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Copy of one x ppt gl eagleteam

  1. 1. $99,460<br />World Wide Launch<br />June 2011<br />
  2. 2. TM <br />TM<br />Qlxchange Introduces OneX . Why the name OneX? We think you will figure that out for yourself. We offer an amazing International Gold and Silver Program with Multiple Profit Centers, of which OneX is one and is actually our first… ONE You can take time later to learn all about Qlxchange. For now, we suggest you focus on OneX, which can build your Qlxchange business automatically<br />We Realize that for someone to be successful in today’s opportunity programs, the Company must provide an easy, nearly fail proof way for its members to earn enough income to pay for it and at the same time require no sponsoring to achieve that goal. We have done exactly that by creating this super easy program. These goals have not only been accomplished, but OneX can produce a fabulous income all by itself. So watch out, because the fuse is lit and it is about to explode<br />The cost of admission into Qlxchange is FREE, however to be placed in the program and to earn an income you need to pay a one time out of pocket fee of $5 (0r 1 X $5 = ?). By the way, that is the clue for the reason behind our name. One (1) times (X) $5. That’s right, one times five dollars, we did place the decimal point correctly. It would certainly be worth ten times the price or even 100 times more<br />We did say that you can earn an income without recruiting, which is true, it can become a massive income! However if you simply share this program with people you care about, your income should go through the roof. The potential income for you, if you do not share this with anybody is $99,460. For everybody you do share OneX with, you add an additional $99,460 to your potential income. Just ask yourself, “who wouldn't be willing to pay $5 (R50.00) for a huge income opportunity as easy as this one”<br />
  3. 3. Here is how this Simple Program Works<br />It is FREE to join Qlxchange, the Mother Program, which can provide you with enough income that you may never need to come out of pocket! It is in your best interest to study Qlxchange later <br />Once you Login to your Back office you can pay $5 to upgrade to Tier 1 – Stage One. At that point you are placed in the first available position in your Sponsors 4 x 4 Company Forced Matrix and sit at the top of your own Matrix<br />100% of the Income is paid back to the field<br />The attraction of OneX will automatically build your Qlxchange business<br />Pay just a one time out-of-pocket upgrade fee of $5, which buys you a training session<br />There are two stages of commissions (Stage One & Stage Two) and it is with the same downline members<br />Each Stage has 4 Tiers<br />Upgrade to the next Tier from your profits and receive a new lesson for each upgrade<br />Upgrading Rules<br />With the exception of Tier 1 – Stage 1, the upgrading member needs to pay directly to two members.<br /> 1) The qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee)<br /> 2) The Sponsor of the qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee). This equates to 100% Matching Bonus.<br />A Tier 1 upgrade pays the member 1 levels upline* (Stage 1 cost = $5) - Stage 2 cost = $80<br />A Tier 2 upgrade pays the member 2 levels upline* (Stage 1 cost = $10) - Stage 2 cost = $160<br />A Tier 3 upgrade pays the member 3 levels upline* (Stage 1 cost = $20) - Stage 2 cost = $320<br />A Tier 4 upgrade pays the member 4 levels upline* (Stage 1 cost = $40) - Stage 2 cost = $640<br />* If the selling member receiving a commission payment is not at the same Tier level or above the member who is upgrading, they are not qualified. The computer software will look upline of the original targeted member for the first member who is qualified. Once found, that member will receive the commission and their sponsor receives any paid Matching Bonus <br />
  4. 4. Total:<br />$99,460<br />Potential Income Chart:<br />Stage One<br />Stage Two<br />Row<br />Member<br />Tier 3<br />Tier 2<br />Tier 1<br />Cost<br />Tier 4<br />Row<br />Member<br />Tier 3<br />Tier 2<br />Tier 1<br />Cost<br />Tier 4<br />1<br />4<br />$20<br />$5<br />1<br />4<br />$160<br />$80<br />2<br />16<br />$80<br />$10<br />2<br />16<br />$1280<br />$160 <br />3<br />64<br />$640<br />$20<br />3<br />64<br />$10,240<br />$320<br />4<br />256<br />$5120<br />$40<br />4<br />256<br />$81,920<br />$640<br />Even though there are no sponsoring requirements to earn a tremendous income, there is a huge reward for sharing this opportunity. With exception to Tier 1 – Stage 1 commission ($5) the sponsor of the member being paid a commission, receives a 100% Matching Bonus. Because of this incentive, there will be a large amount of spillover. Potential income above what you earn from your Matrix<br />Number Sponsored<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />5<br />4<br />6<br />7<br />8<br />9<br />Potential Earnings<br />$99,460<br />$198,920<br />$298,380<br />$497,300<br />$397,840<br />$596,760<br />$696,220<br />$795,520<br />$895,140<br />
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  7. 7. Definition of the various terms<br />4 x 4 Matrix<br />This is the structure you use to build your downline. Members will be placed in this structure based on you personally sponsoring new members or members joining your Matrix through spillovers. The structure have 4 positions on your 1st row, 16 on your 2nd row, 64 on your 3rd row and 256 on your 4th row, this gives you a total of 340 members in your Matrix. When this Matrix fills up you will earn $ 99 460<br />Stages<br />There are two stages, but you only need to build your 4 x 4 matrix once. There are two payment cycles, one for each stage. As you progress through the two stages, you will pay for the upgrades which amounts to $75 for stage 1, and $1 200 for stage 2 – a total of $1 275 for the upgrades which is paid from your earnings and not out of your pocket<br />Phases<br />After the first Matrix, which is phase 1, you will move to a new Matrix in order to add new members. Your new Matrix will be placed in your sponsors Matrix at the first available position. With regards to this new Matrix, which is now phase 2, you will be starting over as if you were a new member, and this is good because now you have an opportunity to make another fortune<br />
  8. 8. In Conclusion<br />Key Features of OneX<br /><ul><li> The cost to start up is $5, which makes it affordable to the masses
  9. 9. The Compensation Plan is out of this world, with potential high earnings
  10. 10. All future upgrades comes from ACTUAL PROFITS, rather than out of pocket expense
  11. 11. Matching Bonus for each referral that you sponsor…… so that your earnings are limitless
  12. 12. if someone you know cannot join, there is a unique PIF key system, which allows you to </li></ul> purchase a key at $6 and send to the relevant party for them join up<br /><ul><li> OneX has created their very own International Payment Processor to ensure efficient </li></ul> payment to all members<br /><ul><li> Even if you don't want to sponsor, you still have the potential to earn $99 460
  13. 13. This is first of many exciting and better things to come from Qlxchange and OneX</li></li></ul><li>Its decision Time, so make the right one now<br />Now that you have heard and seen the presentation of the OneX Opportunity, you owe it to your yourself, your family and your friends to join share it with them<br />This is life changing opportunity….. Come on board….. Do not procrastinate<br />Only $5 puts you into this Great Earning Opportunity<br />OneX has covered all issues of being a legal program, you will receive electronic educational products with each upgrade- there is no physical product to handle, no shipping expenses, and no stocking of products<br />JOIN HANDS WITH GLEAGLE TEAM<br />