10 interesting facts about Muslim & Sahabah


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Learn about meaning of Islam, Jihad, the oldest mosque, the first sahabah to recite quran publicly, the first to submit to Islam besides the family of Rasulullah.

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10 interesting facts about Muslim & Sahabah

  1. 1. 10 factsabout Muslim& SahabahLearn about Islam, The deen and our Sahabah (The companion of Prophet)
  2. 2. 01What is the meaning of Islam?
  3. 3. The word Islam means...
  4. 4. The word Islam means...Submission to Allah 1
  5. 5. The word Islam means...Peace 2
  6. 6. The word Islam means...Way of peace 3
  7. 7. Allah is not the God ofMuslims only. He is theGod of all people andall creation.
  8. 8. 02What is the meaningof Muslim?
  9. 9. Muslim means:Anyone or anything that submitsitself to the will of Allah.
  10. 10. 03Which is the oldest mosque?
  11. 11. The oldest mosque in Islamichistory is not the prophet’smosque (Masjid Nabawi) instead...
  12. 12. Quba Mosque, Medina
  13. 13. It was the first mosque built assoon as Our Prophet PBUHarrived in Medina.
  14. 14. It is the first mosque was buildas soon as Our Prophet PBUH Did you know? According to Sunnah.arrived on the Hijra. Offering two raka’at of nafl prayers in the Quba Mosque is equal to performing one Umrah.
  15. 15. 04Allah is not just aboutloving and compassion
  16. 16. Allah once said to ProphetMuhammad PBUH:“My mercy prevailsover my wrath.”
  17. 17. 05What is the realdefinition of Jihad?
  18. 18. Jihad does not mean holy war
  19. 19. Instead, it means the inner strugglethat one endures in trying to submittheir will to the will of Allah.
  20. 20. the struggles againstExample:laziness, arrogance, against thetemptation of Satan, or againstones own ego.
  21. 21. 06How many companion ofProphet is mentionedin the Quran?
  22. 22. 1
  23. 23. The only companion who isexplicitly mentioned in the Quranby name is:Zaid bin Al-Haritha 
  24. 24. ...So when Zayd had nolonger any need for her... Surah Al-Ahzab 33:37
  25. 25. ...So when Zayd had noDid you know? longer any need for her...He was the first Muslim to bemartyred on foreign country, duringthe Battle of Mu’tah. Surah Al-Ahzab 33:37
  26. 26. ...So when Zayd had noFast Facts longer anyIs a for her...Battle of Mu’tah. needbattle between Islamand Byzantine that ourProphet PBUH took part. Heraclius Surah Al-Ahzab 33:37
  27. 27. 07How did Abu Bakar RA receivedthe title As-Siddiq?
  28. 28. Abu Bakar accepted andbelieved in Rasulullah PBUH...
  29. 29. During the Night Journey(Mi’raj) to the Heavens, whenthe kuffar asked for his opinion.
  30. 30. Did you know? He was the first person outside theDuring the Night Journey family of Muhammad PBUH to openly(Mi’raj) toathe Heavens, when become Muslim.the kuffar asked for his opinion.
  31. 31. Did you know?During the Night Journey Abu Bakar’s real name is(Mi’raj) to Abdullah the Heavens, when bin Abi Quhafahthe kuffar asked for his opinion.
  32. 32. 08How Ali bin Abi Talib Hijra fromMekkah to Medina?
  33. 33. He walked all the way fromMakkah to Medina...
  34. 34. ...while hiding from thepursuing Quraish.
  35. 35. Makkah Medina 400km Approximately
  36. 36. Singapore Kuala Lumpur 400km Approximately
  37. 37. 09Who is the 2nd person to reciteQuran publicly?
  38. 38. Abdullah Ibn Masud RA was the2nd person to read the Quranpublicly near the Ka’ba.
  39. 39. The first was Rasulullah PBUH
  40. 40. Did you know? Abdullah Ibn Masud RA was one of the 4 people mentioned by Muhammad PBUH to learn the Quran from.The first was Rasulullah PBUH
  41. 41. Learn the recitation of Quranfrom four persons: Ibn Masud,Salim the freed slave of AbuHudhaifa, Ubai bin Ka’ab andMuadh bin Jabal. Narrated by Abdullah bin Amr from Sahih Bukhari
  42. 42. 10Who is the first Muezzinchosen by Rasulullah PBUH ?
  43. 43. 10Who is the first Muezzinchosen by Rasulullah PBUH ? A person at a mosque who leads the call to prayer (adhan)
  44. 44. Photo: © Gentz, Wilhelm
  45. 45. The first Muezzin chosen byRasulullah PBUH was...
  46. 46. Bilal ibn Rabah orBilal the Abyssinian
  47. 47. Did you know? Bilal ibn Rabah was an AfricanBilal ibn Rabah orBilal the Abyssinian
  48. 48. More about Islamic Facts soon
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