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Sysomos Reports - The 2016 Oscars 2016


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A look at how the 88th Annual Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars, played out through social media.

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Sysomos Reports - The 2016 Oscars 2016

  1. 1.  |  @sysomos  |   TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS     MARCH  2,  2016        
  2. 2. 2016  OSCARS   §  The  88th  Academy  Awards  show  generated  over  11.8  million  tweets  –  up  by  39%  compared  to  2015  Oscars’  data   Ø  Re-­‐tweets  accounted  for  90%  of  TwiUer  content,  while  the  remaining  10%  were  organic  tweets   Ø  Award  winners  had  15%  of  the  overall  menVons,  followed  by  Performances  and  Chris  Rock  with  6%,  each     Ø  Tweets  about  Leonardo  DiCaprio’s  win  of  the  Best  Actor  award  created  the  highest  spike  about  the  Award  Show   THE  HOST  “CHRIS  ROCK”   §  Chris  Rock  drove  6%  of  the  overall  Oscars  content  on  February  28.  A  comparison  of  to  Neil  Patrick  Harris  (who  hosted  the  87th   Oscars  last  2015)  showed  a  2:1  raVo  of  menVons  in  favor  of  Chris  Rock   §  The  public  TwiUer  vote  for  a  host  of  the  2017  Oscars  went  to  Jacob  Tremblay,  who  earned  60%  of  the  menVons  related  to  the   topic,  followed  by  Kevin  Hart  with  18%  and  Ellen  DeGeneres  with  13%   #OSCARSSOWHITE   §  #OscarsSoWhite  drew  out  a  total  of  835,919  menVons  from  January  14  to  February  29,  2016  which  resonated  to  approximately   5.7B  esVmated  potenVal  impressions   §  PosiVve  content  about  the  issue  was  dominated  by  commendaVons  about  Chris  Rock’s  opening  monologue  (54%),  while  negaVve   senVment  was  driven  by  negaVve  percepVon  (20%)  and  boycoU  of  the  event  (20%)   §  @SethMcFarlane   was   the   most   influenVal   celebrity   and   @ReignofApril   was   the   most   engaged   user   who   used   the   hashtag   #OscarsSoWhite   2   EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  3. 3. TOP  HASHTAGS   Below  is  an  overview  of  TwiUer  menVons  related  to  the  88th  Academy  Awards,  captured  on  February  28,  2016.   3   OSCARS  2016  ANALYSIS   8M   663K   553K   287K   194K   182K   121K   98K   96K   93K    #oscars    #oscars2016    #oscar    #oscarsentnt    #oscarssowhite    #oscar2016    #leonardodicaprio    #oscarnatnt    #unoscarparaleo    #therevenant   TOP  HASHTAGS   Red   Carpet   2%   Winners   15%   Host   6%   Performa nces   6%  #OscarsS oWhite   1%   +39%   YoY   OVER  11.8  MILLION  MENTIONS   RED  CARPET   WINNERS   HOST   PERFORMANCES   #OSCARSSOWHITE   TWEETS   241K   1.7M   672K   688K   171K   7:00   7:20   7:40   8:00   8:20   8:40   9:00   9:20   9:40  10:00  10:20  10:40  11:00  11:20  11:40  12:00  12:20  12:40  1:00   AWARD  SHOW  BREAKDOWN   Ex  Machina  wins  Best  Visual  Effects  Award  /  The   Oscar  for  best  Sound  Mixing  goes  to  Mad  Max   Lady  Gaga  performs  “Til  It  Happens  to  You”  with  sexual  assault  survivors   Inside  Out  wins  Best  Animated  Feature   Leonardo  DiCaprio  takes  home  Best  Actor  award   Feedback  about  Chris  Rock’s   Oscars  monologue   Red  Carpet  Arrivals   Tweets  about  Leonardo  DiCaprio  using  his  acceptance  speech   to  bring  aUenVon  to  climate  change   Tweets  congratulaVng  all  Oscars’16  winners   especially  Leonardo  DiCaprio   Mad  Max  wins  Best  ProducVon  Design,  Best   Makeup  and  Hairstyling  and  Best  Costume  Design   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  4. 4. 4   GENDER  BREAKDOWN     OSCARS  2016  ANALYSIS   SENTIMENT  BREAKDOWN   25% 8% MOST  RETWEETED   WORD  CLOUD     The  88th  Oscars  event  received  25%  posiVve  against  8%  negaVve   menVons.  Tweets  featuring  posiVve  menVons  about  fan  favorites   such  as  Leonardo  DiCaprio  and  Lady  Gaga  were  the  top  driver  of   posiVve  menVons  (31%  SoV).  On  the  other  hand,  33%  of  negaVve   menVons   were   about   the   lack   of   diversity   among   the   Oscar   nominees.     66%  of  tweets  were  retweets,  while  34%  of  tweets  were  organic.   78%  of  users  tweeted  only  once,  while  22%  tweeted  two  or  more   Vmes.   The   event’s   most   retweeted   post   came   from   @TheAcademy   which   was   about   Leonardo   DiCaprio's   Oscar   win   for  Best  Actor.   14%   8%   11%   15%   21%   31%   OTHER   PERFORMANCES   HOST   RED   CARPET   WINNERS   FAN   FAVORITES   33%   19%   15%   13%   LACK  OF     DIVERSITY   WINNERS/   NOMINEES   DISLIKE   OTHER   27%   66%   7%   Regular  Tweet   Re-­‐Tweets   @reply   TWEET  TYPES   78%   17%   5%   1  Tweet   2-­‐4  Tweets   5  or  more   ENGAGEMENT  LEVEL   50%   50%   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  5. 5. 65%   35%   75K   58K   9K   6K   5K   2.8K   2.3K   2.3K   2.2K   2K   #oscars   #oscars2015   #neilpatrickharris   #nph   #oscar2015   #host   #nbc   #oscar   #academyawards   #theoscars2015   279K   39K   28K   25K   5K   5K   2.5K   1.8K   1.4K   1.2K   #oscars   #oscarssowhite   #oscars2016   #chrisrock   #theoscars   #davechappelle   #oscarsentnt   #flintwatercrisis   #greaouckingwriVng   #imdboscars   2017  HOST  NOMINEES   Kevin  Hart            18%   SENTIMENT  COMPARISON   5   BATTLE  OF  THE  HOSTS   Chris   Rock   66%   Neil   Patrick   Harris   (2015)   34%   HOST  MENTIONS   2:1   menVon  raVo   CHRIS  ROCK   NEIL  PATRICK  HARRIS   38%   11%   TOP  10  HASHTAG  COMPARISON   CHRIS  ROCK   NEIL  PATRICK  HARRIS   GENDER  COMPARISON   57%   43%   CHRIS  ROCK   NEIL  PATRICK  HARRIS   Jacob   Tremblay   60%   Tina  Fey              7%  Jimmy  Kimmel        2%   Ellen  DeGeneres            13%   13%   4%   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  6. 6. 20%   20%   17%   8%   8%   27%   PERCEPTION   BOYCOTT   ACTORS'   SENTIMENT   DIVERSITY   FAVORED   WINNERS   OTHER   54%   29%   17%   CHRIS   ROCK   EFFECTS   PERCEPTION   6   #OSCARSSOWHITE   This  graph  and  post  samples  represents  a  deeper  analysis  of  conversaVons  associated  with  #OscarsSoWhite  during  the  reporVng  period.     #OscarsSoWhite  drove  a  total  of  836K  menVons  from  January  14  to  February  29  2016,  which  generated  an  esVmated  5.7B   potenVal   impressions.   On   February   28,   #OscarsSoWhite   had   a   total   of   175.9K   menVons,   covering   2%   of   the   daily   Oscars   content.  The  topic  received  a  6%  posiVve  and  18%  negaVve  menVons.  CommendaVons  on  Chris  Rock’s  speech  about  the  issue   made  up  54%  of  all  posiVve  menVons,  while  people’s  negaVve  percepVon  about  the  Oscars  controversy  coupled  with  posts   about  boycopng  the  event  comprised  40%  of  all  negaVve  menVons.   836K   menVons     5.7  Billion     potenVal  impressions       0 40,000 80,000 120,000 160,000 200,000 14-Jan 15-Jan 16-Jan 17-Jan 18-Jan 19-Jan 20-Jan 21-Jan 22-Jan 23-Jan 24-Jan 25-Jan 26-Jan 27-Jan 28-Jan 29-Jan 30-Jan 31-Jan 1-Feb 2-Feb 3-Feb 4-Feb 5-Feb 6-Feb 7-Feb 8-Feb 9-Feb 10-Feb 11-Feb 12-Feb 13-Feb 14-Feb 15-Feb 16-Feb 17-Feb 18-Feb 19-Feb 20-Feb 21-Feb 22-Feb 23-Feb 24-Feb 25-Feb 26-Feb 27-Feb 28-Feb 29-Feb SENTIMENT  BREAKDOWN   6% 18% MOST  RETWEETED  MOST  RETWEETED   “Chris  Rock's  monologue   totally  nails  #OscarsSoWhite   controversy”   The  Academy  announces  the   2016  Oscars  nominees   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  8. 8. #OSCARSSOWHITE  SENTIMENT   §  POSITIVE   Ø  CHRIS  ROCK  –  CommendaVon  about  Chris  Rock’s  breakdown  of  the  #OscarsSoWhite  issue   Ø  EFFECTS  –  MenVons  about  the  posiVve  effects  brought  about  by  the  #OscarsSoWhite  campaign,  namely:  swiq  acVon  on  the  issue  by   The  Academy  and  renewed  appreciaVon  for  the  NAACP  Image  Awards   Ø  PERCEPTION  –  Some  actors’  percepVon  and  other  people’s  posiVve  point  of  view  about  the  campaign   §  NEGATIVE   Ø  PERCEPTION  –  MenVons  from  people  sharing  their  opinion  about  the  #OscarsSoWhite  controversy  with  some  accusing  The  Academy   of  racism   Ø  BOYCOTT  –  Posts  about  celebriVes  and  other  people  who  said  they  will  or  are  planning  to  boycoU  this  year’s  Oscars   Ø  ACTORS  SENTIMENT  –  Content  featuring  the  views  and  senVment  of  various  actors  concerning  the  #OscarsSoWhite  campaign   Ø  DIVERSITY  –  Comments  about  the  general  lack  of  minority  Oscars  nominees   Ø  FAVORED  WINNERS  –  MenVons  from  viewers  who  disagreed  with  some  of  the  winners  or  the  lack  of  nominaVons  for  their  preferred   actors   Ø  OTHER  –  Includes  menVons  about  the  problem  being  deeply  rooted  in  Hollywood’s  culture,  the  negaVve  effects  of  the  controversy   which  was  said  to  have  overshadowed  the  main  event,  comments  on  the  campaign  being  not  totally  centered  on  ‘colored’  people,   posts  pushing  for  acVon  and  not  merely  discussion,  comments  on  performers  and  presenters,  and  menVons  about  those  who  refuse   to  talk  about  the  issue     8   APPENDIX   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  9. 9. 9   SAMPLE  POSTS   OSCARS  2016  |  TWITTER  REPORT  BY  SYSOMOS|  MARCH  2,  2016  
  10. 10.   CONNECT  WITH  US  |  TwiUer  @sysomos  |