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Property Portal Watch 2015 Amsterdam

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  1. 1. Market leader of property listings in Hungary
  2. 2. About Hungarian Market leader of residential and commercial property listings Founded 17 years ago Privately owned since the beginning 4.6 M EUR in 2015 - 40% growth since last year
  3. 3. 3 missions
  4. 4. Mission 1: Get all listings of all agencies!
  5. 5. Buying/selling is more common than renting 90% of the people are living in the own homes 50% of transactions go through agencies 150 000 transactions per year Exclusive contracts are rare Only the seller pays commission In Hungary...
  6. 6. Listings for same property make it hard to make your listing visible Goal: make most valuable listings more visible. Large noise in some segments
  7. 7. Works only for the market leader Had to teach the market Gave free credits at first after purchases Since 2011: agencies bid for visibility
  8. 8. Results Valuable listings became visible We can keep less valuable listings too Market automatically regulates prize
  9. 9. Mission 2: Get all private listings and increase revenue!
  10. 10. Many sell property without agencies. Buyers prefer private listings over agencies. We don’t encourage selling without agents, but provide help if someone decides to do so. In Hungary... NO AGENTS PLEASE!
  11. 11. Private listings and revenue started to decrease - even the free ones People want to sell, not advertise So how to show sellers, they can sell faster and easier with us? Problem: others give private listings for free
  12. 12. Found the right price through many calculations from previous purchases. Made our product portfolio easier to understand. Listing, Offline for sale sign, Energy certificate, Consultancy, Mortgage We offer more than just listing!
  13. 13. Got more listings Revenue started to increase Results
  14. 14. Mission 3: Cover the commercial market as well!
  15. 15. But didn’t know the market well Personal contacts are vital Products are different from residential segment We wanted to be comprehensive
  16. 16. Special products just for this segment: Real estate yearbook Events with professional and leisure programs So we bought and integrated the market leader
  17. 17. What’s next?
  18. 18. Strengthen good agencies, give them leads for contracts Helping agents to build their own personal brand Integrate mortgages deeper into our products Speed up transactions
  19. 19. Thank you! Laura Szabó Head of Product