Vatican: Pill Grimace of Petros


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Pilgrimage to the st Peters Basilica.

The true cat-holy cult nature, IHS = Isis Horus Seth revealed - See this stolen from Egypt Obelisk Osiris-heretic view.

Repulsive Vatican Occultism revealed.

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Vatican: Pill Grimace of Petros

  1. 1. 27.05.2014 b Peter's Pill Grimace version 9.0.4 See Through St. Peter's Basilica Cult Note. Most down below is a collection from various internet sites, for this pic see g00glemaps... suddenly started to charge readers from my free documents. This without any notice to me, all revenue to scribd. Isn't this funny kind of censorship... GET THIS document FREE AT:
  2. 2. Mother Church - Occult Fertility Fiestas Basilica: Front square colonnade roof is fenced with myriad mass-acre saint statues. Osiris court, phallus-obelisk in the midst of woman's sexual organs... erected to shout obscenities to the sky. Osiris wheel, occult Egyptology and sun clock. etc etc. Court filled with pine-cone etc. fertility cult objects. Ugly colossus inside: plastered with 2000 years worth of its embezzlements, gold/art, occult G = masonry sexual geometry, small boys, warped angelic figures - without clothing. Down below, myriad grottos filled with its prey: gold teeth, skeletons, stuffed 'Christ's'... embalmed corpses to be kissed. Secret inquisition chambers, death rite rooms? You bet. Hello? Wanna have a Luxury relaxed holyday? Five Day Tour in Rome? "Meet our all inclusive Saints with Mary" - on the trip sold by your local church (whatever denomination). "Come with us to the real pilgrimage into ancient Rome, be a part of this satanic occult worship, have a real Mass" ... 'audience with' the incest dagon-pope priest of osiris whoredom... receive all the demons sent. If not, take this free tour - so that you can shout the Truth from the roofs.
  3. 3. Papal gold-grotto love by night. FYI for -readers : started to charge from all my free texts. However, you may gain access after becoming a (all free) member of scribd,com. Then you can freely acces all their free pages... First downloas to gain full membership: download anything and keep it private: This in case the free pages are not accessible. If you are not member, scribd will show only first four pages. View / Download free from here:
  4. 4. The Heart of Vatican - 'Peter Bacilli'. Two Latin words Vatis: prophetic/divine, Can: serpent/snake. Combined: 'prophetic/divine serpent' As the Vatican is a place, so you may say that 'Vatican' means 'the place worshipped serpent'. In NT you can meet her also as the snake, devil, dragon... This colossus, resembling a cross was built 324A.D. on top of a hill (small part first). Here Romans kept their sadistic orgies of killing thousands of Bible believers in a spectacle. Roman crooks, then like today, have to keep the show on, otherwise the folks will start to think and their deeds will become too visible. Its front court, huge osiris cult symbol, is reeking of myriad cult ceremonies. The first illustration depicts 'whole basilica', the main building on top, below is this court. Check out the rich linky! saintpetersbasilica org ...Here it depicts the osiris court with all its 140 saint statues. Each statue & saint is explained up to a point. Their Saintly bloodthirsty history gold plated: like the founder of this vaticanus cult, Constantine excelled in mass killings ... welcome to the papal mass. Constantine was the first to claim to be world's first Caesar and Pope ... and the sun-king. Whata sunkin feelin...
  5. 5. Dagon Fish Priest's 'audience'... Here the Pill Grimaced tens of thousands unawares, flown around the globe "via papal airways" to participate into ancient occult, worship with him. Each receiving their poison pill to align with beast thinking. After their osiris portion: "These have one mind, and they give their power and authority unto the beast. Rev.17:13. All witches feel already relaxed with his occult cross, fish-dagon-mitre and IHS emblems. Unawares will receive a new fresh devil into his/her life... I would not be surprised if simultaneous human sacrifices were going on in the grottos. Nothing has changed during the last two thousand years. This hill was the fighting arena for Galicula, Nero etc. This was bible believers mass-acre-age. They were maimed and bled to death in front of the true Constantinus Christians. They were drunk of the blood - after circus did not fulfill their lusts anymore. The Mother church has burned all bible translators in bonfires on marketplaces as heretics, during jesuital time from 1500 to 1800. Inquisition is well alive today: it is said that millions have perished in the mother church cellars between 1000-2000AD. This phenomena which mixes the term Christianity with occult, is used via many knightly clans: Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer was a mason and Templar Knight - directly under jesuital control. That operation falls in the category of public disarmament, disabling the slaves. One of the main "Saints in this papal business" was Thomas Moore. He is honored every year by US aristocracy in a special mass... An able slave, able to defend his family, eg. gun owner is, a threat for extralegal Knightly terror. Which in Breivik's case was done as usual - behind blue lodge sea - papal police force. This Bluelodge history must have roots also in Vatican: globally controlled Knighthood brethren, came to be in 1800's. Before that, there was only army power - which tends to include patriotic folks who wont follow papal global orders - against countrymen. On the contrary, these blue brethren are disciplined via blood oaths, the true global force obeying any order from mystery - above. Augustinus monasteries main mission, was to form a base. From there surrounding population was being raided to collect all original bible texts. The missing texts enabled Vatican to push its own writings as true scripture, operate its directive-machinery to rob nations continuously. All scriptures today have gone through such papal nihil obstat -sieve. This project will be on as long as
  6. 6. humankind is on the planet: latest operation was 26-Jan-2013 in Timbuktu, Mali, where papal jihadists burned over 60.000 ancient scriptures to prohibit newlyfound(?) leaks. As usual, the doubleheaded eagle had its forces controlling the operation: French knights surrounded the city... (Actually I have no proof of details, but this is the way all operations are machined, behind papal controlled fascia, via foreign forces, always armed, in 'news' but still out of public sight.) The Grimacing fairytale of Christians: The folks escaping into Rome's catacombs, called Christians may actually have been roman mass murderers escaping their justice. Some of their cult drawings have leaked, mainly the pisces , is known from Greek sexual occult orgies... To keep their occult hidden, the jesuit programmers are working 24/7 with Hollywood machinery. The main goal is to hide Adolph, Stalin, Mao, Roosevelt, Churchill, Reagan etc Roman Catholy jesuital mass murder roots. See more at Table of Contents at OBELISK: In the Center of the cult square is the enormous phallus symbol, stolen from Egypt. It sits inside the woman genitals - preaching incestevangelium?(...this interpretation is NOT my invention). Around the square on top of the surrounding buildings, the 'saint' statues peer like dead vultures. Reminds of the sins of Jerobeam, Son of Nebat. The sin itself was hidden from public eye, 'you just dont know'...: The papal edu-program says to everyone that it is not possible to find out these ancient facts... The more 'researchers' claim this attitude, the deeper the claimer trots in this Caesarean motherly dirt. The common nominator for all kingdoms sits here: The emblem of power for all kings on earth, the Vatican osiris cult phallus-fag obelisk, the totem of all sex-cults - sits in this garden of love-god. Ashera. Every kingdom, falsely called democratic, has its miniature copy to display obedience. Today the Papal worship directives commands all mushrooms to obey its fag cult liturgy - or face jail time for blasphemy ...of this bloody incest &blasphemy. It is an offence to utter a word against this Vatican incest from pulpit or street. King Jerobeam - AND - whole nation: "And he did that which was evil in the sight of the LORD, and followed the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, which made Israel to sin; he departed not therefrom. 2King13 The holy decree of inquisition used to 'build comradeship' in brethren: if some individuals fell out of line and didnt obey, the last rite for him/her was the Sunday sermon. This poor fella was taken into the cellar, attached into wall irons. The whole congregation came one by one, each adding some mortar and a new tile until the cursed was masoned in behind a funny curving brick wall. Wall of plenty... This truly knits the society together - keep smiling and having next mass thinking of... what? This phenomena is today well and alive.
  7. 7. Seek out the obelisk from your city and be surprised: a miniobelisk can be found in every city and around the globe: 'From Pyonyang N.Korea to Jerusalem'. "These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast." Rev.17. (J'lem High Court, built by satanic Rothchild to fulfill every Tammus-dream of the satan cult worshipper - from judge to a visitor.) Brilliant Mass murder cult as entertainment for the enlightened. The Roman osiris cult is the bloodiest in human history: they call emselves now Christians, Knights of Hospitallier and whatever: the cross-killing process was their meanest invention. Papal love of art: 'at best' their master torturers could keep their 'customers alive up to two weeks...
  8. 8. This is how the site looked some 2000 yrs ago they say. Past the Obelisk, into the beast heart. Note: For Finland obelisks, see The Finnish SA-army photos (finn text) (english)
  9. 9. From pinecone fertility theater to the Dome: all is filled with pagan idolatry and symbols of orgies. Dome is topped with a immense cross, embedded with bones of the so called saints. Check out the history (NOT r0man version) and see how many thousand Bible believers they mass-acred... Here I must remind you that this occult machinery deceptively uses the word "Christian" of every imaginable mass orgy operation. In Britain, Jesuits were defeated of their papal ordered 16o5 gunpowder pl0t. At that time, having a mass meant abhorring sin, All MASS -practitioners were jailed... Thus Mr. Breivik, a roman Rosicrucian jesuit operative is hideously called a "Christian" in the papal mass ... media. However, Bible following Believer read and practice his/her Bible: Thou Shalt Not Kill, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery ... etcetc
  10. 10. The Dome The cross stands on top of a huge 12 feet diameter ball, on top of the Dome: symbol of Roman empire. Copies of smaller balls you may find on any "Christian", islamic etc buildings. It means that such a building is directly controlled by the Maximus - Roman power-center ball. They say the ball is full of the saints bones - meaning murdered or mass murderers... Before we step into the massive orgy of skulls, skeletons, embalmed popes and repulsive statues & occult relics of the Bacilli-ca, we take a quick peek into related issues.
  11. 11. I guess the first time this ball&cross was depicted in Ramses II grave illustrations. Like the Obelisk, all these symbols are stolen by Rome... They are now called 'Catholicism'... Vulture, the emissary of death - guards the cross. All these occult signs you may see in a Vatican controlled Lutheran Church - or masonic temple: Horus eye, Pyramids, Thomas cross, Tammus, Osiris...
  12. 12. 110 yrs ago - Italian L'Asino mag. lllustrated... EU tender love (for gold) was pulsing already 1903... "It seizes, munches, swallows... and after the meal is hungrier than ever before..."
  13. 13. 110 years ago Italian L'asino-illustrated the local issues like that, 1903... Note that: - The illustrator is himself a Knight: He can't say a thing against Pope. However, you got to give something for the programmed: mass-aged facts already earlier leaked... - From holymass to superholy massmurders: a minor past sin is ok - never speak of inquisition which is well alive today. The institution nowadays having a new lovely name. - The Mickey Mouse 666-eyes were already used (alas, these satanic eyes are not Disney's eg. DeMolay-mason's own invention) - Karl Marx was a founding member of the Papal Illuminati -lodge ... its communist principal: Family as institution has to be crushed! - Instead of the Dagon-mitre, the headgear used was round bucket with Constantine crosses - The Holocaust of Perugia: I bet the mandatory schooling by papal history classes had nothing to offer in this 'nuance' - for yall ppl? Over 150 yrs ago there was this Mother Italy town rebelling against the bloody Vatican dictatorship. The threat it posed was mercilessly crushed by Vatican amassed military. Nowadays all dissent has been deleted - Mafia, the grand papal tool has no directives to limit its methods, no evidence needed to kill any suspicious person. No 'miranda rights' to free from papal grottoes grilling-missions. - Perugian one generation old history could be attached on Pope Pius. Alas, well leaked fact... Armenian holocaust was just in planning phase, the gold grotto enlargement projects barely starting for Adolph, Mao-Tse-Tung Papal Baal global reach Following story concentrates on the heart of Vatican. As we will learn, it boasts fully openly of its control of every nation via various means. In this context it is the 'Fourth Empire' in Daniel's vision. Like revelation 17 depicting Vatican, saying all its programmed 'have one mind', Daniel Says: "The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces." We All the People under its rule have been programmed NOT to notice it. It has been coded into slavery, called "education". Without its approval, one is not allowed to swipe the floor of the enlightened. This jesuit conceived programming is an absolute 99% success... Seeing the following illustrations combining the facts with some text, has the potential to free We the People - you - from this medieval MSM-sorcery we definitely are under. Because its not only medieval, it actually contains the whole human history of holocausts, treachery, programmed wars, embezzlement's by evil design. Vatican inherited all the Sumerian, Hittite, Egyptian sorcery and evil and just processed these to form streamlined free flowing continuous repetitive processes. It even produced a mandatory mantra for We the educated People: "History repeats itself". After seeing this, its your duty to verify and then shout from the roofs. ...
  14. 14. The three L'Asino magazines pics are from Alexander Robertsons book, a Knight. Poor loser lodge (Illuminati won) Cavalier of the Order of St Mauritz and St. Lazarus. See ... Alas, those original illustrations are only B&W, internet used to be colorless 100 yrs ago.
  15. 15. Here we see 110 yr old agenda for vaccination: secret depopulation agenda violently pushed through by the Knights of Hospitallier! L'Asino 8Nov1903. My Latin expertise isnt too good: LITA can be translated as 'sacrifice'. What hideous meaning sits inside that bottle label...
  16. 16. The city of Mother Italy, Perugia, was burned down, massacred by Papal troops in 1859: "Vatican denials are useless, it wants more than that to wash away the stains of blood with which the whole papacy is imbrued!"
  17. 17. "They want liberty, but that of being able to burn people alive, as in the days of Giordino Bruno!" L' Asino 1903 Did your history Education mention Giordino!? Well, neither did mine... The main focus of this old 'comics' however, is to memorize We the preprogrammed People, that inquisition is long past history - while its going on today...
  18. 18. This is so comical that it wont open without history books. I bet your current politically corrected books wont help either... "Come on! Come on! my sons! For thirty nine years we have waited for you in Rome!"
  19. 19. Balls of Totalitarianism You'll learn below how this cult ties it into fags called saints & priests and incest. Just take a peek at its Lutheran church roof in Helsinki. The church built by German born jesuits - ground plan forming the Maltese cross & other vomiting Vatinical nuances. Fully controlled through the mass- ages by Vat - i - can ... "The chain of papal incest - from Rome to Helsinki" This baal ball is common to all pagan cults, from islam to any Bacchus bacchanal...
  20. 20. Finland and the 100% Roman Masonic Mediacontrol. Finnish masonic lodges are being programmed via Sweden. This route 'happened' about 1000 yrs ago when the high culture Finland was burned down by Swedes emissaries of papal Ecumenia, evangelism by the sword. Finnish freedom was taken away with its history: Finland didnt even exist before this Swedish glory enslaved Finland. Before that, here existed just a big mudhole. As it happens, however, some cursed heretics do dig here and there: this always causes panic in the masonic cavalry. It rides immediately in the name of the law and Papal Police: stop digging! Helsinki Kauppatori (marketplace) in front of swedish consulate. Papal doulbleheaded shcitsofrenic eagle, golden ball, obelisk... Memo of smtg sinister that happened by 1833 Alexander visitation. What was it? The great (?) swedupelle Donner is afraid, burning his letters - "the Truth is now in ashes" he says IS 26.1.2013 10:5. Is this totalitarian Stalinism unravelin at last?
  21. 21. Kauppatori's poor resigned Finn-eagle: If you educate yourself of this genetical sicko animal symbol, you'll find out it is global. Wherever one can fly, it is there. However, depending on the status, it carries Maltese crosses, specters, sword etc. This one is non-armed. Meaning Finn masons are made absolutely powerless by the EUPope... As you stand here and turn 90 degrees (go ooglemaps eagerly shows these masonics) toward the Eastern Star, you'll find a sea of balls, Nikean-islamic moons, Tammus, all of the dirt. At right u can see the Eastern Star lodge dummies worshipping G-devils. Eastern Star = baphomet...
  22. 22. BASILICA A crucial view through this occult maze is seen from the entrance (at right). View through papal throne (1-2) opens into the very end of this cross shaped monument. There one can see a tiny glimpse of the beautiful light, (?) osiris glass painting... Below the floor hide all the crucial skeletons grottos, incest chambers (!?). At far right is depicted the phallus erected to the sky, this one 'taken' from Washington DC. Yellow statues: At right of the throne is the statue of great hero (2) Saint Longinus. He always reminds the sitting Caesarpope how Romans were the ones who killed Jesus. This soldier valiantly (?) pierced his body with the (now holy) spear. At left is the statue of the Holy Helen, mother of the high saint, first Caesar AND pope, the Constantine. He was a real mass murdering hero of Bible believers, fella who built this roman occult monument at 324AD, while preparing for the Nikea hoax.
  23. 23. Lets walk in through the main door... Here the angelic ass ... I mean pleasant boy angels have already taken their clothes off...
  24. 24. Get in! Oh boy whata crowd. We are being corralled into the middle, unholy folks could otherwise touch... View from Entrance... The throne, Baldacchino, is located in the middle of this cross-shaped structure, having a maltese cross -roof. Your god's seat is standing there. On top is four golden, ivory embedded pillars propping the small inner roof. The Baldacchino sits on top of the first, old Peters Basilica and various rooms from old times. Refer to previous pic, 1-3. They claim that Peter's bones are down there. Thus the throne has to stand guard so Peter can't escape like Jesus did? ... the biggest blunder of roman occult.
  25. 25. The poor 'side streets': If only they would let us free, we would find these holy holes after holes, filled with art and looted gold. Everyone is dedicated to certain saint, the ones which will cause statues to cry blood - but cant help anyone in any issue. Here is one example. See the previous linky for more... Symbols wont fail you here: all occultist emblems floors, walls, roofs full. Full of naked fallen angels ready to entertain you..
  26. 26. A must see is the mother of god, especially the love-cult. You can meet her here, displaying his only son without clothes. Boy, this is funny. Do all Roman mothers show off their naked sons, expose for the public? "Lovely", whispers our sister Rebekkah ! "The homely checkered floor from our beloved lodge!"
  27. 27. Baldacchino: Then we hop a few masonic Taize-dance steps forward.
  28. 28. Baldacchino, four huge pillars. Osiris shining naked 'truth' for the illuminated.
  29. 29. Here, all the highest Knights have come to worship their god and source of wealth. The wealth that has been accumulating ceaselessly, collected here via Roman instigated wars, during last 2000 years. .... 24/7/365/2000 = 122 . 640 . 000 hours of global gold collection.
  30. 30. 'I Won't Greet The Pope Till He Returns Jewish Treasure' Councilman King announces he will not join Jerusalem officials welcoming Pope, unless 'he returns Jewish treasures from Vatican basement.' ...Several treasures from the destroyed Holy Temple in Jerusalem are believed to have been brought to Rome; indeed the Arch of Titus in Rome, erected shortly after the death of Emperor Titus in 81 CE, clearly depicts Roman soldiers bringing to Rome the golden candelabrum and other Temple artifacts. The treasures reportedly remained on public display between 75 CE and the early 5th century in the Temple of Peace in Rome's Forum. Jews have requested access to the Vatican's storehouses to ascertain whether the treasures are still there. The councilman added "without the return of our people's possessions, I see in (the Pope's) visit an unprecedented insolence."... ...and that is just the tip of the harlot's loot.
  31. 31. From where all this GOLD condenses here? - just by accident or few (all) wars and all acciednts? Lets see its roots - Catholy Cato The Telegraph, CATO 29.04.2014: Cato Institute - Catholy united States USA Washington D.C.:ssä,has defined 90 papal regions (called countries) with its invented "misery index". CATO Motto: Individual Liberty, Free Markets and Peace Greek - papal site that all EU 'countries' - all nations forced to this nazi-state - were forced to donate - helping it from abyss as the jesuits said. Lets see the misery that demanded this nations Ecumenical tax-fraud: Oh. The holy fraud of Constantinus Cross. In needs of repair? And Baldacchino copy four pillars, y, golden rings needs polishing? Oh lala: this is the real Ecumenia = Roman Control (in latin) Not to forget that cat holy EU constitution was signed in Nazi Germany, 1940 Berlin. This is why all its high officials are observing catholics, openly
  32. 32. The seventh misery was Spain. Real pain, as u can see ... the holyrotten maltese crosses are almost dropping like a dropping. See the promised jesuit paradise of inquisitions - still going strong:: And the papal best loot = misery is Venezuela. Poor Owner of 20% world oil reserves, surpassing Saudis. Kept in misery with these papal missionaries, rosary carrying jesuit wannabe servants, called as 'students'.
  33. 33. Seek out yourself. "Founded according the Jacobin-lodge principals aka the snake loving Founding Fathers. Libertarian (mormon) principals for witches, fags and lesbians ..." the catholy doctrine of incest seems to be missing (why is that). "And this I swear by the sword, noose and flame" ... the oath by all papal freemasonry, jesuits. Above the newest stamp of the papal main office (for all coverup missions) ... filled with all catholy emblems from eight cornered pond to gods pillars. The worst 500years of misery, where is it? Of course, the jesuit-masonic satanist Columbus mass acre lands, South America. Still being persecuted by Rome.
  34. 34. See more at Get an idea what these cat holy Santa's did 500 yrs ago to their 'targets', check out the last pages:
  35. 35. The Columbus Satanic beast, doubleheaded eagle is known already amongst Sumerian cult, like in the Roman Caesars built Jerusalem Temple - whose false-jew fariseans murdered the jew, Jeshua Maschia. nicknamed him as Jesus - jesuit name = above jesus. Today it is carried Balkan papal massacre SS-hanzar islamists - like jesuit putin - not to speak the fmr Tsars These Kabbala fariseans worshipped not God but tha masonist satan -GAD. This is why they cant print his name, but hide it under G_D. This is why Jeshua Maschia said that the temple will be destroyed fully - it was a Roman pagan full of insults and horedom against GOD of this Universum, The Almighty YHWH. This word about Him, Jeshua the Son of YHWH, was so dangerous that all written texts had to be destroyed - as they depicted the Great Harlot = Rome as the 666 -beast. This is the reason Rome built all those monasteries - to seek out the writings and burn, crucify their owners. This is why the Roman Caesar Constantinus, self proclaimed Sun-God of osiris, mass murderer, was forged to be our Bible author and Saint. The Saint all masons, jesuits = every gvmt official worships this Constantinian constitution above all constitutions. When they dont, they go the way of Kaddafi - massacred by the roman orchestrated mob. Arab spring they say... Constantinus 'Christian' Fraud - see story further below.
  36. 36. Four Pillars - - Symbol of all masonic temples This symbolism is repeated globally in all the millions of meeting rooms, G -lodges, rite symbols, clothes, insignia. Below a top part of one of the golden & ivory pillars. Cult. It's core focused on naked boys. What are all the features depicted by these pillars? Symbols hidden inside each and every hundred million copies of this cult insignia? Symbols worshipped by 50 million (?) masons, Knights, unawares of the meanings of this 'holiness'. This sleaze that has been hideously marketed to the nations via the pen of the scribes - that is a lie (Jer.8:8). This is the papal 'truth' of christianism. The bloodiest cult that has ever existed! It continues to worship its most excellent invention, the cruelest death machine, CROSS. While incest is secretly their main trait. Christianism that was created by this lying pen of the scribes: it is based on the GAD-fertility rites. You may check out one of its holy products - for Christians - from 1400-century monastery, Netherlands. Made by the Roman Catholic priest, 'Tuomas Kempiläinen' -book pages and compare this 'holiness'... This is a book that even today is promoted as guidance to Christians. You may wonder about the guidance. Maybe its the incest trips Hollandese monasteries have been notorious? Check out -Table of Contents.
  37. 37. Mother Church reigns the World - - via Knight Clans, Freemasonry An interesting sidestory is - President George Washington's Apron. The centuries old apron depicts this Vatican Throne in remarkably fine details, even with the grave/coffin... (Apron = Mas0nist Chaperone.) One has to belong into S k u ll&B0nes l0dge - before the Ceasar-pope accepts one to be a presidential US candidate. That includes rites, where one has to go into a coffin and do whatever from masturbation to - dunno... Anyways, this truly fits into everything this cult has to offer... This rite is satanic, thus you may see GWB showing its hand signs. In the end of the initiation, the candidate is risen from dead, they say this rite makes one born again. Thus George claims with shining eyes that he is a born again Christian... George Washington knew what he served, the satan-osiris. Most Freemasons dont know what they serve, revelation comes only at the 33th degree... His apron contains all masonist, satanist cult signs including the osiris - of course the step-guiding checkers for rite 'dancing'..
  38. 38. George Washington. Lying the cornerstone by following all masonic rites, 1795. All geometry, names form Vatican Capitolino fit into the rites - with obelisk. The masonist symbol stone, sits in every village of the million meeting rooms, lodges. How many villages there are? There's your correct count for the cult meeting rooms... Papal controlled via Swedes, these Finn masons kneel and kiss this stone -and the everpresent G.
  39. 39. Higher Knights meet in this prog-rammer lodge: The chessboard floor is in 45 degree angle. These fools have a variant choreography from the low level masons... All tools are essential: the Bible - UNDER - subordinate to the masonic occult paraphernalia, Pyramids, Pillars, and the G. The main Finnmason aka president. Happy knights; had to swear in via a three day rite into Constantinus Knights -club to be acceptable. That happened 7.7.2011 in the ancient church in Porvoo - below all papal signs, from osiris to whatever devils. All Finnish -or- whatever country - first leaders have to belong. No, theyre not masons declare all tabloids (shh. ...papal knights)
  40. 40. The Scandinavian Knighted Imperium Servants King of Sweden, Prez of Finland - loaded with papal masonic tinkrets; Constantinian Cross, various Maltese Crosses, apron for masons...
  41. 41. In USA the papal masons advertise freely on the streets. Jesuits - the papal top cream - have openly dedicated universities under their unholy name, claiming 220.000 students. All big shots must go thorough these brainwashers, Harvard to whattever... WACO - the repulsively holy mass acre site You can find thousands lodge websites, Loyola universities and their hideous copies - right now by simple seek. Streets 'are full' of GAD neon light advertising their cult rooms. This G is truly the holy sign for all theses embezzling brother... Rainbow-fags sit well inside the father incest cult alike papal WACO mass murders -93. This theatre was produced by Catholy Billy Clintonese, AG Janet Reno and FBI's G-lodge Knights... How all things turn to GOLD? Its the globally brainwashed 'fact' about our roots in the Roman LAW. Meaning masons get all in all... Constantinian Smile:
  42. 42. How Vatican ✜ developed islam & masonry The cult of islam was developed to control arabs. It was fabricated inside the Portuguese Roman Catholic Fatima Monastery, 600-century. Funny how Fate-Fatima points to Old testament gad-pagan cult, also to the NT Gadaranites. Depending on the translation version, words Chance, Fortune, Troop and Mason are used in place of the original Hebrew word of Gad. The last part of the verse is using pagan god of MEN, always translated "Destiny, That Number." This points to gambling and lottery... An interesting point is that 'all' Bible translations hide this pagan god named Gad. The only exception I know is the Finnish KR-38 translation. 'Every' other translation has hidden this basic idolatry, G. Here we can again see the lying pen of the scribes... see Jer.8:8. Isaiah 65 speaks to all GAD-worshippers - all Roman EUCatholics, its masons, jesuits, and myriad species of Knights hidden inside every (shh. papal) 'charities'. Pls do verify your local charity for these sings. Sometimes they're veiled, but they are there... "But ye are they that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for Gad, and that furnish the drink offering unto Men. " - Isaiah 65 by KR-38 The Gadaranite Baal infiltration is ripe in Solomons kingdom. Solomon's builder was the first mason Hiiram. They can be seen already in David's government: ... "over the olive trees in the low plains was Baalhanan the Gederite..." 1Chr27. No wonder why kabbala jews cannot write their gods name but mark it G-d. Their gad is the true gad of Baal - but for some g-reason they're ashamed... The Templar Knights and all other order's center is this devilish and mystical secret G. The Roman monks also concocted their godmother-Mary-cult into their masonic G knighthoods, revealed to muslims only through a veil, until the timing is right. This global system later was captured and cultured by the jesuits. The Vatican-islam connection is well documented while hidden in the papal media:
  43. 43. Seek out yourself why the High masons have the mosque of Hagia Sofia as their pilgrimage site.
  44. 44. Baldacchino surrounded by Horoscope ring These symbols seem to be inherited in the inbreeding pagan lineage. This occult sign can be found in Israel, Beit Alpha satanic synagogue. I really do not know, but my bet is that this depopulation sign of the times, would be found there in the Basilica - if smbdy would seek for it. Why? Because this is the G point for the current roman depopulation program. Check out what I mean from the article of 'Man-Made Nuclear Holocaust'. See Table of Contents. Israeli G-d worshippers synagogue mosaics... containing the devils mark of your irradiation. This contains em' all... Seek large photo from Wikipedia Is it a surprise that the biggest shareholder on earth controls via its hedra-faces all Uranium mines of the globe. Canadian mines are in totalitarian ultra legal control by the Queen of Malta (british monarch hoax). They control the hideous work to pollute all ground water aquifers globally. This has been done intentionally via these 'mines' all over the world: at the moment Finland and all of its clean water sources (via useless Talvivaara) are under this satanic depop polluting operation. Of course here is the environment ministry - but alas, full of terror-paralyzed Knights of Constantine. If you don't know about this ruthless maniac machinery, take a peek at the "Man- Made-Nuclear-Holocaust" ... see Table of Contents. It is hiding behind papal terror mechanisms, the global blue lodge, glopapal media, etc. Walls are covered with "saintly" statues.
  45. 45. These saints love the skulls and their victims blood: they were ready to lay their lives - to kill all heretics - like Bible readers. They are all Roman heroes. They did all in their might to fill the god- pope wishes, fought to fight any threat against the global roman empire. (Main threat: The Bible) Ignatius Loyola was one of the most famous: he founded the mass-a-murdering jesuit order and honed its skills - in Bible followers torture. This Illuminati-order is alive and now very active in their papal one world gvmt. Roman Catholic Adolph said of his beloved mass murderer Himmler: "I can see Loyola in him"... Why not; Himmler says that his SS was built according Ignazius Loyola's teachings. After the massive mass of papal murderous war, aka WW-II, there was one holy Roman Cat holy monk who founded a safe haven for orphaned kids. Imagination fails what kind of safety this means. With papal blessing, he developed a Ignazius cult. It is now known as the Taize village in France. Hundreds of thousands 'pill-grims' are hoaxed there yearly to partake in its satanic masses, to learn its hymns, to meditate through Ig-Nazi-Us Loyola and his skull collections... To add Taize some more mystique, eg. get more revenue=pilgrims, the founder, lodge order writer brother Roger was sacrified on the altar by a 'derailed' woman 2005 who slit his throat open in front of kids. Kids, of course... During this theatre, his follower Brother Alois happened to be in Germany.
  46. 46. Ignatius Loyola - IHS and Tau. Zealous Roman Catholic, Heinrich Himmler, Popes great butcher of nations, is quoted saying: "I built the SS-organization strictly according Ignazius Loyola teachings". The Roman Nazi Army and its Holy Tau, Karelian Robbery repeat 1942: See: Of course this Roman Catholic mass murderer = saint statue contains the controllers symbols, Maltese Crosses, Osiris, Pisces. Pisces here reveal again the cat holy hoax of 'Breivik masonic Christianity': it is a symbol used ppl escaping into the catacombs, dungeons under Rome. They were the lawless mass murderers of their time, escaping justice. Revelation: "And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword":
  47. 47. The target of Taize-meditation, Cat holy superhero Ig-nazi-us Loyola got his refreshed fresco recently pulled up... (note, this not in the basilica). Pill Grims wont be disappointed: The heavenly receive of red flag (should raise your red flag) is depicted here. No wonder that Karl Marx, 'father for jesuit Stalin', was a founder member in the papal illuminati lodge. Oh brothers T-his holymess... Ancient Roman palace floor from Spain tells without words who controlled the Iberian peninsula, Inspired papal elect, Ignazius Loyola in Fatima...
  48. 48. The Finnish Lutheran State church guides unawares into these roman occult programming trips, arranges meditation weeks, education etc etc. The once forbidden masses have returned and are everyday practice - of course containing Loyola as a saint. Blood drinking from skulls is not far away?
  49. 49. Lutherus Loyola Programs: "select your own meditation" Ignatian -retrieve means eight day meditative stay with personal trainer in a meditation center. Day program consist of four private prayer-meditations with bible, common mass and food. Personal training means that the pilgrim meets daily with his/her trainer eg. fellow... (eh. odd fellow?) 22.09.2009 Finland had 44 ig-nazi-trainers : "Hiljaisuuden ystävät -yhdistys" has trained 600 fellows. - picked from Finnish Lutheran church website. Full Skull Phoenix cat holy cat hedra.
  50. 50. Three Fates? Lucky Fatima and G-cult worshipping mass-murdered (?) skulls.
  51. 51. A mini copy of the Basilica The Telegraph write asks. "is this spiritual or sexual?" My answer: std papal spiritist orgy...
  52. 52. A stop-n-go grill in a Cathedral cellar -I guess similar grill produces fruit under Baldacchino also: Check out the signs. Helps to know - if rolled... I guess this poor fella was overtaken by papal jesuits while reading forbidden books. Every book you read today, must have MOTHER CHURH ISSUED "ACCEPTED" -STAMP: "NIHIL OBSTAT - IMPRIMATUR"
  53. 53. The Telegraph Spain, 5-Apr-2012: Jubilee on floor goes on while the cellar is made ready... Lagrimas and Favores Brotherhood... . "Are u ready downstairs?", ask ceremony master jesuit Ignatius Innocent. from his subordinates
  54. 54. Baldacchino cross section. Übermenschen Übersicht mit hollerith lochkarten: D E H O M A G Grill-Maestro used also a hood? Holy Hollerith at 1940: Horus eye and pyramid clearly in place. USA and I B M -jesuits helped holy comrade Roman Cat holy Adolph in his quest to annihilate jews. Hollerith Punch card - first global mass ...memory allowed first time in human history to record all nations. After achieving this in the 1930's in the name of new age, it was used in 1940 pogroms to kill 6-16mil jews and ... bible preachers. well, any category or class could be sieved for papal mass ...murder in the Roman Catholic camps built by Roman Catholy Himmler. Pope Pius was happy with Honda ... eg. with all his jesuits Roosevelt, Churchill, Hirohito, and of course Stalin, Mao & the sunday chorusboy fondling Adolph.
  55. 55. "Race-Office - SS" - Punchcard had limited memory capacity, "unlike today" - says papal go ogle ... The biggest threat to Rome cult is always The truth, Thus bible preachers had their own mass murder code - 0102. First par of this was, 01 = Gestapo, the papal force did the footwork The Hollerith started already in 1880, and nations had been catalogued well before Adolphs gold teeth collection triumphs into Vatican vaults - seek how, his emissary Ante Pavelic. My guess is that the system had first test runs in the Armenian mass murder 1915, oh how the Clintonese Cat holies love the story... see H0llerith was bough by the papal front I B M. whata coincidence: it is now producing the 666- chip. V e r i c h i p, A p p l i e d Signals, Digital Angel (also naked?). The system was 100% controlled by USA, every high up officer were into this knowledge, mass murder jesuits. This is why Allied never bombed any of the papal mass murder camps... Below original Arrest warrant to be supplied into the Hollerith system Häftlings-Personal- Karte ... (DEH0MAG was I B M Deutchland AG cover). Stamp h0llerith erfasst = fed into the system.
  56. 56. German National Socialists, jesuit followers of Ig-nazi-us Loyola, had all folks catalogued by their Aryan secretaries in 1930's. The system was tailored to this mass murder by I B M , papal Knight, U.S. CEO Watson. Total blank page how this very same US-system was used by jesuit Stalin to kill his over 147million gulags.
  57. 57. Operation worked with all blessings via Motherchurch symbols. The jesuit Edwin Black, tells us all of the system - except about his boss. Zentral Institut lady punch-killers. Hollerith main office, Central Institute Friedrichstrasse 129 - like papal gown. Heart warming ecumenia? Zentral Institut, Block F 129 Frierdichstrasse: 1944 camp/ IBM punch card facility
  58. 58. D E H 0 M A G = Deutsche H0llerith Maschinen Gesellsghaft m.b.H, Berlin. Adjustable manual puncher used by the secretaries. The first massive mass memory, to be fed into these sorting automatons: 64.000 persons per hour could be selected from any town to be picked at night - for the papal night mass - just with one machine. 20 trains full of the to be papal mass slaughtered. I B M got rich by selling the hundreds of millions cards sold globally to Adolph, Mao - unameit!
  59. 59. The Bible, biggest threat to Motherchurh osiris-cult! "Rassenanteile" race-positions 50-62: 50Political - 51Bible-preacher - 52Fag - 53Army - 54Priest - 55Spanish commie - 56Foreign - 57Jew - 58Unsocial - 59BV - 60SV - 6Gypsy - 62Warprisoner. The destination of the death camp, personal body description, arrest details, death reason (06 gas chamber, 07 escapee) etctec In he middle, Inquisition office founder, love filled Ignazius. Pope: "Oh boy, whata gold vault!" "I see our beloved saint Ignazius Loyola in my Himmler!" says Adolph R A S S E N A M T - S S = SS raceoffice Vatican Civilta Cattolica wrote v. 1890 [jesuit publication]: "Jewry is the abhorring race, it has to be incarcerated" ... See 'Hitler's Pope' by John Cornwell, 2000 Giovanni Botero invented the overpopulation saga in Rome 1500th century.
  60. 60. see - - Jesuit Edwin B l a c k , video: One Mainframe To Rule Them All (1of5) - r a s s e n a m t - office for race Today, papal blessings to his holy gold teeth collecting company: This machine hides behind global banking, all government control machinery = papal embezzlement business... The soon mandatory chip implant, already carried by millions slaves. "And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name". Rev.14
  61. 61. You are being monitored: one of the 7billion targets of the unholy data collection. Storage problems? Not anymore. Papal BBC and jesuit Attenborough ...says that "the human race is a plague and has to be culled." Daily Telegraph 1/2013. Oh well lest see, he is Knighted 5x. Hmm. David Attenborough: more knightly medals than Francis Sacheverel Darwin! - Order of Britannica -1974 - Order of Knight Bachelor -1985 - Order of Victoria Commander - 1991 - Order of Honor - 1996 - Ordine al Merito del Regno Unito 2005
  62. 62. Oh lalalaaaaa, the feminists in service of satan:
  63. 63. BASILLICA TOUR: Pope the Innocent VIII statue's finger points at this osiris guarded grotto: here is the holy spear already mentioned. Roma has an insatiable satanic greed to express its might with all its relics, 'triumphs'. See www saintpetersbasilica org
  64. 64. The throne of your god Now we enter the sickening 'throne', look up: osiris, double maltese cr0sses etcetc - All relics with bloody mass murder torture past... Here, below its power signs, sits the worlds richest and biggest shareholder, your emperor. Here, around him may sit 20.000 osiris worshippers.
  65. 65. The dove of piece - made of molten gold teeth pieces?
  66. 66. Baldacchino, top view
  67. 67. Longorius, the satanic saint would pierce the Jesus heart again. If only he could.
  68. 68. All kings of the earth come here to bow; now its Jeb Bush's turn.... Top view: red skirt cardinals swear obedience to the Mother Church. At right you can see again the Roman Soldier, Hero Saint... Why theses mass murderer jesuits hate the Bible? Because the hate is mutual; Read rev.2.: Jesu itaine = Above Jesus
  69. 69. Coronation of Her god. Three Pillars in the view ... The 20.000 guests are overwhelmed of this glorioso sight: However, this viewpoint if forbidden - but from the elect. Why? (Check the pillars, the overflowing "filthiness of Her fornications") Choreography was stolen from his grave?
  70. 70. Coronation of Her Servants New Cardinals throw emselves on the floor, in front of the almighty. Then they receive their 'magical' rings... the whole jesuit realm shall now fear them.
  71. 71. EU pope irked: euro-bean Independency Independency - obstacle of inquisition - has to be banished ! Here all European leaders - Maltese slaves - signed the EU treason-treaty. Under this Innocent X papal statue blessing, all Constitutions of all EU-countries were betrayed. Most of the population doesn't yet know it happened here 2008, all 27 nations were betrayed via treason, unauthorized, without credentials. Finnish Interior Minister, Pope's own masonist Bildeberger, said about the Finnish Constitution: "This Irksome Custom had to be abolished" Finnish Minister Jyrki Katainen by IS 13.02.2010 14:00 Not even Stalin, the high jesuit, using his pal Roosevelt's US guns, could not achieve this ! Innocent X, Expelled Traitor: This statue is not inside the Basilica... And why not? Possibly because papa Innocent innocently embezzled all Vatican . It is located 1½ miles away, in Rome Campidoglio, Palazzo dei Conservatori / Hall of the Horatii and Curiatii, other side of the Tiber river. Go there for a virtual trip, copypaste: www tourvirtuale Specific Hall to undersign the EU-sized-treason:  Roman Remulus stands as a guide in the same hall  Relief above is full of roman-osiris orgy-occult  On top, this traitor blesses his own traitors - the prime minister waiting for guillotine The signing traitors face Urbanus VIII EU-vision: Sebina women being raped by the bloody mass acre army of Rome. Traitors did this without consent, guillotine-day is nearing...
  72. 72. Here under this Pope Innocent X - statue, all Knightly Masonic Prime Ministers betrayed their homeland Constitutions. This betrayal last signature step was supersecret papal EUoperation. The Finn nation has not been yet been (2031) officially informed who where and how - or even if at all - this took place. Actually the traitor was Tarja Halonen, lesbian, DDR -educated knightess ... positioned as prez by so called papal theatre aka "voting" behind the fully censored papal media. Nihil Obstat: No objections, eg. pre-checked by main censorship office. Imprimatur: Mature for Print, approved -stamp by highest Cardinal. In US this is NY Cardinal. GLOBAAL WORSHIP: Every news source, every article & video goes through this holy stamp -procedure before it is allowed to be published. Globally. Below u can see the map how well it works. In that map, white is the most pure of the papal colors...
  73. 73. 'Freedom' = Papal Nihil Obstat Imprimatur Bible!? Nihil Obstat Imprimatur Isn't it funny that even American Standard Version bible has this approval stamp of Maximus Pontifex ... fulfilling every Constantinus Nikea Sainthood Requirement from Vatican.
  74. 74. Steps down to the Grotto start conveniently in front of the papal Throne: Here below u can see the god 'praying' in front of all the occult signs and icons.
  75. 75. How many osiris signs, witch inverted crosses etc are there? Time to time the pope goes on his scientific walks to pray, kiss all the millions bones, bodies and embalmed lips. What exactly he is prayin here?
  76. 76. Stop. Uncorrupt (?) one quick prayer here is a must. CHRISTI IN REGNO CHRISTI - so here it is! The stinkin corpse reigning Rome...
  77. 77. Mao Tse Tung - jesuit mass murderer - Vatican observant ... Embalmed like in its roots, Osiris Egypt. The Honored jesuit - high satanic priest of depopulation: go and see his embalmed body in the jesuit kingdom of CCCP altar - today. Killer of at least 147.000.000 russians ... 'Lenin'.
  78. 78. The blood sacrifice: all popes blood is cat-holy, popes are bled dry, blood is delivered to be used in the satanic services Only pope can suck his beloved popes blood, cardinals 'cannot enter, just sprinkle the dirty water on the blood vats.
  79. 79. Prayers as satanic tools: Malta cross Cardinal with his blood sucker Father: "kids should be taught the prayer of "Our Father, Blessed is... be used like the catholy satanic Taize hymns. All churches in papal EU are ecumenical = under control of pope.
  80. 80. The "Co-Opting of Christianity by Rome:" "The reason Pagan Rome 'Christianized' itself, was because there was one foe which they simply could never conquer. And this was the masses of people in its own Empire who were hearing about Christ and believing THAT story, rather than the false resurrection which Rome held to. And not consequently, the Roman Empire derived its very power from this false mystery religion and false resurrection of Nimrod or Osiris. As the Roman Caesar was the 'head' of these mystery religions, and as such could and did dictate the doctrine and dogma of its believers. e.g. Control of their lives in every way, shape or form. And because the Roman Caesar was 'lord' of this religion, he held the title of Pontifex Maximus, which means 'chief bridge-builder to the netherworld.' And as such demanded he be worshipped as god! Any who would not bow before Caesar and call him 'lord', would be imprisoned, tortured or put to death. They would be known as 'heretics' and as enemies of the Empire, and called subversive elements. But they could not stop the spreading of this 'other resurrection' which was spreading like wild fire throughout the Empire, called 'Christianity' or 'the Way.' And for about 360 years tried to stomp it out by persecuting the Christians and putting them to death en mass by way of inquisition. Yet with each and every new wave of inquisitions, Christianity would then double, triple and quadruple. They would kill 300,000 Christians in a single swoop, and not just Christians, but any who dared not follow the false gods. And when they killed 300,000 people, 600,000 or 900,000 would then pop up in their place. They found themselves in a no win situation. As a matter of fact they found themselves in a losing battle where one day they would lose their Empire, and that the Christians would one day win, and rule this empire if for nothing else than their sheer numbers. The Roman Inquisitions all through the Empire was akin to throwing gas on an already hot and burning fire. ... Rome at the Center of America's Demise: Thus to say these things cannot be or should not be talked about in "911" is ridiculous. Because America has been subverted by Rome's Empire. Now called the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican or the Holy Roman See! They are extremely relevant. But Zeitgeist muddied the waters. And personally think it was done so intentionally, because the one thing Rome fears the most is the truth, as well as the truth that the masses will become aware of all this information which I now share with you. Rome will once again persecute Christians and Jews openly, as well as anyone else who will not bow before 'The Pope' and call him lord! And they will do this to anyone who will not bow before Caesar, (the Pope) not just Christians and Jews! I have taught these things with all diligence and humility & patience since seeing it myself. I knew when I discovered the truth of this, that many would simply reject it as out of hand, even though it IS THE TRUTH! Which is why I have gone over and over and over this material again, and yet, to the best of my ability, done in such a way as to not turn people off, inasmuch as possible. I do not preach. I exhort. I do not bible bash. I try to persuade people through sharing of knowledge. I have done everything within my powers to not stain this message by my own shortcomings, failures, or Christian world view. Because it doesn't matter what we believe. What matters is what they believe! And this is what they believe. Because I know it takes time for people to see these things, as did I. Because it does sound ridiculous at first glance and second glance. And I know this. Even as a Christian myself, with a substantial knowledge of the bible and the scriptures, I laughed in the face of the person who first opened my eyes to these truths. But I looked into them myself to see if these things be so. And guess what? I did indeed find these things to be so, and with every step of research now confirm all of these things with astounding clarity! Make no mistake about it, Rome is the mortal enemy of America. And the sooner people realize this in growing numbers, the better the chance
  81. 81. we have of defeating them. To ignore this information, and to rely "only on the message of 911" will leave us impotent and only hasten our destruction and demise. Of this you can be certain." excerpts from letsrollforums com/hierarchy-roman-empire-catholic-t10439.html Mother Church - Scandinavian Abominations through the Ages Local News, Finland, IS 15.03.2012 15:49: "Part of the skeletons preserved in the Main Cathedral in Turku, are about 2000 years old. Mainly they are (100pcs) from 1400-1500 centuries. "We have been timing the ages of these bones, their origins will be scientifically dated via carbon isotopes" tells Archeology professor Jussi–Pekka Taavitsainen from University of Turku." This means that the Reformation never actually arrived into Finland, the so called Lutheran church has always been living with the Catholic Egyptian occultism. The leaders have always been papal masonists, praying the bones, drinking wine from the skulls (at the 33th rite). The insignia from Turku is saying Today: "We are all loyal servants of the Pope, obedient to Rome as always"
  82. 82. The Papal Servant, Kníght of M a l t a errr... 1719-1802 Bishop of Turku, the ancient capital of Finland. Go visit the original site, see all its papal occult paraphernalia Today www turunseurakunnat fi/portal/en (add dots)
  83. 83. Current status of the Finn Lutheran church - has been the same last 1000 yrs: Roman vassal filled by occult practicing Dagon-Constantine worshippers.
  84. 84. Reformation that never was The god-Pope of the Occupier Rome, Constantine visioned a sleazy stratagem. It had specialized centuries in blood-masses, slaughters of Bible believers (NOT 'Roman Christians). But that only multiplied the forces against the Roman Occult. So he devised a trick so big that it was invisible. And almost invincible. The best ever. At 325A.D. he called in a huge congregation of all scribes in his empire. He flattered the scribes to come to Turk, Nikea occupied by his troops. Most unawares (318?) came with their servants, possibly 2000 persons... He pampered the aristocratic elite of the scribes for months. They had free lodging in a brilliant setting in Nikea, (psst. a military fortress guarded by his bloodthirsty regime.) They did never even knew that they were actually taken prisoners ... So well he took care of his 'guests'. He wanted a 'free debate' like satan always wants. He wanted that everyone would bring their libraries with then, to boost the high status of this first ecumenical meeting. After months of fun, the humble (self declared sun-god) suddenly appeared in Caesarian pomp, and dictated all to have vote on the agenda they all had been forming. Psst. Constantinus own agenda, common 'democratic' hoax. Every scribe was free to attend, had all freedom to vote. One minor limit: those who did not vote, or didn't vote for the Agenda, would be exiled to Illyrikon, an solitary island reserved for criminals. Those voting 'yes', would receive gold, honor and status plus hefty pension. What do you think they chose? The story goes that only three (heretics) were against. The historical document says otherwise: Constantinus, a pea-sized brain, loser in this congregation. Only one third were with him - military not counted. Well, of course Roman love = violence von. His Agenda was the Roman pyr∆mid trinity dogma, papal baptism etc, the one that later became part of the jesuital oath. This was the dogma nowadays contained in Constatinian New Testament. Via this dogma Pope-the-god realm started a real renaissance, carrying the treason almost 2000 years, thriving still today. Those against the dogma, those who said according their scriptures that all has to happen in Jesus name, were exiled as heretics, their scriptures collected on the market square. They were forced to burn out their own books, next military ship into Illyrikon. The real example of the Roman Justice system in action, something quite different we are being brainwashed in... The 'winners' won their loot, status & roman pensions. Sadly used by now. Any ancient scripture is still a threat to this treason. Even Arabic scriptures can possibly reveal it, thus are under constant hunt for scriptures. Getting em buried works fine ... See the papal magazine, www thestar com/news/world/2013/02/04/meet_the_unlikely_group_that _saved_timbuktus_priceless_manuscripts.html Arianus was one of the 'heretics', he did not accept Constantinian trinity, the horrible pyr∆mid-hoax, neither his invention of baptism in the name of father and 'pyr∆mid.' He claimed baptism has to be only in the name of Jesus, the only son of God. (Anybody can see that Son is always subordinate. Jesus, being above the Holy spirit, sent him when he ascended to heaven.) Athanasius tells how 336A.D. Arianus was called into rehabilitative ecumenical meeting with the saint Constantinus His satanic lure: "We want to be friends, don't we? Why you hate? We can have mass together and become friends.. Just forgive..." Arianus wanted to be friendly, who would not? Next morning they would both go and have common mass together. Except Arianus was found dead, all his innards busted... Here is a true Cup of Constantinian Ecumenia, you are also asked to drink....
  85. 85. 318 Patriarchs - 'guests' of the holy Saint Constantinus Note: Colors added by me.
  86. 86. The Vatican approved image [ imp ] insists that there were 318 scribes = CCCXVIII. Constantinus and his pyramid agenda possesses the congregation - not the writings that the scribes want to point out. This time he has not the Dagon mitre on his head, but emperors crown with the witch Tammus cross. He is the only one shown to be illuminated, osiris-king. The crown contains tri-dots, two crescents in the shine. The ever-present pyramid symbolism is hidden into his murderous army sea and Dagon-priests. The tri-pyramid dogma is repeated - dogma not found in scriptures. This fact is shown by Arianus at right who points to his ancient scriptures. On both sides of the Caesar, armored soldiers carry shields (colored for better id) and spears. This is the Constantinian powerbase used to dictate the new Roman empire ecumenia: violence, mass murder, pogrom, burning of facts. Caesars hand is seen to reject all facts from scripture to get his own worship-cult the empire new religion. He is a marketing genius getting satanic advice from his beloved Anthony monk - he gives his religion a hideous name: Christianity. Here we get a real view what the Roman justice is at best: violence from the powerful. Just the opposite what we were taught into our Constantinian prog ramming sessions at school called His-Story -lessons... The Dagon priests are happy to reap all fruits left on the Constantinian Theatre playing field, high positions, congregations, taxes, honor ... and of course, all the gold. The walking dead are given the last humiliation: burn yourself all your scriptures! Next these state no.1. enemies, shamed scripture believing heretics, are shipped to Illyrikon (or just dropped dead). Most of the scribes clearly opposing the Agenda, are seen at right and bottom, possibly 2/3 of all folks. The mutiny has really been shaking Constantinus base. Alas, the typically naive scribes were lost when they accepted the Constantinian invitation for 'talks': we may learn smtg here - never negotiate with the devil. Do not partake in ecumenical arguments on any issue: it is the Roman Trap! The scribes were prisoners on the Roman luxury ship that they were carried on, into the Nikean fortress. Then Constantinus will slaughter the heretic prisoner-scribes, in his own timetable after ensuring no risk of mutiny. And who would risk his own status in the empire by raising a voice for heretics? The holyhappy '∆men∆men∆men' -liturgy can still be heard echoing in the ancient monasteries occupied 325A.D. by this Dagon-deception. Why was this hoax permitted to happen? First - the Word - it is still the highest Authority over all: Our Lord allowed this to happen... just to test you and me - - do you have the Love towards the Truth - or EUpension? The Nikean meeting was typical Vatican process 'of Democracy': a tool sweetened by its illuminati lodge over 100 yrs ago. Plan: When you have the Agenda ready, call all necessary powerbrokers into a 'consensus peace meeting'. Let them discuss in pre-divided groups, each having your handpicked, educated speaker-controller. In the end, call the group and publish the CO2- consensus manifesto ... which is the Agenda. This is how 1% can control the 99% programmed unawares. These RAND-rolled scribes just keep wondering how on earth this happened ... today like 325A.D! The group of Arianus-led scribes was clearly denounced as heresy: HERETICI ARRIANI DANIHAN. Any study from non validated Vatican source is a clear Threat for this cult. This is why Roman Catholy Adolph & ilk mass - murdered these folks first...
  87. 87. Nobody should be surprised why the Roman empire loved the Swastika: here you can see one Palace-floor that our osirisgod Constantine walked on. Baptism - in the name of who? The forgery by Vatican, Constantinus Matthew version says: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost"... Matt.28 This invention is the only lifeline of this snake: Pope's existence depends on it! The Pyramid is built on this foundation. This is why it is also included in the satanist oath of the jesuits. Britannica Encyclopedia mentions how these words were modified by the Catholic Church. Even Catholic Encyclopedia admits that the change was made before Nikea. Oath: See 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record; House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216. The Jesuit Oath ends like this: "Go ye therefore, and take all lands in the name of the Pope. Thos who will not accept Pope and his empire as substitute of Jesus, have to be cursed and destroyed" (translation is not exact). Here the name of Jesuits is revealed: itane=above, Jesu=Jesus. See also interview of one 'Arianus brother', a true believer Carey Clark. Alas, also discern the hand-signs of the 'Christian' jesuits when they interview, find all Constantinus emblems on the walls: youtube com/watch?v=oBkSkIBgAsc 'Esekias' wrote that 1500th century Catholics changed Matt: 28:19, 1Joh5:7, 1Tim3:16 etc
  88. 88. 1Joh5:7 - "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost ... Original: Spirit Water and Blood. Well, here sits the pope and his Halloween Ghosts! - cont... "and these three are one." Original: three agree in one. 1Tim3:16 "And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God [HE=Christ, not pope] was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, ..."
  89. 89. Constantinus - the dagon priest murderer of his wife & relatives, loved daily mass. Anybody caught having old state secrets = scriptures, would become involuntary partakers...
  90. 90. Nikean Sequel, the Danger of using the name of Jesus Christ: This papal program includes 'Official Walkie-talkies' repeating the danger of using name of Jesus Christ: "Arianus followers can be seen lurking in every corner still today. This arianism springs up wherever a Christian bumps in this question of relations between Father and Son. What follows, is a natural man logical thinking - heresy. This always spreads like a wildfire..." This is why the Bible, reading and thinking is so dangerous for the Vatican: it may wipe years of cult-i- vati-on in one night! LOL. Here Christians bumped again, and the wildfire starts spreading! Even Finn Christians stop following the Rome's beloved Christian Mason-Knight Breivik, turns his/her back to the osiris cults and pyramids from Rome. Instead, freed from the satans grip, he can follow like Paul The Tarsite, the non-Christian: "But this I confess unto thee, that after the way which they call heresy, so worship I the God of my fathers, believing all things which are written in the law and in the prophets..." Acts 24 Sectarian dissent or Holy Original Constantine Christianism? Peace, Unity, Oikomenia, Taize- hyms and Ig-nazi-us hideaways according pyramid directives? Or heretic belief - only in Jeshua Maschia? Oikomenia = Ecumenia original meaning was the 'reach of Roman empire'. It is now your turn to select, check out the facts and make up your mind. You will accept one - denial drops you into pyramids troops. Constantine calls his opposer's heretics. Today's papal mass media: "Hate-speech criminals opposing The Official Truth". Fringe phenomena while itself being the loser 1/3 vs. 2/3. Nikea was military fortress, huge jailhouse. (aka Nikaia, Νίκαια, lat. Nicoea), today İznik. Located Turkish Bitynia, East side of sea of Marmara. World occupier Rome has had two ecclesiastic ecumenical meetings there 325A.D and 787A.D. It is positioned in a lakebed valley, lakeside walled with high cliffs, others with hills and 3mile 10m high fortifications. Access is through three gates on each side. Roman Soldier, 400A.D.
  91. 91. Nikean Agenda: - How many scriptures were there in the scribes wannabe validating process? Some sources say 270, another estimate is 4000pcs. - Nikean meeting manifesto declares the Sun-day would be the sabbath of the empire. All government functions would be closed. - The Osiris illuminated cross was taken as Christian emblem. Catholics raised the carcass on it. The term Christian means obedience to Rome, thus Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer and servant Knight of the Mother-Church mason really can be a true Christian - as he claims in his manifesto. - Eastern Star, baphomet worship - Vatican masonry, the great pagan G = gad-god - Pyramid/Triangle management: centrally controlled pope-cardinal-bishop-priest church doctrine. PopeCeasar Constantine - Sun worship became official state religion - “Sol Invictus”, osiris-sun implementation in every Ecumenical state flags, symbols, coins... - Constantinus was titled the sun-god caesar. - Constantinian EU directive no 321 stated that Jesus birthday, Christ-Mass, would be December 25th, Natalis Invictus, sun rebirth day - instead of January 6th. The first directive was year zero - the evil evangelium: All Roman bloody army occupied realms would be paying taxes perpetually - for ever - into Vatican gold teeth coffers. This first EU directive was given by the bloody mass murderer Augustinus: this has been true last 2000years, now there are 120.000 EUdirectives the papal EUslaves must obey... For 2000 years all gold has been incessantly carried into Roman vaults. Without ceasing... See Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, pp. 360-369. Constantinian Cross 312 - extreme venous number for the Vaticans led masonic satanists
  92. 92. The satans saints in 325AD selfie:
  93. 93. NIKEAN TRINITY - Egyptian Invention Nikean 'trinity': Papal Piece Pigeon attack Trio combines with Tammus, Islamic moon crest worship... compare this to the Uspenski Cathedral photo in the beginning. Here its highest symbol- soup and implications are opened a little bit. islam was invented three hundred years after this Nikean hoax - and is based on its structural hoaxes. The incest brotherhood have a desperate need to hideously boast of their conquest to their slaves - doomed by their satanic depop program. (Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland)
  94. 94. 200 miles east from Uspenski Cat-hedral Stand at Helsinki market square, under His Holiness bloody mass-murder sign, the double headed eagle, then turn directly to east. Eastern star you know - all in jesuit builr Helsinki is reeking of masonic symbols. Travel about 200miles and you'll arrinve into something Saintly: St. Peters burg: The main game arena on papal mass-acres in the east, last 100 years jesuit mass murder arena of at least 147.000.000 non conforming russians. Even the Tsar Nikolai visiting his conquered subjects in Porvoo osiris-Lutheran occult CHRISTIAN chucrh - brough his papal obedience signs, double headed eagles with him. Surprise: there is also a Cat-hedral reeking with Roman occult empire emblems. Then there are some secrets even osiris GOOGle is ashamed to show us. Gulf of Finland; Helsinki - St. Petersburg Pietari - St Peters-burg.
  95. 95. The Finnish semi-god, jesuit Mannerheim. Field Marshal and Savior ... or masonic traitor. You decide... Carrier of various swastikas, member of masonic lodges etcetc. Is here seen in this Finn army photo delivering, signing the all powerful Constantinus lodge members some cross medals. This rite is essential for papal global hegemony: there is not one nation which head doesn't belong to one of Fathers lodges. These folks get their status not by reason seen by commoners, but the Constantinian Order. Thus a 'truck driver can be the boss' of a business: secret night sessions. C.G.Mannerheim in the 40's. Isn't it funny. Our jesuit Carl Gustav was former Russian general, hero from the Vatican double- head ctrl lands. Likewise 'his mate', Kim Il Jong, fmr Russian general, jesuit who couped North Korea and formed the current mass murder slavery papal realm. Read Astonishing N.Korea illuminati facts:
  96. 96. The piecefull happy-looking Constantinus, the CHRISTIAN semigod, Constantinus "peace will come - after all infidels are wahcked into pieces!" Osiris-god, his holy Family massacer, Father of the current New Testament version: Constantinus with the Double-Headed malformed schistso -beast.
  97. 97. At 312AD, in the midst of massacring infidels = non obedient to papal taxes, Constntinus sees a vision. This was the start of Christian success ... and this papal sign. Today, SUN-day, this bloody massmurder crucifixion ball is calling all his obedient to worship him, the Caesar-Pope. Do become into his service to be brainwashed, take a nirvana under his Taize occult hyms, start meditating with his jesuit the ig-nazi- us Loyola skulls ... a refreshing place after the long week in the loyola University (like 225.000 US students today). Hear the Malta-cross Bishop caallin, light the candle, become enlightened! The Trinity of Roman gods - slyly embedded into New testament: Jupiter, Mars, Quirinus Jupiter: The early Roman mythology contained the trinity. All the Roman pagans worshipped Jupiter as the god of heaven. His name was also Pater: Constanitnus the Pope was happy to add "Our Father" -prayer into his Nikean concocted bible. Mars the god of war = robbery = gold... His double was Quirinius (Sabine -tribe used this). Mars, bloody mass shines on atrocities. The main issue is mass-acre, who wins, he doesn care: ordo-ab-chaos, Vatican motto. Capitoline Triad and Vestan temple were important. Capitolino temple - an offering to the trinity: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva - was an important phase in the constantly developing Roman cults Diana, moon god. etc etc
  98. 98. In the center of CCCP Saint Peter's Burg (castle), there sits a temple to Mars-god... A huge park sanctified to Mars. As a must, the exact center must contain the papal Malta Cross. Massive Malta -formed colossus. And no masonic sanctuary would be nothing without the flame: an eternal jesuital flame is kept burning, waiting for the next papal world war-robbery series... Across this altar, facing this eternal flame, there is a small chapel for Mars. If you go there, you must cross the TRINITY-bridge. ... Check out if goog lemaps lets you do it. You will also find the peculiar feature; just when your are about to see the flame and jesuital papal altar, boing - cursor jumps kilometers off from target. Jesuit Windows with osiris google - that does it. What is this CCCP jesuital Trinity bridge. Lets see... At backround the moon and onion shaped Phyrgian cat hedrals. Both ends of the trinity bridge sit warriors: Double headed eagles on constntinian balls, fasces, osiris, swords ... ALL papal tinketry, not one missing. Phyrgia? Youll be surprised! see
  99. 99. Osiris, fasces, papal balls ... all of it.
  100. 100. The bloody Rome - and its mass acre god of Mars ... the trinity bridge. Spears ready waiting for next 'mass'...
  101. 101. 'Vatican park', in the center is the Fathers Templar Knights colossus with the eternal flame of hate crying for more mass murder. The Mars chapel is seen center, rear. Vatican Mars-god and its evil pjotr - crying for more CCC P-sacrifice. Trinity Temple.
  102. 102. Faranciscus1 was one with South american cat holy order - and murderer, torturer Videla. He was one of the torturers... Hells Angels, Mafia, whatever- under the Order... "Hahaahaa, pope has fun remembering his youth..
  103. 103. Ukreine: Same gang - jesuit Yanukovich, €10mrd/yr embezzler - built his castles as an offring to the Fatehr... Seek out Ukraine Holodomor - papal jesuital offering. Tatjana didnt like this embezzlement - started to dig, take pictures. She was the reason why the jesuit game collapsed: here, beaten to almosta death...
  104. 104. The Finnish Bishops - Maltese knights of pope - LIKE ALL BISHOPS EVERYWHERE. Henrik the Bi-shop - the local papal folklore hero. Actually a fag raping kids - like all in the roman empire.
  105. 105. "And he said, show me the EURO Ecumenical bill. And they brought unto him 20€ bill. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." Ecumenia = Roman Control. EU treason was forced on all European nations, papal Dagon hat was to be used as a sign of this embezzlement. Each national Constitution was washed down the Vati Can Toilet. Popes hat = cutoff from 20€ bill.
  106. 106. All these Egyptian paganism = crosses with Tammus, are all over the Vatican occult. Notre Dame - Roman Catholy Cathedral and Tau-Tammus worshippers.
  107. 107. Masonic lodges, Knights by the millions. All serving the islamic=papal crescent. Waiting for the Eastern Star to be turned upside down = baphomet. Hidden islamic (blue) sword waiting to be activated ... and in the end, all these cults come at Mary's love-god feet. Saint Antonius, father of all monks : Is the holy one helping Constantinus to destroy Arianus heretics = bible believers...
  108. 108. The Word of God ? When I started to research this issue, I had no idea where it would end. I have survived decades solely putting my trust into the Word of God and found that it will never fail. The message from God can be trusted - and there is no salvation, baptism, deed - nothing but ONLY through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. He is the Way - there is no other. No system of doctrines - simply Jesus. A church liturgy is a program. Surely program doesn't know it is a program, neither programmed will ever agree being programmed. I have been programmed from birth - like everyone. Going back and unlearning a program is truly painful: Truth Hurts! You got to let off lovely things, habits, liturgies, songs you have been taught. Then friends, relatives, loved ones. These issues reveal satan - busy deceiving nations. I can't see one priest who is not programmed by the pyramid. Not single one - at 100km radius - taking advice from Rome, directly or indirectly. The issues revealed run seamlessly parallel with the Bible, and especially Rev.17 of the beast. And the Matt24: "For there shall arise false Christ's, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." We have seen dead corpses as Christ as Vatican doctrine. Blood crying statues. Is more proof necessary? "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. Rev.19 Current Matthews version was co-written by the Constantini-god. Constantine is here displayed as the holy true messenger. It cries: "Read Matthews that is the 'only' truth". Meaning: Matthews has the sole (added) tale of Vatican trinity, don't ask questions... The papal holiness of Matthews comes visible in the end of next Evangelium, Markus. It has no reference to the Constantinian trinity -invention : "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned." Mark.16 The most important issue was to make Constantinus the highest Saint for the whole Vatican-taxed slave population. - This treason is still daily been fulfilled. Constantine writing: "HOC OA THEUS AGENS HOMINEO GENE TALITER IOPLET" .
  109. 109. Her Skull Grotto 'Science' in Germany See "Human Skull Is Highly Integrated: Study Sheds New Light On Evolutionary Changes" Note the lovely maltese crosses etched on theses beloved wine cups, Rosicrucian emblems heartily drawn to make em cozier... Millions and millions kept in the cathedral Grottos. Here in nice Motherly Church setting on red velvet: All papal masons have to go and see what happened to those who didn't co-operate... the real Ecumenia? Ecumenia = Roman Empire Ctrl Well, lets now return to our main Bacillic - a...
  110. 110. Now we have to get up from her stinky Grotto! Next we shall take a walk behind the throne, go at the golden sewer cover. If we are lucky enough ($$$$) the cover will be raised and we may lower a rag down there. It will become heavy (as hell?) they say. Whatever, now you have a priceless relic to boast on all masons around... See more at I guess here is a fresh reminder what happens if you read by yourself this dangerous opus: only pope has the 'right' to read the Bible. All heretics will get chained, and will be ripped into bits in holy (?) osiris ceremonies, at night, down down, below... The Bible Reveals this Motherly Love hoax, thus Revelations 17 is a strict nono to Catholy folks. Want to know how heretics are ripped? Come and feel, osiris high priest edu is always available. Here seen the previous heretic's smile.
  111. 111. Mother Church Service: Red-skirt Mary worshipper osiris cardinal's gathering. Remember Mary? The cat holy cult's center figure, loaned from Egypt occult. Goddess of the world. Her Icon was used in the flag of this cat holy EU. Why not, all high officials are ONLY catholic.
  112. 112. MOTHER CHURCH revealed in the Bible: "And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication (actual & spiritual), and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains [like Vati Can], on which the woman sitteth." Rev.17 Under this cover lies the peters grotto, holy bones of - whom? He cant jump up, escape, can he?. Let's peek at Her most high abomination...
  113. 113. Oh, osiris is here seen temptin' his fellow occultists behind the pillars...
  114. 114. The dark chair in the middle: Peters throne full with occult emblems, they say... Whatever it is, it is NOT our Peter from the Bible. Is it here that all the cardinals are taught the secrets of occult incest ?
  115. 115. Cathedra Petri Altar of the Chair of St. Peter by Bernini, 1666. Occult year, one 6 6 6 was this osiris altar erected they say. Does it matter? Here those stumped wingy fatty kids are having an orgy. Are they angels? If they are, I bet this is the first time u see bare angelic ass... My guess is that they depict true angels from hell. Naked Angelic Orgies, destiny for the all aboard peters Pill Grimace?
  116. 116. What is the Her Real Agenda? USA: Another Roman Catholic Priest flaunts the Law, Molests dozens of Children and walks without any prison time whatsoever!: "I am so sick and tired of hearing about how Roman Catholic priests molest children at will, and ruin so many lives and never have to pay for this. This is but another example. Sure there is an 18 million dollar settlement. But there is no reform nor justice in the Roman Catholic Church. They are still collectively molesting, what is probably millions of children worldwide. The Roman Catholic church could actually be shut down using the RICO laws in America. But this won’t ever happen because the U.S. government is owned and operated by Rome's legions. Notice how this pervert isn’t going to jail to spend the rest of his life rotting in jail, where he belongs. He is here grinning and smirking into the lone camera that was able to capture this criminal perverts image; Someday, God is going to wipe that stupid “what are you looking at” smirk right off his face. Until then one can only hope that someone else will step up and intervene and give him part of his reward before he dies." May 16, 2010 Holland: Dutch Roman Catholic Church 'castrated at least 10 boys'. At least 10 teenage boys or young men under the age of 21 were surgically castrated "to get rid of homosexuality" while in the care of the Dutch Roman Catholic Church in the 1950s. By Bruno Waterfield 5:31PM GMT 19 Mar 2012 Belgium: Earlier 2011, news from the fervent catholic EU prez Belgium: thousands of Catholic incest victims in the churches. Could it be because of these kinds of 'prayers' that the prez Rumpuy says he loves to go once a month for a day into a Belgian monastery... Spain 01/2012 "Relatives demonstrate to get the right to know where their (tens of thousand) babies were taken mid 1900's. Gvmt officials, Health care officials, Catholic ... u name it. Cont.
  117. 117. "Hi, my dear, come to popapa, take sm' sweets..."
  118. 118. This night time Skull Jubilee seems to be off campus... ?
  119. 119. After the "kick-off meeting", god receives the golden vial from his sorcerer. "...having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." Main papal business adverts fill the Basilica ceilings - angelic orgies (orgasm).
  120. 120. Hear Mother Church Calling Yall Heretics: "Return oh yall poor protestants into our all inclusive Love and Good Works Program at Mary's bosom. Home to yall heavy laden is here with me in Rome; all your fmr rights, your fathers riches already lie in my vaults. Do come and sit under my directives and become dirt poor and over- burdened. Ask your (my) dear pastor, he will kindly guide you on this holy pilgrimage. Lets meet and pray together at my embalmed coffin. Bye bye. My humble opinion is that 90% of all congregations are hideously lead from Rome. Is it 95% or 99%, dont really know... See these Linkys: Who created Islam www youtube com/watch?v=dZYnwKP6LsQ Vatican creating Islam, Eric Phelps letsrollforums com/movers-and-shakers-sovereign-t16438.html Islam - Catholic Ties, Illuminati Symbols: www youtube com/watch?v=rK-i81uacqU
  121. 121. IHS - isis, horus, seth - Egyptian occult god-set. Pope wants yall to know how organized his globe already is. This is the Holy See Pyramid, below u can see all the world's stupid masonic ants below this control...
  122. 122. Note that both illustrations depict the parts of papal Egyptian slave pyramids, what you are not shown, are the other hidden sides of either pyramid pics... When Jeshua Maschia is depicted as Jesus Knight of Malta, why wouldn't his ma-sons? This is the top organism overseeing the global masonic realm with 50 million+ slaves. Ref. 'Nikolaitane' Rev.2:6 One important 'test' -issue: jesuits hate the Lordship of Jesus - they will never admit that...
  123. 123. The flow of nations onto the beast trails is guided from the Wheelhouse via incessant education. With its directives, every individual was made an outcast, foreigner in his native land - without its licensing. You even can't keep your 30yr. job (truck driver) without taking part on the jesuitane Vietnamese re-education camps. No, not even if you could teach your teachers. Obedience is more important that skills mastered. Sitting is then 'rewarded' with a 'license' to do what you have always done... Governments sponsor education where a kid may sit 25years and then find out he is good for nothing. Also myriad 'charitable institutions' take there share - each and every one mysteriously hanging holy masonic emblems shown ... From undocumented trafficking 'Lions' to unameit. After you have been recommended in to this shining path of inner sanctuary and its prosperity, you start the climb. Each step you learn more 'secrets' of the true prosperity... You learn to obey orders from above, never questioning what, where is the Wheelhouse. You become one desecrated ant for your terror filled masters. Rome's existence is denied vehemently, whole prog ramming industries, Hollywood, Pallywood etc mediaworship cloaks it invisible. Every programmed answers obediently if u happen to ask: "Are you serious" and hurries off from your dangerous quest for Truth. See and In the 32nd step the illuminated is told that actually masonism is satan worship. Known Finnish scientist disengaged himself at his stage - his death suspiciously was delayed 8 years. Typically a renegade has 33 days before becoming 'Kennedy' - as stated in his/her oath. Some of the low level rite steps look like this: Oath swearing with loose noose around neck: RH, LFoot and chest bare for better remembering the dagger touch. One designer behind this and the Mohammed sword command: RH, LFoot of any infidel has to be cut first, then the neck... All these steps, graduating oaths underline learning of obedience. Loyalty is not optional. The [non]informative Finnmedia teaches also its illuminated: "this man drowned while on a fishing trip..." Getting into the mason-controlling jesuit organizations or any other higher Order requires Royal family ancestry line, minimum 4 generations. The whole system of system is hierarchical multifaceted multilayered Pyramid. (Hedra means multifaceted - Catholic Hedra, =Cathedral.). Only the top illuminated know its structures and 100% global control of Knights, Mafia, bike gangs, KKK or kingdoms like Pyongyang. This is possible via the unquestioned totalitarianism of mentioned organizations. One Question means death. Britain, just Masonic lodges, over 10.000. Lodge: Pillars, Pagan Star - The satanist cult sign 'Star of David' is a must for this bible trampling cult. The Masonic Oath: The poor mason, afraid 24/7 of the door knock: theyre coming to tighten my handle?
  124. 124. ..."A special meeting of cabinet officers and members of the committee of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem"... = Order of Malta = VaticanSMOM Intel Inside: Vatican snakes inside Congress.
  125. 125. Apostolic Blessing This recent 'Apostolic Blessing' is a nice summary of all the mentioned issues. It has to be authentic as its found on a Order of Constantine web page... On top you have the Archbishops insignia with all necessary signs incl. Then it repeats in whose name they are operating - of course in the name of Constantine Father! And new invention: Allholy Spirit!? Then there is the curious grotto rotten pope-carcass -statement: "Let it be known that our son in Christ ... Imperial & Charitable Order of Constantine the Great and (his mother) Saint Helen is hereby recognized and given our Apostolic Blessing." Two Doctors give this blessing. Thus they're above of the son in Christ. Remember, itaine=above , Rev.2. These folks hereby state that they are J e s u i t a n e. Both are OSJ Malta OCMA -Cross- carrying jesuits like all Archbishops. Like British Archbishop of Canterbury etcetc. Every bishop sits in the Pyr∆mid basket!
  126. 126. Ecumenia at its double best: Papal Masonic Grail to Global Hegemony. Convert - or - you'll be beheaded. After conversion - you'll be hea dead.
  127. 127. CCCP 'voting': Of course you can vote - one of the masons, jesuits with papal signs... The Jesuit Global G -Grip via SMOM.
  128. 128. Mason Education; locals have to learn to be obedient for their SMOM Father. Gimme the two fingers oath.
  129. 129. Catholy Fatima monastery invention 600AD: Balkan muslim Handzar SS-division commander Huseini oversaw 800.000 execution with papal emissaries Ante Pavelic et al. Fmr J'lem mufti, Saddam's uncle used to be 'EU religions minister' for a while. No borders on the papal globe.
  130. 130. Boehner, Congress speaker ad. See linky, Read More... The Russian 'Independency' talons - used to crush the papal globe Famous Hat-help From Jonköping Lodge, Sweden: Doric Lodge No.92, All seeing pyramid eye watchin Lenin, Fatherly Osiris and G etc check: www doric92 org
  131. 131. But of course the head jesuit uses his Fathers signs: memorial to the papal mass murder aka WW-II murde-red in stalins grad. Read more at Beria's Gardens: " no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive..." This guy got a lot wind in the papal MSM. How come..
  132. 132. High EU-Treason by Her Papal Operators Father's Church (psst. unbiblical system) High treason concerning whole EUrope, "Porvoo Agreement" ... the main whoring church leader bishops have sold their sheep to none other than Vat i can ! This fornication was done secretly - them devils are always afraid - already 1995. Like the treason of deletion of all EU countries constitutions in 2008, at vati canus. "The Agreement": 32.g. We believe that through baptism with water in the name of the Trinity God unites the one baptized with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, initiates into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and confers the gracious gift of new life in the Spirit. 58.a.i. We acknowledge one another's churches as churches belonging to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and truly participating in the apostolic mission of the whole people of God; Which Churches She Recently Betrayed? "We, the Church of Denmark, the Church of England, the Estonian Evangelical-Lutheran Church, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Iceland, the Church of Ireland, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Latvia, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Lithuania, the Church of Norway, the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of Sweden and the Church in Wales, on the basis of our common understanding of the nature and purpose of the Church, fundamental agreement in faith and our agreement on episcopacy in the service of the apostolicity of the Church, contained in Chapters II-IV of The Porvoo Common Statement, make the following acknowledgements and commitments:.... see: porvoochurches org/whatis/resources-0201-english.php
  133. 133. No wonder why these occultists scheme to get all tax money to Mother Church coffers, just one quick look at the Finn Dagon EUbi-shop and his osiris stick: The Finnish "Lutheran" bishop in his devilish I H S -setting with Maltese insignia.
  134. 134. Take Care what u worship! 'Join in for Sunday=Saturnus Worship' ... Malibu programmers reap what they sow: Worship The Father, Caesar, self proclaimed Sun-god Osiris, aka Pope Catholis -ism is saturnus worship? Read more at (English):
  135. 135. Official SUN Day Sun god: Don't you worship me? You heretic! Convert! Through sword, flame, noose! Swear my oath or die: Holy Fathers Agenda: 1. Jesuitjesus - NOT JESHUA MASCHIA. 2. Papal Pyramid in Control 3. Two finger satanic oath from baphomet. Used in jews forced conversion to catholy -ism in papal nazi Germany.
  136. 136. Jews! Be 'saved' ...from papal nazi death camps; needs the satanic two finger oath to 'Our Father' Conversion oath cards from Catholy Ig-nazi-us Germany jesuit archives. The Finn Army - ctrolled by papal masons like all Fatherlands armies - officers and privates - are united with the same Constantinian oath, then 40's, as today:
  137. 137. Papal masonic orchestra seems to be obsessed with creating gold teeth droppin chaos and the two finger oath ? Double headed eagle and hebrew... See more at (note. You have to copy the address into your browser. Slideshare doesnt support links. Or select and click from top right hand column)
  138. 138. Papal Newsletter: "Latest news from my Egyptian Spring. I just swapped the local master." Truly Yours, Popeye 'n Caesar of the Globe 19.03.2012 Count all the maltese crosses - THE papal sign that reigns. But wait! Here's the very last a pic from our most holy st Peters Cathedral, authentic painting how this swap is actually rolled: Take a wooden pope-plank, tie in the pope in, and start to roll.... Psst. Count em papal Maltese Crosses
  139. 139. The prince of this world has armies of servants. However, instead of concentrating in them and their deeds, Bible Believing Christian has to seek His Master and Seek His Kingdom while walking on this planet. And never to be afraid. Those depicted devil worshippers are always afraid that their deeds will be revealed, they're cowards. And they will flee - if we obey. James says thus " Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." InSnakein VATICANUS The occult fiestas we have been educated in 24/7 - GLOBAALL!
  140. 140. The Vaticanus Snake - defended, honored by Armed Forces of US ! Check out at right hand, select clic from list of contents - 'More': or type this address in your browser US Independency = Fraud - Revealed via The Papal Phyrgian Hat The Snake, Vatican occult Phyrgian god: "THIS WE'LL DEFEND!"
  141. 141. Katolinen joulujumala kanssamme ? The cat holy god with his osiris Temple.