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Customer Generated Content: Things Marketers Should Know


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Customer Generated Content campaigns are a topic often talked about when they’re done successfully, but without the context of what it takes to create an effective strategy and execute campaigns and marketing activities off of it. The reality is Customer Generated Content (also known as User Generated Content) is still new territory for many agencies and marketers alike, and their unfamiliarity with it can lead to missed opportunities for great content.

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Customer Generated Content: Things Marketers Should Know

  1. 1. Agenda • What is customer generated content and how can you use it? • 5 brands using customer generated content well • Bringing it all together • Discussion
  2. 2. Quality content created by your customers in the form of social updates, long form content, pictures and videos 4 What Is Customer Generated Content?
  3. 3. 5 Types of Customer Generated Content 1. Content from contests 2. Brand inspired content 3. Influencer created content 4. Brand curated content
  4. 4. CGC Done Right: Facebook • Facebook is doing a great job helping to merchandise their members content • WIN: More engaging content to share • Room for improvement: Feels a little templated and not all content is worthy of sharing • Assume Facebook will continue to find ways to help their members repurpose/feature content
  5. 5. CGC Done Right: Starbucks • Created the “white cup” campaign. Winning customer’s cup would be used as a template. Over 4,000 submissions in 3 weeks. • Led to tons of engaging content to share • Allowed customers to more closely connect with the brand
  6. 6. CGC Done Right: Intel Security • McAfee had recently been acquired by newly formed Intel Security group. It was perceived as a consumer antivirus removal company. • Intel wanted to raise awareness and its reputation as a leader in enterprise security by sharing its vision for its Security Connected platform. • +9.8% share of voice within AET conversations • +7.4% share of voice within NGFW conversations • Blog saw 2.9K page views in 5 weeks compared to its average of 285 page views in the same time period
  7. 7. CGC Done Right: Reese’s • Learnings from social customer analytics surprised the brand team who discovered that 40% of the online brand conversation were related to recipes; unusual for a fast-moving consumer goods brand, like Reese’s. • Utilized consumer-generated recipe content, along with other insights-based content elements to nearly double the number of Facebook fans (6M to 11M+); all without an ad spend. 172k Likes, 86k Shares, 11.2k Comments, 5mm Impressions
  8. 8. CGC Done Right: Lululemon • Lululemon has an active and a passionate set of customers. As such, they asked customers to submit pictures of themselves working out while wearing their apparel. • Using the hashtag #TheSweatLife, thousands of images were received thousands on places like Instagram. Not only was Lululemon able to leverage these images for successful advertising campaigns on Instagram, but also feature these pictures on their website so customers can see what their pants look like in the “wild.”
  9. 9. Monitoring Tools Can Help • Sysomos Gaze utilizes powerful image recognition technology to analyze images and identify when logos or products appear, even in photos without hashtags. What You Can Do w/ Gaze • Understand the full context in which your customers are consuming or representing your product and brand • Find trends on what type of imagery is often associated with you brand • Monitor the virality of certain pieces and image based content • Find influencers engaging with the images you and your community post about your brand and products
  10. 10. More Information • If you’d like a demo of Sysomos Gaze, please contact your account team or visit and fill out the demo request form • Feel free to contact us with follow up questions o Facebook o Twitter @sysomos o Email • Please visit to sign up for our next webinar