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CICD with Jenkins
CICD with Jenkins
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Dev ops using Jenkins

  1. 1. learning Services - Sales
  2. 2. About Envision – Educate 2 Adopt
  3. 3. About Synergetics ILT Provide technical training to different profiles at customer like developers, IT Pro, Architects, Sales & Presales. The delivery format could be Online/ILT/Blended format. LaaS Providing the LMS platform as a service. Also providing dedicated LMS instances with managed services. Microsoft Engineering Developed Content. Content Development Create technical content for online or ILT based delivery. Online Training We develop e/Online- learning solutions that need to align their learning needs, infrastructure as well as available budgets 32000+ Developers Trained 350+ Developers Trained Internationally 700+ Architects Coached 15000 + Fresh Computer science Graduates Trained 700+ Web Sessions & 50+ Global Web Sessions 400+ Online Titles Experienced Programmers Delivery data Points
  4. 4. DevOps & Continuous Integration | build | test | configure | deploy Continuous Delivery (CD) is the process to build, test, configure and deploy from a build to a production environment. Multiple testing or staging environments create a Release Pipeline to automate the creation of infrastructure and deployment of a new. Successive environments support progressively longer-running activities of integration, load, and user acceptance testing. Continuous Integration starts the CD process and the pipeline stages each successive environment the next upon successful completion of tests. DevOps - Build & Continuous Integration
  5. 5. Speaker Mahendra Shinde Open Source, Enterprise Java, Spring, Struts & Hibernate, Oracle PL SQL 10+ years of experience as a Software Consultant and Trainer Sun Certified Java Programmer in LinkedIn Profile 
  6. 6. Dev-Ops using Jenkins
  7. 7. ObjectiveObjective DevOps Introduction Jenkins introduction Jenkins plug- ins GIT integration with Jenkins Other SCMs Build & Release using Jenkins Jenkins Pipeline
  8. 8. Dev-Ops Problem
  9. 9. Developers • Create change • Add/Modify features • Don’t deploy consistent software Operations • Create stability • Create or enhance services • Resist change What is Dev-Ops DevOps is the practice of operations & development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle.
  10. 10. The converged DevOps lifecycle
  11. 11. DevOps Components Continuous Integration Continuous Build Continuous Test Code Analysis Continuous Feedback Continuous Delivery Publish Deploy Immutable Infrastructure Configuration Management Infrastructure automation
  12. 12. Source Code repository Developers Test/Build Server Continuous Integration • A Development practice where developer has to integrate code into a shared repository several times. • Each check-in is verified by automated build, helps detect problems early. • Build tools like Apache maven can be used to perform the automated build [And even run test cases in each build].
  13. 13. Continuous Integration : Benefits Catch bugs faster All operations transparent to every users Build automation Faster build cycles No wait to check if code working! Leads to Continuous Deployment [CD]
  14. 14. Continuous Integration Tools * As per servey done by Heroku (Customers using Cloud Solutions)
  15. 15. Continuous Integration Tools
  16. 16. Continuous Integration Tools
  17. 17. Introduction to Jenkins • Cross – platform CI tool • Lots of Official and Third party plugins available • Configurable service hooks for GitHub
  18. 18. CMS • Git Plugin • GitHub Plugin • CVS Plugin • SVN Plugin • And more.. Build • Apache ANT • Apache Maven • MSBuild • And More… Other • Public over FTP • Pipeline plug-in • Server Deployers Jenkins plug-ins
  19. 19. Jenkins integration with GIT • Pull code from Git Server [Local or remote] • Pull code from GitHub repositories • PollSCM to detect commits • GitHub service hook to trigger build
  20. 20. Jenkins integration with Other SCM • Pull code from SVN • Pull code from CVS • PollSCM to detect commits in SCM
  21. 21. Build & Release • Build configuration contains • SCM Configuration • Build Triggers • Build Environment • Post build actions • Build Tools supported • Apache Maven • Apache Ant • MS Build • Gradle • Docker Build • Gulp & Grunt
  22. 22. Jenkins Demo Demonstrating Continuous Integration of Java Web Application Development Environment: Java Server Runtime Apache Tomcat Build Tool Apache ANT Code Repository GitHub
  23. 23. Jenkins Pipeline
  24. 24. Jenkins Pipeline
  25. 25. Persona Based Offerings Data Scientist Data Engineer & Data Analyst AI Developer IoT Developer DevOps Professional Open Source Developer Azure Architect Azure Developer Azure Infrastructure Specialist .NET Developer Java Developer
  26. 26. Emerging Technology Offerings Data Science IOT Machine Learning Serverless Computing Micro Services Containers Open Source AI Cognitive- Bots DevOps Analytics
  27. 27. DevOps & Continuous Integration | build | test | configure | deploy Without Continuous Delivery, software release cycles were previously a bottleneck for application and operation teams. Manual processes led to unreliable releases that produced delays and errors. These teams often relied on handoffs that resulted in issues during release cycles. The automated release pipeline allows a “fail fast” approach to validation, where the tests most likely to fail quickly are run first and longer-running tests happen after the faster ones complete successfully. DevOps - Release / Continuous Delivery Date: 19th March | Duration: 3.5 Hrs | 2:00pm to 5:30pm
  28. 28. Thank You Get in Touch with Us | 9833036668

Editor's Notes

  • Hi everyone I Welcome you all to Synergetics online session. I take this opportunity to introduce you my self Milind Parab – GM Sales and Marketing. We are executing this Devops & Countinuous Integration session under Envision.
  • It is my pleasure to also introduce you Envision, which is our Customer Education Program. Under this program we do regular knowledge transfer and competency building sessions on Various technology as Value add to all premium clients of Synergetics.
  • Synergetics is 24+ year experience Emerging Technology organization providing training and consulting services to our SI and enterprise customers.
    We are providing our learning services with 4 services Lines.
    ILT – Underwhich we provide Trainings onsite and Offsite for Developers / Architects / IT Pro etc.
    Under LaaS we are providing LMS platform as service. Also provide LMS Instance with Maaged services
    We create technical contents for Oline and ILT based trainings
    We also provide online trainings as Websessions / Webex etc.
    We have proven record of number of Training deliveries. We have Trainer around 32000+ Developers / 700+ Architect / 15000+ Freshers trained.
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  • We have persona based offerings which will help participants select as per their role.
  • Synergetics being expert in emerging technology, we have all these offerings.