Jackets Wrangler Party Wear Provogue Shorts Sweat Shirt Adidas
  2. 2. Brand Association Map – InsightsCompetitive Threats:Killer is the prominent competitor with an almost similar attitude and branding for the youth.Denizen is middle range brand by Levis to capture the lower end of the Premium segment without loss of its Brand Equity in India.This brand is characterised by comfortable, stylish and value for money apparel backed by the name of a big brand powerhouselabel. Thus making it threat number 2 on our list for Spykar.Integriti (from the house of Killer) and Colt (from Flying Machine) are two inexpensive brands that cater to the market segment ofyouth with low spending power. With time the brand will start moving towards the upper segment and can prove to be dangerousto Spykar. Launch a fighter brand with a low priced label to tap the large youth mass market with less spending powerOpportunities:Party wear for the youth (Premium)is one segment that is being catered mostly by Provogue, an exclusive line up of party wear forSpykar can be strengthen its brand equity and market share.Launch of a Launch a range of accessories – Belts, Wallets, Caps, Watches (tie up with a partner), footwear to superimpose the brandcharacteristics in the minds of the consumers.The focus of the company should also include the “People doing there first jobs”(youth + Buying Power), a slight change from its onlyyouth segment orientation (Currently ideal customer is an outgoing teen undergraduate student with a smartphone and active onsocial media ).A sub brand focusing on the children from ages 6-15 apparels segment.Women segment the range is limited should focus on this area to include more new styles and SKUSStart a Company owned Ecommerce online selling as an alternative channel to brick and mortar stores, and get a share in the e-tailing business. As opposed to the current sales of the brand through mantra, jabong and other online stores. It will increase thebrand equity and the interaction of the company with the consumers. Thus allowing for a two way communication, increasing thetouch points and help reinforce the brands in the minds of the consumers.Team ReverbSagar Naveen ZalavadiyaVGSOM – IIT Kharagpur