Foundation Certificate in Project Management by Syseneg Academy


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FCPM is a project management foundation program that discuss the mandatory topics of project management based upon the project management body of knowledge .

A CIPM® Bridge Program - The successful participant who completed this program will be given the opportunity to enroll into CIPM® certification program. Subject to passing the CIPM® examination the participant will be awarded with CIPM® credential , a globally recognized project management professional certificate that will open doors toward brighter job opportunities associated with project management

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Foundation Certificate in Project Management by Syseneg Academy

  1. 1. This is not an ordinary course in project management, it is also a platform that will transform your career into the world of project management. You do not need to have a bachelor’s degree qualification to attend this course. What you need is your interest in the field related to project management and soon you will hold position associated with quality management, planning and scheduling, risk & compliance, project management, project management consulting, and others. If you want to be a Certified Project Manager, take this course now! Whether you choose to be a Project Engineer, Project Manager, or a Project Consultant specializing in project management, take the following path: • Step 1: If you hold a diploma, or other equivalent qualification, regardless of your work experience, you will first enroll into this course to obtain FCPM certificate and get to know about the profession as a certified project engineer, what are the requirements to achieve the certified status; and the job market associated with this highly demanding profession. OR • If you have a bachelor’s degree but without work experience in project management, you will need to attend FCPM else go to Step 2. • Step 2: Submit your application with a copy of this FCPM certificate (if you have one) and your C.V to gain admission into AAPM® project risk management certification program and pass as a Certified International Project Manager . You’re on your way to become a certified professional in project management. Accredited by the American Academy of Project Management AAPM ® In association with International Project Management Commission IPMCTM
  2. 2. Day One What is Project Management? What is your role as the Project Manager What are your career progression Why choose PM profession How do I get to be certified? The origination of a project What is Project Management Body of Knowledge? Project Stakeholders Management The project management organization Project stakeholders, roles and responsibilities Role of the Project Management Office Role of the Change Control Board Who is the Project Sponsor Project management team The Project Management Life Cycle Examining project life cycle Phase activities, project milestones Quality assurance key activities Categories of risk and its trends in the project life cycle Initiating the Project Defining the Project Charter Defining scope of the project Recruiting project team members Assigning roles and responsibilities Developing the preliminary project schedule Identify and register major project risks Day Two Planning the Project Confirming Scope of the project Identify labor, resources and material Identify project liabilities Project Work breakdown structure Establish the project budget Project Management Plan Quality Management Plan Risk Management Plan Executing the Project Change management process Issue management process Risk management process Communications management process Acceptance management process Monitoring and Controlling the Project Managing project issues Managing changes to project scope Tracking project expenditure against budget. Tracking and controlling the project Managing and controlling project risk Project communications Closing the Project Conducting formal project closure Post implementation reviewing – gathering, documenting and assimilating lessons learnt Course Outline
  3. 3. International Board of Standards The International Board of Standards is the Official Standards and Certifying Body for Professional Designations, Certifications, Charters, & Distinctions. The Accreditation Commission recognizes the highest in graduate educational standards exclusively for Government recognized institutions. All certifications are issued direct from the USA. The American Academy of Project Management is a global Board of Standards supporting project management industry professionals. Rise above the rest with specialized project management related certifications across strategic industries makes AAPM® a popular credential among the 21st century generation of professionals today. The fast pace individual facing the uncertainties in the job market will choose to hold at least a qualification associated with project management. This is simply because there is always a need for project managers in any organization. AAPM® Global Board of Standards issue Project Management Certification to qualified professionals who successfully completed the Foundation Certificate and Board Certification program. AAPM® is fast becoming the world’s leading professional association for project management practitioners. AAPM® Certification Programs provide the assurance that the holder has met the required criteria for a certified and verifiable accredited credential. International Alliances AAPM® Accredited Training and Certification