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Web developemnt_Sysytematix

  1. 1. Website Development
  2. 2. The web has become the virtual space to carry out all kind of business activities and thus the needof the web design and the web development has also been escalating day by day. Website is aplatform to translate your vision, competitiveness and your brand on a global scale.Your website has the power to shape the way your customers view and think about you and yourbusiness. It allows your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365days a year, because Websites Never Sleeps!!A website speaks volumes about its business. It either says, "Hey, look, we take our business soseriously that we have created this wonderful site for our customers!" or it screams, "Hey, look, Ilet my 10-year-old nephew design my site. Good luck finding anything!"
  3. 3. We have unrivaled expertise and experience in building world class web applications, meetinghigh quality bar, with cross-browser compatibility and standards compliant. Our professional teamof web designers, web developers and technical architects work in a coordinated fashion to bringyour concepts/ideas live in motion on web.We offer website designs in the form of: Static Website, Dynamic Website, Hybrid Website, andFlash Website.Our web designing services include:• Corporate Web designing• E-Commerce Web designing• Industry Specific Web designing• Custom Web designing• Facebook page designing• Blog designingWhat we offer?
  4. 4. Website FeaturesWe have entered an era where we are facing the fact that consumers, more than ever, have greatercontrol over our brands. That is why we need to give users a succinct value proposition. In orderto make your online presence most successful source on the web; we offer compatible, UI rich andprofessional websites with the following features:• Eye Catching Design – Compelling visual design for a impressing first impression• Interactivity - Make the visitor stay online for further actions by Adding a Blog, News Feed, orMultimedia Page to your website• Logical Road map - Important both for user experience and for SEO• Clear Navigation - Use easy-to-understand and logical names for the various pages of your site• Mobile Ready Version – Can be easily connected on iPhone, iPad, Android and many more…• Security - SSL certificate to avoid identity theft on the web• Social Media Integration – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.• Multiple payment options – Integration with multiple payment gateways for E-commercewebsites• Online chats – Enables your customers to directly chat with you for any service related problemWe work across the following technologies and platforms:• Ruby On Rails• .Net, Windows Foundation Classes• Linux/Windows, Apache, PHP, MySQL• JavaScript, Jquery• Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, ActionScript, Flash• XHTML, CSS 2.0/3.0• HTML5, Oscommerce• FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google APIs
  5. 5. Whether you’re looking for an online shopping website, a powerful CRM application, a fullyfeatured online photo and graphics editing application, application for Online Distributors, Onlineordering, or one for insurance company; we create incredibly rich user experiences for Web apps -optimized for both desktop and mobile.We believe, the magic lies in making your visitors feel good hence, we emphasize on creating aremarkable user experience.Applications
  6. 6. The worlds best retailers use design and emotion it masterfully to drive sales in their retailstores. Your E-commerce website should make your online shop sale, showcase theadvantages of your products and make your website visitors trust you.It’s no secret that the demands of every business are unique.That’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their goals, and then develop a planthat will help engage site visitors and convert those visits into sales.We have conceived various E-commerce sites by showcasing their deals, freebies, shippingfeatures, news, brand their products, Shopping cart, Multi-channel integrations, Multiple paymentoptions, merchandising features, Social media links, Online chats, Trustmark etc.Ecommerce Sites
  7. 7. E-learning is any type of learning that takes place through or with a computer which is primarilyfacilitated through the Internet. One limitation of such E-Learning websites is that it is notfunctional when there is no internet. For one of our client, who is one of the leaders in E-LearningWebsite business in US, we developed solution for the problem of the inability to work offline onsuch portals.We took this project as a major challenge and solved this by breaking the website out of thebrowser i.e. making it work offline! Now, the students using this offline application, can write, editand save any homework or pending work, even they are not connected. Once the application getsconnected to internet, it will automatically send the saved data uploaded by the students to the E-Learning Repository.This application showcases our ability to build solutions that seamlessly integrate with existingdata and provide a superior user experience.Offline Web Designs
  8. 8. A good corporate web design should be fit for the purpose and audience and also at the same timeshould deliver the content and information to its audience in a visually coherent manner. Wedeliver a site that would fit the company’s needs and give them an edge over its competitors.We understand that the corporate website designing projects isn’t about flashy technology orshowy design. Instead, a minimalist site design with a clean flow should be presented that allowsfor engagement, interactive exploration, but at the same time makes your company the Star inyour business!The end result will be a website that showcases the company’s purpose, functional area, businessdomain, expertise, crucial business information etc. with features like user friendliness, easyfunctionality, clear navigation, security and a mobile ready version.Corporate Websites
  9. 9. Indore OfficePlot # 67 | PU 4 CommercialA B Road | Indore 452010 |Madhya Pradesh | IndiaP : +91 731 257 0282www.systematixinfotech.come :info@systematixinfotech.comBhopal Office19 Aranya Bihar|Choona Bhatti|Bhopal 462001 |Madhya Pradesh | IndiaP : +91 755 400 3988www.systematixinfotech.come :info@systematixinfotech.comGurgaon Office238 Udhyog Vihar | Phase IVGurgaon 122001|Haryana | IndiaP : +91 981 097 5689www.systematixinfotech.come :info@systematixinfotech.comUS Office2640 Fountain View Dr|STE 209 | Huston - TX 77057|United StateP : 973 202 7203 | 866 230 6454www.systematixinfotech.come :info@systematixinfotech.comAnd it doesn’t end here….To know more please contact: