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Synergy insights


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Synergy insights

  1. 1. NLP Training Courses & Leadership Seminars
  2. 2. Welcome to Synergy Insights Institute• Synergy Insights Institute offers international NLP training andcoaching certification in Los Angeles and Paris.• We also provide Business Success and Leadership seminars as wellas Coaching Services so our clients and seminar participants canlearn the life skills to meet the challenges of today’s world andbecome influential leaders.• We are certified by the Society of NLP, the licensing organizationthat oversees quality standards for NLP trainings and endorsed byRichard Bandler, co-creator of NLP.• After successfully completing your training with us, you will receivethe international NLP certificate, personally signed by RichardBandler.
  3. 3. • Whether you are looking to improve your communication skills andpersuasion or change your limiting beliefs contact to SynergyInsights Institute.• During the training you will learn how to manage your mind andemotions.• Manage your internal state so you can access your internalresources any time you desire. Transform fears, negativity or doubtsso they no longer hold you back.• Build self-esteem and self-confidence.• Release stress and anxiety.NLP Practitioner Training Programs
  4. 4. Sales & Marketing Seminars For Business• Are you afraid to put yourself out there?• Do you feel you are being pushy when you sell your services?• Are you tired of struggling financially because you cannot find clients?Main objective• This seminar will teach you the fundamentals ofsales and marketing to drive your coaching business.• Get rid of the limiting beliefs around money andknow that serving and earning money do not have tobe mutually exclusive.
  5. 5. Join Our Leadership Seminars• Do you want to become a effective leader? If, so we are always therefor your help. This seminar will teach you the skills you need to unleashyour leadership potential.• Here at Synergy Insights you will learn how to become a perfectleader, how to build executive presence and inspire your team to deliverresults.http://www.synergyinsights.comHere You Will Learn How To:• Create a vision and engage everyone behind yourmission.•Develop the leader within you. Motivate and inspirepeople.•Lead your team to success. Get the best out of eachindividual.
  6. 6. Graduate Support Program• The Graduate program was designed as a companion to yourongoing learning and practice of NLP and mastery of your life.• You may retake the NLP training with us at no additional cost(provided there is space available).• Access to our graduate network. Receive invitations to ournetworking events where you can meet like-mindedindividuals, build friendships or make business contacts.• Exclusive discounts for our Business Success & Leadershipseminars.
  7. 7. Individual Coaching Program• Our coaching programs are designed to empower you take control over your lifeand reconnect with your authentic self.• We use cutting-edge NLP technology to help you achieve your goals. We areaction and result-oriented.• The coaching sessions can be done by phone, Skype or in-person in our Parisoffice.
  8. 8. Training Locations• Our main office is located in Paris, France.• We also have offices in Los Angeles, California.• Our Founder and key trainer is Caroline Thay.• We offer training in Los Angeles, California and Paris, France several times each year.
  9. 9. Contact To Ushttp://www.synergyinsights.com57 rue dAmsterdamParis, France75008I nfo@synergyinsights.comwww.synergyinsights.com