Create Mobile iOS and Android Apps for Your School or District


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This presentation will look at how easy it is for a district or school to enhance communication with their community through the development of a mobile app, without having to hire a mobile device programmer or a company to develop an app. Participants with their own device will spend part of the session starting to build their own app and should leave the session feeling comfortable in their ability to finish their app after ISTE.

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Create Mobile iOS and Android Apps for Your School or District

  1. 1. Create Mobile iOS and Android Apps for Your District The Digital Education and Technology Exchange 2014 Steve Young, Chief Technology Officer Judson ISD @atemyshorts
  2. 2. Why Did We Go Mobile? • Our Google analytics had our mobile traffic at >10% of site visits. • 14% for January 2013 • 17 % for April 2014 • More people (both parents & students) are surfing via mobile than ever before • Mobile traffic growing at a dramatic rate and has huge upside growth potential
  3. 3. everything.php?utm_source=pulsenews&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+read writeweb+%28ReadWriteWeb%29
  4. 4. Smartphones & Tablets will Help Drive Mobile • Smart phone adoption continues to grow at huge rates: – 2011 – Smart phones accounted for 42% of all phones in the United States (up from 27% in 2010) (Workforce Management, June 2012) – 2012 – Smart phones account for 48% of the United States’ 172 million mobile subscribers (Mary Meeker, Analyst at KPCB, 12/2012). – 2014 -- Smart phones account for 66% of the United States’ mobile subscribers (Mashable, 02/13/2014) • And tablet growth is surging - 29% of U.S. Adults own a tablet or eReader (like a Kindle) — up from 2% in 2009 (Mary Meeker, Analyst at KPCB, 12/2012). • Tablets are here to stay, but we have not seen anything yet….
  5. 5. statistics-2011-infographic1.png
  6. 6. jumped-in-q4-2012-26057/attachment/walkersands-percent-web-traffic- mobile-devices-q42011-q42012-jan2013/
  7. 7. Ignoring mobile could increasingly mean you are ignoring a constituency
  8. 8. But why develop an App? • Mobile users increasingly prefer to consume mobile web via apps…. • This can be seen in huge app boom across Android and iOS • Users are now spending more time using mobile apps – Albeit a lot of that is using Angry Birds, Facebook and other related apps • Mobile apps are easier to access and more convenient than mobile web
  9. 9. Source By March 2013 – US consumers now spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on their mobile device!
  10. 10. 2 hours 19 minutes Per day
  11. 11. Ok – So We Need an App, but We Don’t Know How to Make One • You don’t need a high paid app programmer • There are several web-based rapid web development tools that let you repurposed existing web content and data into a mobile app • Some of there tools are so easy, even a CTO or teacher can make an app! • Your existing webmaster and/or other staff can easily develop and maintain the app
  12. 12. Advantages of Web Based App Development Tools • They let you roll out or make changes to an app quickly • They usually utilize existing web content, like social media feeds and RSS feeds • Require less or no programming knowledge than writing an app from scratch
  13. 13. Non-Technical Sites To Assist School in Developing Mobile Apps • Como (formerly Conduit Mobile) - • School Connect - (this is an app that contains many school districts in one app) • Appsbuilder - • Buildanapp - • Mobile Roadie - • DUB Labs - • Codiqa - (HTML 5)
  14. 14. como • Free or low cost • Easy to use • Publishes to both major app platforms • Demo of and Como live build of a district app
  15. 15. Caveats • Just like a web site, you need great content before you can make a great app • App publishing to both app stores does cost $$ • Custom graphics for branding and app promotion need to be created for both app stores • The app publishing process can be confusing (especially for iOS) • Apple requires a Mac for the final app publish
  16. 16. Content for Your App • Events, social media, news, photos, calendars, menus, sports schedules • Can use push notifications • Bully and crime reporting • More advanced: grades, attendance, etc. • Or segment your app: – Athletics App – Band App – Newspaper App
  17. 17. Judson ISD Connect! App made for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle tablets
  18. 18. Award Winning
  19. 19. Judson ISD Connect Parent Center • Parent Center is the core driver of our app (grades, attendance, meals, transportation, library, etc.) • Out 670,688 logins to Parent Center for the 2012-2013 school year, 205,813 were mobile, or 31% • For August 2013 – May 2014, out of 774,204 logins, 350,217 were mobile, or 45% • 14% year over year increase
  20. 20. Judson ISD Connect Installs
  21. 21. Let’s Build An App Demo of using como to build an app
  22. 22. More Info & Questions • Please contact: –Steve Young –Twitter: @atemyshorts Como coupon code for Digital Education and Technology Exchange attendees. Good for 50% OFF the Gold Yearly Plan. Coupon Code: como50off