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Bi introduction for cf os syntelli solutions


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Bi introduction for cf os syntelli solutions

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> Its time to leverage your data®Take Control of your Business withSyntelli Solutions
  2. 2. Syntelli Solutions • Company with over 150 years of collective core business systems implementation experience • Laser Focused on Business Intelligence, Reporting, Analytics and Performance Management using: • Spotfire (TIBBCO-Spotfire) • Tableau Software • Oracle Hyperion • Oracle Crystal Ball • Successful implementations for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies • Offering benefit of our deep BI expertise to clients in India • Will GUARANTEE our Solution Delivery • Pricing and Solution Options to fit YOUR budgetIts time to leverage your data®
  3. 3. Definitions: What is Business Intelligence • On-The-Fly, real-time, Analytics with Dashboards & Formatted Reporting • Management-By-Exception: Focus only on issues that require attention • Proactive Management: Manage issues before they blow out of proportion • Holistic Management: Get single & unified Dashboard view of Financials, Sales, Distribution and Production, Ratios, full P&L and more • Drill-down for detailed information for day-to-day decision-making • Do Root-Cause, Trend, Variance Analysis on operations and finance data • Extend the capability to Enterprise Performance Management: • Financial consolidation • Budgeting & Planning • What If Modeling • Predictive Analytics • Balanced/Performance Scorecards – enable Management By Objectives • Our tools of choice are TIBCO-Spotfire, Tableau Software, Oracle Crystal Ball and HyperionIts time to leverage your data®
  4. 4. Where can it help you: Business Intelligence Continuum Strategic Dynamic Will our cash balances take us through this crisis? Which sales campaign gave most benefit. What if we rolled out this product What increases customer loyalty the nationwide? most? What if my raw-material costs increase? What did this customer buy? What if demand falls short of forecast? Past Oriented Future Oriented What is the Q4 revenue forecast? Which market segment requires higher advertising budget? Which plant has highest direct and indirect costs? Which customers should we focus on for profits? Which customers gave most profits? What sales channels should we promote? Operational StaticIts time to leverage your data®
  5. 5. Sample Benefits Achieved By Companies Like Yours • Meister Auto Parts: Business management planning time has been cut from 60 days to 30 days • Indu Projects: …complete financial reports by the 8th of the month rather than 20th–25th as previously…(target is 5th of the month) • Hormel Foods: ‘…Provided more than 500 users with complete, real- time information on sales and trade promotion • Higher Education Press: Hyperion closed books across its 40 subsidiaries and gave Consolidated Financial Reports in hours instead of weeks • Hanjin Shipping: Moved from monthly to daily batch reporting, ensuring managers have access to up-to-date data to support decision making • Mentor Graphics: Replaced 1,200 budget spreadsheets with a single, Web-based solution, shortened planning cycles by 4 months while increasing detailIts time to leverage your data®
  6. 6. What CFOs are looking for“… the most important technology in Finance’s Top Area of Importance 2007 is Business Intelligence” Sources: CIO Insight, “The Future of I.T.: Whats on Top for 2007 and Beyond,” January 16, 2007; IBM Business Consulting Services, “The Global CFO Study 2005”Its time to leverage your data®
  7. 7. Current State: No Insight, No Confidence in Reports Data Sources Data Warehouses Disparate Systems Destination/End- Users Planning Transactio n Systems Financial Management ERP Data Warehouse Query and Reporting GOTS Legacy & Spreadsheets AnalyticsIts time to leverage your data®
  8. 8. Future State – Focus on Results, Decisions Data Sources Data Warehouses Oracle BI/EPM Destination/End-Users Operational Reporting Transactio n Systems Performance Budgeting Financial Dashboards Management Interactive ERP Data Warehouse Shared Business Rules Enterprise Query & Analytics Reporting Reporting Financial COTS Legacy & Spreadsheets Microsoft OfficeIts time to leverage your data®
  9. 9. Our Case Study: Pizza Company - Streamlining Reporting • Pizza Company’s Problem: • Disparate reporting systems • Stores reported on phone, data then entered into Excel • Time consuming - reports too late to act effectively • Data discrepancies – low confidence in reports • No detail behind the numbers • Too much time on process, which was basically flawed • What they wanted: • Improve information access • Easy to learn and use – needed high adoption rate • Automation of data collection • More KPIs, in real-time/daily NOT monthlyIts time to leverage your data®
  10. 10. Our Case Study: What They Got • Sales Indicators • Cost Indicators: • Orders & Sales (Actual, • Food Cost Comparable, Budget) • Labor Hours and Cost • Delivery vs Carryout • Delivery Mileage Cost • Ticket Average and Variances • Customer Satisfaction • Menu Mix Stats Indicators • Quantity & Percent sold by • Average Make Time Product • Menu Price • Out the Door Time • Deliveries Per Run • Detailed Audit Information • Secret Shopper ResultsIts time to leverage your data®
  11. 11. Our Case Study: Benefits • Business got efficient: Operational Performance Summary took LESS than an hour, instead of DAYS • Information got efficient: Previous Day reporting available before 9.00 am instead of late afternoon – so decisions taken and communicated before stores open next day • Decisions got efficient: More KPIs, at one place – Less time spent on questions and validations • Users got efficient: High user adoption, self service reporting saved hours for every store manager and for corporate • IT got efficient: new reports took minutes or hours, not months • Faster response to thefts/shrinkageIts time to leverage your data®
  12. 12. Our Case Study: The ROI • ‘Out The Door’ time reduced by 10% • Stores with this system outperformed other stores by 2 to 3% • Savings from Reduced Thefts • Due to visibility, employees less inclined to theft • Reduced ReceivablesIts time to leverage your data®
  13. 13. Your company is now ready for Benefits of BI Indian Corporate now have their transactional systems in place and are ready for BI and some EPM solutions Number of Years BI has been in use in North America & in Europe: North America, n=284 Europe, n=132 Mean: 6 years Mean: 5 years Years: 1 to 2 26% Years: 1 to 2 24% 3 to 4 28% 3 to 4 28% 5 to 6 17% 5 to 6 21% 7 to 8 14% 7 to 8 11% 9 or more 14% 9 or more 16% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Source: Gartner, Inc. % of Respondents % of RespondentsIts time to leverage your data®
  14. 14. Talk to Syntelli • Free needs assessment and product fit • Help in Business Case Development and ROI Justification • Free Proof of Concept • Solution Design and monitoring by experienced Consultants • Quick Implementation • Guaranteed work! YOU HAVE ONLY TO WIN! Talk to us for your Spotfire, Tableau and Hyperion needs Remember, Its Time To Leverage Your Data NOTE: Co-develop the business case and ROI, clearly defined Acceptance criteria and next step assurance for Proof Of Concept.Its time to leverage your data®
  15. 15. Thank You Contact Information: Rishi Bhatnagar John Charnes Girish Parakkal Marcela Madrigal 877-SYNTELLIIts time to leverage your data®
  16. 16. Appendix & Supporting SlidesIts time to leverage your data®
  17. 17. Case Study: 9/11 Crisis in the Airline Industry Southwest Airlines Adapts • 83 Million Passengers a Year • 63 Destinations • 3300 Flights a Day BEFORE / NEEDS AFTER • Determine how long cash balances of $1 • Ability to forecast within 2% of outcome, billion would last – immediately providing top-bottom and bottom-top • Develop capital spending plans and 15 analysis month rolling forecasts in 1 day • Analysis provided comfort level (no • Create business cockpits for executives employees laid off; no need for and other functional areas to track key government funding) metrics • Finance moved to spending 10% accumulating data and 90% analyzing (75% / 25% before)Its time to leverage your data® 17
  18. 18. Case Study: Publishing Co: Higher Education Press - HEP is in periodical publishing, electronic publishing, books etc. since 1954 in China. About $290M (App Rs.13,000 crores) - Hyperion closed books across its 40 subsidiaries and gave Consolidated Financial Repots in hours instead of weeks AFTER CONSOLIDATION SYSTEM BEFORE CONSOLIDATION SYSTEM FROM HYPERION Consolidation was slow with several third Automatic Consolidation of entities that comply party and to accounting standards and regulations 40 subsidiaries submitted data and reports in Integrated heterogeneous data sources, different formats using different policies checks transactions, foreign currency translations Equity relationships between entities not represented Work-Flow based approvals Slow & Static Reporting Real-Time data query and instantaneous reporting Disparate systems, not integrated Unified systems and databases offering high quality and accuracy of company wide financial dataIts time to leverage your data®