A. zouaghi drilling fluids & waste management engineer cv


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A. zouaghi drilling fluids & waste management engineer cv

  1. 1. Drilling fluids & waste Management specialistName: ZOUAGHI ABDERRAZAKDate & place of birth: 04/03/1976 at El KhroubAddress: Chaban SEMRI Avenue- OuledRahmoun center. (W) Of Constantine 25120 Algeria.Family situation: MarriedNationality : AlgerianCAREER OBJECTIVESTO USE MY KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE INDISCHARGING MY DUTIES PROMPTLY ANDEFFECTIVELY SO AS TO ENSURE THAT THEORGANIZATION ACHIEVES HER SET GOALS.DEGREE& EXPERIENCE:
  2. 2. Chemical engineer – Speciality: Environmental& Waste management engineeringEngineering thesis: Shell gasification process (SGP)2003-2005: Environment engineer in the environment direction ofConstantine state –Algerian Environment ministry.2005 :Mud school with AVA-NEW PARK company inHASSIMESSAOUD-ALGERIA2005 – 2007: Drilling fluids engineer in AVA-NEWPARKCOMPANY in ALGERIA2007- 20/09/2011: Drilling fluids engineer in MB PETROLEUMSERVICES LIMITED in SAUDI ARABIA20/08/2011 till now: Drilling fluids engineer consultant with MI-SWACO in GABON.Certifications :-H2S certificate-BOSIET & HUET certificate.-Drilling fluids compaign Aramco seminars in 2009-Fire fighting-First aids-Medical offshore certificateEmployment & work history :2003-2005: Environment engineer in the environment direction ofConstantine state –Algerian Environment ministry.The main tasks were:
  3. 3. 1-the design of treatment stations of domestic wastewater andindustrial toxic wastewater (foods industry, lether,metallurgy..)2 toxic gas treatment in industrial factories (gas industry, foods,…)3 industrial and domestic waste treatments (cooper industry,plastic, public waste…)2005-2006:1- work for SONATRACH national oïl Company as drilling fluidsengineer to perform development vertical and horizontal wells inTFT, HASSI MESSAOUD fields using oil based mud (invertemulsion) up to 149 pcf using diesel and mineral oil as base oil .2-Work for REPSOL YPF oil company as drilling fluids engineerto perform the exploration Deep vertical wells in EL BORMA filedusing oil based mud (invert emulsion ) MW up to 128 pcf usingdiesel and mineral oil as base oil .3-Work for REPSOL YPF oil company as senior drilling fluidsengineer to perform the exploration vertical deep wells in gas field(BHT 420 F) called REGANNE in south west of. Algeria (HT )using KCL / polymer heavy mud (142 pcf.)2006-2007: 1-working for REPSOL YPF as senior drilling fluids to performthe exploration Of REGGANE gas field in south of Algeria (BHT410 F) for over 130 days in one well using for the first timePOLYOIL and DEEP DRILL drilling fluid System (composed ofa proprietary blend of the base components of methyl glycosideand polyglycerine) stable up 400 F with best results.2- Working For SONATRACH AGIP Group to Performexploration Hassi Berkine oil Field using oil based (invertemulsion) mud and AVABIOVIS system as drill-in fluids non-damaging XC polymer based drilling fluids in reservoir.3- Working for HESS SONATRACH Group to performexploration wells in oil field in AMENAS in south of East ofAlgeria using saturated NACL brine muds and oil based mud(inverted emulsion ).
  4. 4. 2007- 20/09/2011 : working in oil development wells ( onshore,offshore) gas exploratory HPHT deep wells and shallow wells ,deepwater wells ,UBD drilling using flow drilling in Uthmaniyagas field ( first UBD in gas field in Saudi Arabia ) ,water injectorwells, horizontal extended reach wells ,work-over and sidetrackdrilling wells in the Major oil fields of Uthmania, , Khurais, ,Hotta, Haradh, Nauyym,Shaiba, Manifa in Saudi arabia withARAMCO using sevreral mud systems.20/09/2011-till now : Drilled gas /oil exploration vertical onshorewells with Maurel &Prom , ADAX,TOTAL and SHELL clients inGabon using Gypsum mud,KCL/ polymer mud , VERSA-CLEANOBM mud, DRILPLEX mud system (Mixed Metal Oxide mud).I am familiar with different kind of drilling fluids systems: WATER BASED DRILLING FLUIDS:1- Emulsion mud (direct emulsion) in Saudi Arabia.2- Heavy KCL polymer mud (135 pcf) in Algeria and Saudi Arabia.3- Non-damaging polymer mud in Algeria and Saudi Arabia.4- Gypsum-mud in KSA and Gabon.5- CaCL2 saturated mud in Saudi Arabia.6- Duratherm (MI) system in Saudi Arabia7- PERFORMAX (BHI) system in Saudi Arabia.8- HYDRO-GUARD (Baroid) system in Saudi Arabia.9- K/NA FORMATE mud in KSA ( CABOT) system.10-MAX-BRIDGE (BHI) system in Saudi Arabia.11- Therma-drill (Baroid) system in Saudi Arabia.
  5. 5. 12- DRILPLEX(MMO) system ( Mixed Metal Oxide) MI SWACOsystem in Gabon.13- MAXDRIL-N (MMS : mixed metal silicate) BAROID systemin Saudi Arabia.14- DEEP DRILL system ( AVA_NEWPARK) in Algeria withREPSOL .NON AQUEUS BASED DRILLING FLUIDS:1- AVOIL ULT (AVA) system Algeria.2-tight emulsion (Baroid) system in Saudi Arabia.3-CARBO-TEC (BHI) system in Saudi Arabia.4- all-oil drilling/coring (Baroid) system (57-63 pcf ) in SaudiArabia.5-VERSA-CLEAN (MI-SWACO) system in Gabon.6- Low toxicity oil based (invert emulsion) mud with safra oil inManifa field in Saudi Arabia.COMPLETION AND PACKER FLUIDS1-NACL, CACL2, KCL/NACL blend, acid jobs, casing/tubingpickling jobs in Saudi Arabia.2-All-oil fluids,3-CACL2/CaBr2 blend in Saudi Arabia with Aramco .4- NACL/NABR blend in Algeria with REPSOL YPF.3-Milling fluids with Sonatrach in Algeria.4- Drill-in /high temperature fluids (Na/K Formate mud) in SaudiArabia.5-AVABIOVIS (AVA-Newpark) system in Algeria with Repsol.6-EnZymeSM G : ENZYME filter breaker system to maximizewell cleanup efficiency for BJ company with Aramco in SaudiArabia.7-Frac fluid Systems in Saudi Arabia in gas exploration wells.DRILLING PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED:1- Sensitive shale drilled formations (most wells drilled in Algeria) .
  6. 6. 2- Contaminants like anhydrite, CO2, H2S, pressured salty influx(CACL2, NACL) (most wells drilled in Saudi Arabia).3- Permeable formations (dolomite, limestone) risks of differentialstuck, severe losses4- High pressure/high temperature gas wells in Saudi Arabia.5- Deepwater wells in Gabon with TOTAL5- H2S wells.7- High angle/extended wells (average 31000 ft total depth inManifa injector wells)8- Knowledge and experience in lost circulation control. 9- Kick control.I AM EXPERIENCED IN CRITICAL DRILLINGOPERATIONS SUCH AS:1-Over-balanced drilling (with Hydro-guard and Max-bridgedrilling fluids systems).2-Under balanced drilling (UBD drilling with Weatherford UBDequipments).3-Cutting disposal/reinjection.4-Milling.5-Coring.6-Mud cup drilling.7-Multi lateral well drilling (average three lateral inUthmaniya,Manifa,Nauyym fields ).8- Slim hole drilling.COMPUTER SKILLS1- Proficient in computer Application. Computer Skills OfficeSoftware (Word, Excel, Power point, outlook)2 - Operating Systems (Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista), FOLTRAN-77 chemical Engineering design, Visual basic3-Mudpit AVA-NEWPARK software.4 -ONETRAX MI-SWACO software.
  7. 7. LANGUAGES: Arabic : (Mother tongue). English: good (Fluent in reading, writing & speaking). French: Excelent (Fluent in reading, writing & speaking) CONTACTS :Email1: Syriata@yahoo.frEmail2: Syriata@gmail.comMobile: Algeria: 00213556901496Mobile : Gabon : 0024104563630