Tactical Radio Systems


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As the first decoder of iden innovation, Sytech's Advanced Digital/Analog Collections System, ADACS, could supply the first completely incorporated cell, iden, and telephony capture framework to law requirement offices across the country.

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Tactical Radio Systems

  1. 1. SyTech Corporation 6121 Lincolnia Road, Suite 200 Alexandria, VA22312 Phone: 703-941-7887 Fax: 703-941-7997 http://www.sytechcorp.com/ 24/7 Support: 1-800-385-8977 Office Hours: 8 AM – 5 PM EST. ADACS Intelligence Collection Systems ADACS provides law enforcement and intelligence agencies with the ability to intercept, track, record and analyze switch-based voice, video, and data transmissions. In use by hundreds of agencies worldwide, ADACS delivers a full range of intercept, archive and analysis packages designed for the unique nature of evidentiary voice, video, and data collection.
  2. 2. The ADACS4 Intercept Platform functions as SyTech’s next generation voice, video, and data collector for all forms of switch-based communication. A combination of hardware and software, ADACS4 allows the agency to discretely intercept all forms of CALEA-compliant communications directly from the target’s service provider. Collection and audio playback occur in real-time in conjunction with the agency’s standards of lawful intercept. Advanced T2S2 tools such as location mapping, automatic alerts and secure wireless monitoring take the intercept out of the wire room and into the digital age. ADACS Intelligence Collection Systems Based upon the ADACS4 Platform, ADACS Intelligence Collection Systems include a full range of standalone intercept systems designed to meet the unique voice, video, and data requirements of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. ADACS4 Systems are modular in nature by allowing the organization to purchase only the ADACS4 Evidence Modules that are right for their agency's mission, jurisdiction and budget.
  3. 3. "I applaud SyTech for the superior quality hardware, the user friendly, all- inclusive software and their outstanding 24/7 customer and tech support..." --Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Georgia Bureau of Investigation ADACS Wire Rooms and Enterprise Servers ADACS Wire Rooms and Enterprise Servers deliver the highest level of voice and data wiretapping for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The ADACS ES Series supports multiple ADACS workstations monitoring multiple simultaneous calls connected within a secure IP environment. ADACS ES provides intercept capabilities across all medians of switch-based intercept with access to all ADACS4 Evidence Modules. Evidence Modules
  4. 4.  Pen Data  Location Mapping  Voice Intercept  Internet Intercept  Video Interfacing  GPS Tracking  Call Importer ADACS Enterprise Servers range from multi-national T2S2 intercept systems handling millions of call records to single-rack systems handling a handful of intercepts. SyTech offers options for the number of simultaneous calls supported, number of networked workstations,service-provider connectivity solutions as well as additional products and services designed to deliver unsurpassed evidence collection. SyTech Signal Intercept Engineers work with your organization to tailor a system ideal for your agency's unique intercept requirements. To learn more about the ADACS Enterprise Server Series click here. ADACS Workstation Servers and Pen Clients The ADACS Workstation Server allows law enforcement agencies to receive real-time caller information from cellular phones, landlines, iDEN PTT and other types of switch-based communications. By implementing the Pen Data Evidence Module, agencies can view who a target is calling, how long they're talking and where they are located. Integrate the Location Mapping Evidence Module to graphically view where the target is calling from as well as the target's location over a range of dates.
  5. 5. Evidence Modules  Pen Data  Location Mapping  Internet Intercept  Video Interfacing  GPS Tracking  Call Importer SyTech Signal Intercept Engineers work with your organization to determine the optimal ADACS Workstation Server that's right for your agency. SyTech offers affordable pen-data packages such as our "pay-per-pen" and "unlimited-pen" options with secure, encrypted access to all service providers. Additional standalone ADACS4 Evidence Modules for Video Interfacing, Call Record Importing and GPS Tracking are also available. To learn more about the ADACS Workstation Server click here.
  6. 6. "The mapping program was instrumental, displaying in real time, utilizing the tower hits, the target's cell phone location... The detectives and analysts are impressed with the features... in a user friendly format." --Vice and Narcotics Unit, Hernando County SO, FL. ADACS SmartBug Covert Body Wire The ADACS SmartBug Covert Body Wire allows law enforcement agencies to receive evidentiary- quality voice, video and data from a smartphone device running the ADACS SmartBug Application. The SmartBug relies upon the device’s speaker phone microphone to deliver incredibly clear ambient voice even when concealed. The SmartBug Application interfaces into SyTech's CALEA- compliant ADACS4 Intercept Platform to feature the evidentiary modules critical to law enforcement. Evidence Modules  Pen Data  Location Mapping  Live Audio  Video Interfacing  GPS Tracking
  7. 7. The ADACS SmartBug eliminates the need for a local RF receiver by utilizing the cellular network of any service provider. The ADACS4 Platform functions as the receiving interface featuring advanced functions such as GPS, streaming video and options for Google Maps integration. Different than competing devices, the ADACS SmartBug is remotely controlled via text messaging, allowing the SmartBug to operate undetected within the background of the phone’s operating system.To learn more about the ADACS SmartBug and what separates it from the competition, click here. "It is truly a pleasure to work with professionals of this caliber... Our department has been associated with SyTech for approximately five years... The quality of the equipment is excellent, however your people are what make you special." --Narcotics/Intelligence Unit, Warner Robins, GA. To receive a system quote, contact ADACS Sales at 703-941-7887 or by clicking here.