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User Behavior: Interacting With Important Website Elements


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User Behavior: Interacting With Important Website Elements

  2. 2. Comprehends all aspects of digital products andservices that users experience directly—and perceive,learn, and use—including products’ form, behavior, andcontent, but also encompassing users’ broader brandexperience and the response that experience evokes inthem. Key factors contributing to the quality of users’experience of products are learnability, usability,usefulness, and aesthetic appeal.—Pabini Gabriel-PetitWhat is UX
  3. 3. User Experience
  4. 4. ● Vitruvius. 1st century BC○ Firmitas. Utilitas. Venustas.(Stability. Practicality. Beauty.)● The first and second world wars○ Ease of use of weapons● 80s years. Projecting interfaces for PC● Jacob Nielsen. Empirical and analytical methods○ Two of the most extensive e-commerce studiesUX History
  5. 5. UX Example
  6. 6. Links. User can:● Click a link;● Open in the new tab;● Save a link;● Dont think what it is a link...User Behavior
  7. 7. Forms. User can:● Enter his name in his native language;● Enter not valid symbols;● Leave the field empty;● May be frightened.User Behavior
  8. 8. Best Look — DefaultBest Look — HoverBest Look — Or Hover or else...● Link should look as link● Use target="_blank" for external links● Add icon for external links● Use title, users need know what is behind the doorLinks
  9. 9. Best Look● Button● Pseudo links for:○ pop-ups○ drop down list○ some block on pageNot Links
  10. 10. Web Form Usability Is Important.35% of users go out from site, when they cant fill formForms
  11. 11. Six Components OfThe Web Forms.○ Labels○ Input Fields○ Actions○ Help○ Messages○ ValidationForms
  12. 12. Labels.● Info - fields name● Help - focus on inputsForms
  13. 13. Input Fields.Dont forget to add the "Required" mark anddont reset a focus behaviorForms
  14. 14. Validation.Forms
  15. 15. Button.● Behavior for hover or active● Answer after clickingForms
  16. 16. Help.Forms
  17. 17. Problems. Amazon.1 interaction 2 interaction
  18. 18. Think instead of the user!● Dont forget behavior for active elements.● Correct clearance!● Messages. Errors.● Do not be boring.Conclusion
  19. 19. Interesting FactThe $300 Million Button
  20. 20. ● NNGroup Reports● About UX on Wiki● UX on SmashingMagazine● The $300 Million ButtonLinks
  21. 21. Lika PrUX Designerskype: people-06e-mail: