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Introduction To Progressive Security Services


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Introduction To Progressive Security Services

  1. 1. Providing par-de- excellenceservice since 1998
  2. 2. Our  History  and  Present    •   Founded  in  1998  by  late  Col.  Lalit  Badhwar    (  Retd.)  a;er  serving  35  years  in  Armored  Corps.    •   Registered  with  the  Directorate  General  ReseGlement  and    the  Proprietorship  act.    •   Applied  for  the  PSARA  license  to  run  private  security  agency  in  Delhi  and  NCR.      
  3. 3. Guiding  Principles  •     Align  Security  and  its  operaLons  to  Client’s  Business  needs.  •   Provision  of  physically  fit  ,  intelligent  ,  honest      personnel  for  the  assignment.    •   Ensure  adequate  reserve  for  unforeseen  shorRall  and  for  replacement.  •     Recruit  personnel  a;er  their  verificaLon  and    for  their  potenLal.    •   Provide  Trained  and  moLvated  supervisors  and  Guards.  •   Regular  Pre-­‐inducLon  training    ,  Re-­‐training  and  on  job  training.  •   Close  interacLon  with  the  client  to  keep  the  deployment  dynamic  and  relevant.    
  4. 4. Func6oning  of  Progressive  Security   Area  Supervisor  –   Okhla,  NFC,  Mathura   Road   Area  Supervisor  –   Defence  Colony,  GK-­‐1   and  adjoining  areas   Area  Supervisor  -­‐   Gurgaon  CEO  –  Mrs.  Lovleen   COO  –  Vikram   Rajendra  Singh  –   Kirpa  Ram  Verma  –   Area  Supervisor  –   Badhwar   Badhwar   OperaLons  Manager   Head  of  Supervision   Noida   Area  Supervisor  –   Delhi  CanG   Area  Supervisor  –   Ghitorni,  ChaGarpur   etc   Patrolling   Supervisors  
  5. 5. PROGRESSIVE  ADVANTAGE      Supervision  The Success of any security organization lies in itssupervision… and we are proud of it!•   Dedicated  Supervisors  for  each  assignment    in  Delhi  and  NCR  •   Night  patrolling  supervisors  who  check  a;er  2:00  AM  four  Lmes  a  week.  •   Turn  Around  Time  (TAT)  for  our  supervisors  to  reach  in  case  of  emergency  –  30  MINUTES  •   Directors  and  Senior  Management  check  client  sites  themselves  twice  a  fortnight.    •   Direct  communicaLon  with  the  directors  to  maintain  Unity  of  Command.    
  6. 6. PROGRESSIVE  ADVANTAGE      Low  A/ri0on  •   Voice  of  Employee  (VOE)  surveys  at  Progressive  Security  Services  have  revealed  that  the  aGriLon  rate  is  very  low  –  19%  per  annum.    •   VOE  says  that  the  aGriLon  is  low  due  to  the  following  reasons:   •   The  employer’s    compliance  to  law  is  full,  honest  and  strict.   •   The  payments  are  made  on  Lme.   •   Provides  training  and  ware  withal  for  the  job  to  be  done.   •   SensiLve  to  feed  back  both  from  the  client  as  well  as  the  force   deployed.  
  7. 7. PSARA  2005  Compliant  Company    We  have  applied  for  the  PSARA  2005   license  which  permits  us  to  ply  as  a   security  organizaLon  in  the  state  of   Delhi.  Although  we  are  yet  to   physically  receive  the  license  we  are   following  all  rules  as  menLoned  in  the   PSARA  docket.  The  receipt  of  the   license  applicaLon  can  be  seen  on  the   right.  
  8. 8. Our  Uniform  Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
  9. 9. Hiring  and  Training  •   Progressive  Security  is  a  member  of  Central  AssociaLon  of  Private  Security  Industry  –  an  apex  body  at  state  and  naLonal  level  for  the  security  industry  in  India.  hGp://­‐Delhi.html  •     Being  members  of  CAPSI,  Progressive  Security  is  enLtled  to  hire  TRAINED  security  guards  in  all  the  parameters  as  laid  down  by  the  PSARA  regulaLon  from  CAPSI  provided  they  are  paid  minimum  wages.  Please  click  on  the  link  to  read  the  syllabus  as  provided  by  us.        
  10. 10. Re-­‐Training  As  Per  Client  Requirements  •  The  clients  are  asked  for  a  wriGen  TO  DO  procedures  so  that  the  guards  are  trained  specifically  to  meet  the  client  requirements.    •  This  is  done  in  the  1st  quarter  of  our  engagement  with  the  client  a;er  a  study  of  the  responsibiliLes  of  the  assignment  
  11. 11. Salaries  Based  On     Minimum  Wages   Minimum Wages Sheet for Delhi w.e.f February 1st, 2011 Special Rates - Security Charges for 12 hours duty State of Delhi Comment %age Delhi Guard Head Guard Supervisor Gunman Min. Wage for 8 hrs (26 days) Non Negotiable 6084 6734 7410 7410 Spl. Allowance 0 0 0 1600 Sub Total 6084 6734 7410 9010 PF Non Negotiable 13.61% 1242 1375 1513 1513 ESI Non Negotiable 4.75% 433 480 528 604 Sub-Total 7760 8589 9451 11127 Reliever Charges - Extra 4 Days Sundays Non Negotiable 1404 1554 1710 1956 Sub-Total 9164 10143 11161 13083 Additional Allowance for 4 hrs Non Negotiable 3042 3367 3705 3705 Sub Total 12206 13510 14866 16788 Service Margin 20% 2441 2702 2973 3358 NET TOTAL 14647 16211 17839 20145Service tax is extraRates subject to change as per Minimum Wages Act
  12. 12. What  Some  Of  Our    Clients  And  Media  Say   “PSS  has  been  very  instrumental  in  providing  security  support  to  us,  Our  infrastructure  is  safe  in  their  presence  and  their  ac0vi0es  are  hassle  free”    Saurabh  Kapoor,  TVSNet  Technologies  Ltd.  Regional  HR-­‐  North  and  East   “The  guards  provided  by  Progressive  Security  are  excellent.  We  oEen  get  feedback  from  our  customers  about  the  way  the  guards  greet  them  and  the  absolute  strictness  with  which  they  do  their  du0es.  It  is  rare  to  find  such  brilliant  guards  in  todays  security  market”.  -­‐  Deepak  K,  Café  Oz   “My  wife  &  I  appreciate  the  performance  of  Progressive  Security  Services  >  >since  December  2008  when  we  moved  our  living  from  Tokyo  to  Prithvi  Raj  Road  in  Delhi  .  Especially,  I  would  like  to  emphasize  their  professionalism  as  well  as    con0nuous  inquiring  mind  to  improve  their  performance  “.  Naoki  Tsukada  –  Head,  Mitsubishi  Corpora6on   • Been  acknowledged  as  the  preferred  service  provider  by  Cosmopolitan   Magazine  August  2010  issue.    
  13. 13. Contracts  Awarded  Through  The  DGR   President’s Secretariat
  14. 14. Prominent  Corporate  Clients  
  15. 15. Social  And  Educa6onal  Organiza6ons   Besides the few prominent mentioned, we provide RESIDENTIAL SECURITY to many locations such as GK -1, GK 2, Chirag Enclave, New friends Colony, Amrita Shergill Marg, Rakab Singh Gurdwara VIP Bungalows, Defence Colony, Sukhdev Vihar, Multiple locations Prithviraj Road, Asaf Ali Road, Shanti Niketan, South Extension Part 1 and Part 2, Vasant Vihar, Vasant Kunj, Barakhamba Road and FARM HOUSES at Satbari, Vasant Kunj, Chattarpur and Ghitorni.
  16. 16. Assuring you ofour best serviceand attention at all times!