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Introduction to the virtual library damascus fri sept 24 2010 by dr. ghassan shahrour


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Virtual Library, Introduction, Damascus Medical Syndicate Scientific Conference, 24 Sept 2010, Damascus, Syria. The workshop presented and coordinated by Dr. Ghassan Shahrour, Chairperson of Syrian Medical Informatics Association.
مدخـل إلى المكتبة الطبية الافتراضية
مؤتمر أطباء دمشق العلمي الرابع

E-health is a way of thinking, attitude and Commitments.

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Introduction to the virtual library damascus fri sept 24 2010 by dr. ghassan shahrour

  1. 1. ‫مؤتمر أطباء دمشق العلمي الرابع‬ 2010 ‫32-52 أيلول‬ ‫ورشـة: مدخـل إلى‬ ‫المكتبة الطبية االفتراضية‬ Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association 1 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  2. 2. E-Health ُ ‫الصحة اإللكترونية‬ ّ ّ E-Health: the use, in the health sector, of digital data— transmitted, stored and retrieved electronically—for clinical, educational and administrative purposes, both at the local site and at a distance. 2 ‫• الصحة اإللكترونية‬ ّ ّ – ‫استخدام المعطيات الرقمية‬ ‫المنقولة والمخزنة‬ – ً ‫والمسترجعة إلكترونيا‬ ،‫في إطار القطاع الصحي‬ ّ ّ ‫ألغراض سريرية وتعليمية‬ ‫وبحثية وإدارية، سواء في‬ .‫الموقع المحلي أم عن بعد‬ ُ Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  3. 3. Objectives of SYRMIA Include: - To help MDs in SYRMA to promote their ICT knowledge and skills required for their health practices, and e-learning. -Advocate building enabling environment for the use of ICT in the health sector. 3 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  4. 4. ‫الصحة اإللكترونية‬ E-health is a way of thinking, attitude and Commitments. Computerized Physician Order Entry: Helpful or Harmful, Article, AMAJ Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  5. 5. ‫تأثيرات تطور تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصاالت ‪ICT‬‬ ‫على العاملين في الصحة‬ ‫ّ ّ‬ ‫1(احتياجات تعلُّم تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصال،‬ ‫(دور المتعلم طوال الحياة).‬ ‫2(احتياجات تعلم تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصال،‬ ‫(دور المختص السريري).‬ ‫3(احتياجات تعلُّم تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصال،‬ ‫ِّ‬ ‫(دور المثقف/المرشد).‬ ‫4(احتياجات تعلم تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصال،‬ ‫(دور اإلداري).‬ ‫5(احتياجات تعلم تكنولوجيا المعلومات واالتصال، الالزمة‬ ‫(دور الباحث).‬ ‫‪Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical‬‬ ‫‪Informatics Association‬‬ ‫5‬
  6. 6. Our Activities include introduction on: 6 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  7. 7. Our Activities include introduction on: 7 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  8. 8. Our Activities include introduction on:
  9. 9. African Medical and Research Foundation
  10. 10. Internet Resources.‫الشابكة‬ ‫مكتبة ومصادر‬ 11 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  11. 11. 12 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  12. 12. 13 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  13. 13. 14 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  14. 14. Medline Plus 15 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  15. 15. PubMed 16 Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  16. 16. ‫‪E Groups‬‬ ‫تقييم المواقع الصحية في الشابكة‬ ‫ّ ّ‬ ‫• مجموعات النقاش اإللكترونية‬
  17. 17. E-Health Encyclopedia
  18. 18. ‫التثقيف الصحي عبر اإلنترنت ماذا أعددنا له؟‬ Internet Based Public Health Education: Are We Prepared? Ghassan Shahrour, M.D Damascus Syria The First Annual Congress of Damascus Faculty of Medicine 10-12 May 2006 22 Ghassan Shahrour, MD SMIA
  19. 19. 2009 ”Orientation on EHR and PACS " Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  20. 20. Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  21. 21. Ghassan Shahrour, MD, Syrian Medical Informatics Association
  22. 22. Prof. Francesco sicurello, President @ITIM/IITM, Tele- Medicine Milan - ITALY Introduction on the methods and systems in Medical Informatics and Telemedicine :‫81 آذار 7002 في مركز رضا سعيد للمؤتمرات حول‬ ."‫"طرق ونظم المعلوماتية الطبية والطب البعدي‬
  23. 23. Some of Our Activities
  24. 24. ‫‪Presentation Skills‬‬ ‫الرابطة السورية للمعلوماتية الطبية‬ ‫‪‬‬
  25. 25. Some of Our Activities
  26. 26. Some of Our Activities Regional Conference on: “Sharing Experience Best Practices in ICT Services for Persons With Disabilities” EMRO, Cairo, 13 – 15 November 2007
  27. 27. UN E-Government Survey 2010
  28. 28. UN E-government Survey
  29. 29. Medical librarians • become Web managers, medical informatics experts, and chief information officers as well as catalogers, instructors, and reference librarians. • A medical librarian needs a graduate degree in library or information science. A background in science, health sciences, or allied health is beneficial, as are graduate courses in medical informatics or medical librarianship.
  30. 30. Role of the health sciences library • The health sciences library is positioned to play a key role in the hospital and the academic medical school. The increasing use of the Internet and new information technologies by medical, nursing, and allied health staffs, patients and the community require new strategies, strategic planning, allocation of adequate resources, and selection and evaluation of appropriate information resources and technologies.
  31. 31. Solution • A central virtual health sciences library is recommended to be created to enable health care professionals and medical students have remote access to all resources (Electronic journals, electronic Books, Databases, CME lectures, etc…)
  32. 32. Requirements • Budget, qualified manpower, electronic resources, website (portal), remote access, software, offering virtual reference desk service, library committee, etc…
  33. 33. Portal • A searchable website (portal) to include and provide remote access to all resources. • Can be purchased from vendors or can be created in-house with the help of IT department team. • A software to provide remote access can be purchased. • Issuing authentication (user name and password) for each user.
  34. 34. Electronic Resources • E-journals, E-Books, E-databases, etc... • Free full text vs. paid annual subscriptions. • Free trails from publishers should be obtained before subscribing to evaluate each resource. • Subscription to the most important electronic resources should be considered. • Remote access to all electronic resources is essential.
  35. 35. Electronic resources • • • • Free Trials first. Access through IP address. Site License (user name & Password) FTE: Full Time Equivalent; for Hospitals means: Total # of Clinicians, Pharmacists, & Researches (excluding Nurses). • Small = 1-400; Medium = 401-1500; Large = 1501 -
  36. 36. Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) • provides free or very low cost online access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences to local, non-profit institutions in developing countries. • national universities, research institutes. professional schools (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, dentistry), teaching hospitals, government offices and national medical libraries.
  37. 37. Free electronic resources • • • • =books • • •
  38. 38. Continued… Free • • =20 • •
  39. 39. Paid electronic resources • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AAP BMJ Journals CINAHL Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source from EBSCO EBSCO Emerald Harvard Business Review MDConsult Medline with Full Text from EBSCO OVID ProQuest Springer e-Journals Wiley InterScience (Dentistry) Wiley InterScience (Dermatology)
  40. 40. Clinical/Evidence Based Practice (EBP) • Best Practice • Clinical Evidence The Cochrane Library • DynaMed EBM Reviews from OVID • EvidenceMatters • EvidenceUpdates • FIRSTConsult • JAMAevidence Joanna Briggs Institute • MDConsult: Practice Guidelines • Micromedex • Nursing Reference Center UpToDate
  41. 41. Continued … Clinical/Evidence • • • • • • • • • • National Guideline Clearinghouse - NGC PubMed Clinical Queries Trip Database PEDro - The Physiotherapy Evidence Database OT seeker - Occupational Therapy Bandolier Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols in British Columbia CMA Infobase: Clinical Practice Guidelines Centre for Health Evidence Guidelines Advisory Committee (GAC) Clinical Practice Guidelines • Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)
  42. 42. Drugs and Pharmacology • AccessMedicine: Drug Monographs • AccessMedicine: Goodman. The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics • British National Formulary (BNF) • British National Formulary for Children (BNFC) • Micromedex • MDConsult: provided by Gold Standard
  43. 43. Continued … drug • • • • • • • • DailyMed Drug Information Portal Chemical Industry Supplier Registry HerbMed National Prescribing Centre (NPC) NeLM TOXNET: Toxicology Data Network
  44. 44. Continuing Medical Education (CME) BMJ Learning Nursing Reference Center Other CME Resources for Medical: AAP Journal CME APA Online CME Center Blood CME Center: Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health (CMH) Foundation CME Center: American Academy of Family Physician CME LLC: Offers High-Quality Continuing Medical Education for Healthcare Professionals. Go to Register/login to create an account then select Claim Credits. Medscape CME Online CME from PsychiatryOnline CME PsychiatryOnline - Self-Assessment • • • • • • • • • • •
  45. 45. CME Resources for Nursing • Medscape CME: Nurse Practitioners Resource Center CME • WebSug: The largest collection of educational programs in minimally invasive surgery
  46. 46. Examination Resources • • • • • Medical Masterclass USMLEasy AccessMedicine - Self Assessments PsychiatryOnline - Self-Assessment WebSurg
  47. 47. Research & Publishing • • • • RefWorks: - Reference & Citation Manager Literature Searching (Resources, Services, Classes) Open Access Publishing Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences: by Mulford Library. these pages provide links to Web sites which provide instructions to authors for over 3,500 journals in the health and life sciences. • Elsevier Author's Home • ResearcherID: is a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community
  48. 48. How to communicate with the library users? • In person, Telephone, & Fax. • Online discussion: a. Real time: Yahoo Messenger, MSN messenger. b. Asynchronous: Email, Mailing lists, Newsgroups, conferences, forums, Web based discussions. • RSS feeds, Blogs, Social Networking, etc…
  49. 49. EMRO/WHO Take advantage of EMRO/WHO free services: • Virtual Health Sciences Library • Networking and sharing • Regional office publications • Medical subject headings in Arabic • EMR union catalog of health sciences
  50. 50. Tutorials • Librarians must conduct Hands-On workshops to train health care professionals how to use the electronic resources. • Weekly workshops • Invite international speakers • Develop staff development plan. • Conduct Needs Assessment to know what topics are interested for the hospital staff
  51. 51. Sources of Information • Digital Library vs. databases – Digital Library is a portal to electronic resources (books, journals, databases) – Databases contain article citations (e.g. PubMed, Web of Science) • Getting started: background information – UpToDate® is a database of synthesized clinical evidence and practice expertise. Content is based on journal literature to offer current practice recommendations supported by high-quality evidence. – MDConsult is a virtual medical library that includes the full-text of well-known journals and textbooks, clinical guidelines, drug information, and patient education handouts in English and Spanish.
  52. 52. PubMed Weaknesses • Can be time-consuming to search because of its size • Quick searches may omit relevant citations, with the danger that you may miss important viewpoints in the literature • Controlled vocabulary terms (MeSH) are updated annually, so may not accommodate new concepts well • Includes literature from over 70 countries, but has a North American bias and may omit relevant European literature
  53. 53. ‫مفاهيم ... تعريفات ... مسميات‬ ‫• * المكتبة اإللكترونية ‪Electronic Library‬‬ ‫*المكتبة المهجنة ‪Hybrid Library‬‬ ‫*المكتبة االفتراضية ‪Virtual Library‬‬ ‫*مكتبة المستقبل ‪Library Of Future‬‬ ‫*المكتبة الرقمية ‪Digital Library‬‬ ‫*مكتبة بدون جدران ‪Lib. with out wall‬‬ ‫• رغم كثرة المصطلحات إال أنه لم يستخدم منها سوى ثالث مصلحات تعتبر هي‬ ‫األكثر شيوعاً وهي المكتبة اإللكترونية – المكتبة‬ ‫االفتراضية – المكتبة الرقمية‬
  54. 54. ‫المكتبات الرقمية ‪Digital Library‬‬ ‫• هي المكتبة التي تشكل المصادر اإللكترونية الرقمية كل محتوياتها،‬ ‫وال تحتاج إلي مبني وإنما لمجموعة من الخوادم وشبكة تربطها‬ ‫بالنهايات الطرفية لالستخدام. فنجد أن " المكتبة الرقمية" مكونة‬ ‫أساسا من أوعية ومصادر مرقمنة – أوعية تقليدية يتم تحويلها إلى‬ ‫أوعية الكترونية. هذه األوعية يمكن أن تكون عبارة عن مقاالت‬ ‫نختزنه ومعالجة ومتاحة من خالل أدوات وبرامج وتقنيات خاصة‬ ‫بالرقمنة . لعلة من أفضل األمثلة على هذا النوع من المكتبات هو‬ ‫مشروع الذاكرة األمريكية المتاحة عبر مكتبة الكونجرس . .‪US‬‬ ‫‪Library of Congress: American Memory collection‬‬ ‫•‬ ‫•‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫/‪‬‬
  55. 55. ‫تاريخ المكتبات الرقمية‬ ‫مشروع غوتنبرغ‬ ‫قام مايكل هارت في عام 1791 قام بإنشاء أول مكتبة رقمية في‬ ‫تاريخنا المعاصر، وأطلق عليها اسم مشروع غوتنبرغ مخلدا‬ ‫بذلك اسم الرجل الذي اخترع الطباعة‬ ‫ورغم الكميات الهائلة من الملفات المتوفرة ضمن موقع مشروع‬ ‫غوتنبرغ، فإنه لم يحتو على كثير من الميزات التي يمكن أن‬ ‫تجعل منه مكتبة رقمية كاملة، مثل إمكانيات البحث في النص، أو‬ ‫تصنيف الكتب، وما إلى ذلك، وال يحتوي الموقع حتى اليوم إال‬ ‫على محرك بحث بسيط يبحث في الكتب حسب العناوين أو حسب‬ ‫اسم المؤلف‬
  56. 56. Impact on Patient Care • • • • • • A study in 15 hospitals in NY. 29.3% reported changing diagnosis 50.5% reported changing choice of tests 45.2% reported changing choice of drugs 19.2% reported reducing length of hospital stay 71.6% reported changing advice given to patients
  57. 57. Make a difference study.. • 19.2% reported avoiding patient mortality • 8.2% reported avoiding hospital-acquired infection • 21.2% reported avoiding surgery • 45.1% reported avoiding additional tests or procedures • 28.3% reported avoiding additional outpatient visits
  58. 58. 63 Ghassan Shahrour, MD SMIA