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Synovate NL 2008 On Line Qualitative Bulletin Boards


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Online kwalitatief onderzoek

Herkent u deze situaties? Uw doelgroep is geografisch heel wijdverspreid, heeft een lage penetratie, respondenten kunnen niet persoonlijk naar een onderzoekslocatie komen of u voelt al aan dat men bij online onderzoek waarschijnlijk opener zal zijn dan bij een face-to-face onderzoek. Voor dit soort situaties is Synovate @Life is een goed alternatief voor de conventionele kwalitatieve onderzoeksbenadering.

Synovate @Life technieken kunnen ook complementair zijn aan traditionele onderzoekstechnieken. Bijvoorbeeld voor het verkennen van hypotheses of nieuwe ideeën die zijn voortgekomen uit traditioneel kwalitatief onderzoek Of bij het verzamelen van feedback over een product dat op de markt gelanceerd is of een service die uw klant heeft uitgeprobeerd.

Synovate @Life biedt vele mogelijkheden, zoals:
@Life Online Bulletin Boards: (geleide vraag-en-antwoordsessie van meerdere dagen.
@Life Online Focus Groups: "real-time live chat" met een groep respondenten.
@Life Online In-Depth Interviews: "real-time" vertouwelijk on-line gesprek.
Synovate @Life-technieken hebben als voordeel dat de transcripts direct gegenereerd worden, dat u kunt kiezen uit verschillende rapportage formats en dat er geen reistijd en -kosten zijn.

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Synovate NL 2008 On Line Qualitative Bulletin Boards

  1. 1. @Life On line Bulletin Boards © 2008. Synovate Ltd. All rights reserved. The concepts and ideas submitted to you herein are the intellectual property of Synovate Ltd. They are strictly of confidential nature and are submitted to you under the understanding that they are to be considered by you in the strictest of confidence and that no use shall be made of the said concepts and ideas, including communication to any third party without Synovate’s express prior consent and/or payment of related professional services fees in full.
  2. 2. Introduction: Online and qualitative research
  3. 3. Online and qualitative research Qualitative research should also be online • The world and the human being is online, the www has become a tool: - For information sharing - For communication - For self expression: - … Qualitative research should be also online © Synovate 2008 2
  4. 4. Online and qualitative research Online qualitative research QUALITATIVE RESEARCH = To gather and analyse data via ‘open’ methods in order ONLINE = to reveal patterns and a tool to do qualitative research motivations which determine the behaviour and thinking of human beings/consumers. The addition of online is mainly about the way in which the research is done: not with the traditional face-to-face research, but by the use of internet. © Synovate 2008 3
  5. 5. Online and qualitative research Online qualitative research • There are different ways to do this: 1. The internet as a source of information: - Millions of people produce information and express their opinions on websites, forums, blogs - It gives a broader view on the world, the internet is a huge database with information on all subject that have some importance in peoples lives. 2. Data collection in a closed research environment Synovate @Life Digital Qualitative © Synovate 2008 4
  6. 6. @ Life: the Synovate offerings
  7. 7. @Life: the Synovate offerings Bringing Life to Life LifeWorlds @ Life Full range of ethnographic approaches On line approach Cultural context to POS Bulletin Boards Digital diaries Interactive Panels Get Life Identify real opportunities through an Idea/insight Comms Life generation approach designed Maximizing the to breathe new life into markets potential of creative ideas Build Life Evaluating ideas Concept development and refinement approach @Life is one of the 5 Bringing Life to Life tools © Synovate 2008 6
  8. 8. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards • What? - A threaded in-depth discussion that occurs over time (2-3 days), - where respondents enjoy the flexibility of logging in each day when their schedules permit (e.g. at least 2 times a day for 20 minutes) • How does it work? - New questions are released each day - Visual stimuli can change question by question. - The moderator logs in regularly throughout the day to post follow-up questions for respondents individually or as a group. • Respondents? - 15-30 respondents/group © Synovate 2008 7
  9. 9. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards • Use? - for great depth, responses requiring accurate detail - or review of files/notes or consultation with co-workers, - or sensitive topics. • Target group? - young adults/teens, - techies and others who are accustomed to using computers - BtB, busy people - ‘Active’ 55+ - Working men © Synovate 2008 8
  10. 10. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards: moderators view © Synovate 2008 9
  11. 11. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards: respondents view © Synovate 2008 10
  12. 12. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards • Advantages: 1. Greater depth - Even greater depth than face-to-face groups - Respondents answer to all questions and with greater accuracy and more extended 2. Flexibility in content - Content of the guide can be adapted any time 3. Transparency - Client can follow the discussions at any time and communicate with the moderator - More interaction with the client is possible 4. Visuals - Possibility to show websites, visuals, audio and video fragments 5. No geographical limits - Respondents of different regions (even countries) can participate in the same group © Synovate 2008 11
  13. 13. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards 6. Transcripts - Full transcripts are immediately available - Possibility to sort the responses on questions, respondents characteristics - Verbatims are ‘real verbatims’ and easy to find 7. No ‘time’ limits: - Respondents can login at the moment they want - For busy respondents this approach is less time consuming as they don’t have to travel 8. Fresh respondents - Possible to recruit new respondents, respondents that would never participate in face-to- face research (due to location or ‘busy’ people) 9. Projective techniques - Projective techniques work very well and are very rich 10. Different types of questions: - Possible to have ‘group’ questions - But also private questions - ‘uninfluenced answer’ before interaction © Synovate 2008 12
  14. 14. @Life: the Synovate offerings Online bulletin boards • “Disadvantages”: 1. No non-verbal information - The moderation has the interaction and interpretation on what respondents write, without any non-verbal information 2. Analysis - Is time consuming as the moderator has ‘less impressions’ - As the amount of information is huge 3. Possible drop-out of busy people 4. Time investment of client - The client has to take time to follow the discussion and the interact with the moderator - The client needs to be ‘trained’ as well © Synovate 2008 13
  15. 15. Features Online Bulletin Boards Online Focus Groups l Threaded asynchronous online l Real-time/synchronous online chat Style discussion l Moderator releases preloaded questions l Preloaded questions scheduled for l Everyone sees everything at same time release by date, hour, minute Duration l 3-day/72-hour period is typical l 90-minute period (plus 30 minutes to l Easy to involve multiple time zones prepare up front) is typical l Each question can be fully public, l Facilitate interaction, top-of-mind response Discussion fully private or require response l Some ability to communicate privately Guide & before other responses are shared l Limited #, complexity of whiteboard visuals; Stimuli l Can require sequential response lowest respondent access speed determines l Whiteboard visual can change Q by Q what’s advisable l Generate significant depth, breadth l Better for top-of-mind reactions than depth Depth l Opportunity to mull things over, l Limited tools for depth research refresh memory l Logs in every 2 hours during l Constantly logged in during scheduled group Moderator business day l Limits travel for 1 day Time l Limits travel for 3 days Client Access l Clients access moderator by phone, l Clients access moderator via confidential posts, to Moderator email, confidential posts but moderator highly engaged l Time to discuss, make changes l Limited ability to discuss, change during group l Depends on # questions/day l 90 minutes at a set time on a set date Respondent l Log in twice/day; can start a day late l Very predictable for respondents Time l Flexibility allows very busy people to l No flexibility in participation time participate in fits and starts l Log in 10 minutes prior to start time View of l Cannot see respondents, body l Cannot see respondents, body language Respondents language or verify gender, age or visually verify gender, age © Synovate 2008 14
  16. 16. On line Bulletin Boards User Manual
  17. 17. Here the client person can post your questions or remarks. In this screen you see all the questions and additional text posted by the moderator as well as the answers from the respondents. You will see the respondents name and if a respondent uploads a picture, website or video you can see what is uploaded by clicking on ‘view media’. © Synovate 2008 16
  18. 18. Here you find the discussion guide with all questions to the respondent. These will be posted per topic by the moderator several times a day. Click on a question and you will see the question as well as the input from all the respondents to date. © Synovate 2008 17
  19. 19. This menu allows you to see in the participants part which respondent was active the last 30 minutes or last 2 hours. With view info you can have a look into the screener details of the respondent (age, household, usage of shaving method, etc.). In the observer part you can see who from the observers is currently logged in. © Synovate 2008 18
  20. 20. Synovate’s experience with On line Bulletin Boards
  21. 21. Synovate’s experience with On line Bulletin Boards Industries and use • Automotive • Branding & Communication • Banking • Customer satisfaction • Durables • Positioning • Chemicals • Product & Concept testing • Education • Shopper • Finance • Website usability, testing and Automotive • FMCG • Food • Healthcare • Media • Personal Care • Public Services • Retail • Technology • Telco © Synovate 2008 20