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M-Government by Joel Z. Sapul

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  1. 1. M GOVERNMENT SERVICESBringing technology to every Filipino for a better life Joel Z. Sapul President, SysNet jzsapul@sysnetph.com
  2. 2. BRIEF BACKGROUND15 years in the Telecom industry with solidbackground in Real Time billing system for mobileoperatorsProvider of Prepaid Billing and Rating Engine to thelargest Telecom operator in PhilippinesHighly experienced in rating and billing 30M++subscribers on a daily basis -Deployed billing and rating engines in 7 countries
  3. 3. WHAT IS MOBILE GOVT PROJECTAnywhere, anytime, any application access togovernment information and/or services using mobiledevicesA service to every Filipino that is cost effective, easy touse and efficient in accessing information to improveone’s lifeReliable, trusted and dependable payment to any billablecontents and servicesThe answer to RA 8792 that requires availability,affordability, & diversity of ICT products and services -Highly congruent with PDS direction Version 2.X
  4. 4. THE CURRENT SITUATIONProliferation of affordablemobile phone & devicesIncreasing wireless datanetwork coverageAlready started tablet foreducationHighly sociable market in IPcloud. Top 7 in SN sites80M mobile subscribers -30M internet users
  5. 5. THE CURRENT SITUATION Here we are! #6
  6. 6. THE CURRENT SITUATION PC Penetration worldwide 2% PC penetration below average 2 subscribers per 100 inhabitants
  7. 7. WHAT IS TRENDING NOWAffordable Smart devices andTablet PC are coming to themarketApplication stores are gainingnumbers for everyone’srequirementTelcos are shifting from voiceto data centric networks -Android has overtakenSymbian O/S in the last Q of2010
  8. 8. WHY ANDROID?Cost Effectiveness (Device is affordable and Free O/S)Built in features GPS, Camera, SIP, SIM, bluetooth, etc.Multi applications design150,000+ applications in the App Store & growingAndroid devices are gaining numbers - e.g. SonyEricsson pledges to be the No.1 player in Android, andAndroid is forecasted to be the dominant mobile O/Sdevices player in the years to come
  9. 9. PRICING TREND IN PHILS. P30,000++ Price of tablet devices P3,000Price P999/Mo P5/15Mins. Price of wireless Data Services Time
  10. 10. MOORE’S LAW EFFECTCurrently, e-Government portals are convenientlyaccessible only by few (QWERTY devices)Moore’s Law will make cheaper devices for MGovernment services concept of anytime, anywhere,everyone access to government information andother servicesand its happening now. . . .
  11. 11. THE M GOVT SERVICES VISIONAnytime access toinformation and basic Anywhere,request NBI clearanceservices to increase Police clearance request anytime, anyone Local News &productivity of every Traffic feeds from MMDA & cost effectiveFilipino access to information and/ or basic government services
  12. 12. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION M Government Tablet
  13. 13. THE M GOVT SERVICES VISION Freedom in transacting anywhere to better manage individual’s time Buyer of products Moon calendar GPS fish finder High/ Low Tide & Tropical storm info
  14. 14. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION M Government Tablet
  15. 15. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION Mass market adaptation to IP based services linked to improve lives of everyone Weather, NFA price, Irrigation schedule Price of fertilizer & IRRI technology & rice varieties
  16. 16. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION Buyer to Seller apps M Government Tablet
  17. 17. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION Real Time access to vital information as aid to law enforcement Fast and speedy response and delivery of basic services History check by Name, Plate#, License #, etc. Checking of training schedules & location Traffic congestion bulletin Special announcements
  18. 18. THE M GOVERNANCE VISION Info on Demand M Government Tablet
  19. 19. FEATURES OF TABLET M-GOVT SERVICESEasy to navigate, user friendly, less text & moregraphics user interfaceHighly focused applications serving the day-to-dayimprovement of lives for FilipinosIntegrated E Payment model for all governmentagenciesHighly secure transactionLess cost to maintain and operateOpen for development for other apps integration -GPS based location based system
  20. 20. BENEFITS OF M GOVT TO PEOPLEReal Time access to informationFast, Safe and Secure transactionMinimizes transportation use and helps theenvironmentDoes not need expensive devices to access -Anytime, anywhere, any apps services to everyFilipino
  21. 21. BENEFITS TO THE GOVERNMENTLimits revenue leaks and fixersOPEX savingsMore transaction a daily basisAccurate, effective and efficient process flows &Easier to monitor, manage and control -Creates more highly efficient and effective people
  22. 22. M GOVERNMENT FOR TOMORROWTablet Android is the mostaffordable, programmable andpowerful mobile device todayfor the Filipinos