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API First

API First talk from Gluecon '14, talking about putting the API behind all of your products and having a single stack. Presenter notes are included and probably necessary for when you don't have my interpretive dance to watch.

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API First

  1. 1. API Ninja@3scale I’ve worked with REST APIs since 2005 - Socialtext, Netflix, LinkedIn I spend time telling API providers how to make APIs that don’t make developers cry, and telling developers how to use APIs without crying Generally committed to reducing frustration in the world ! About me: Kirsten Hunter @synedra on twitter
  2. 2. * Dedicated resources * Excellent developer experience/support * Consistent with website features
  3. 3. * Duplicate code/business logic * Resource contention (engineers) * Inconsistent interfaces * Poor communication between backend and API engineers
  4. 4. * All products run from the same API * Takes MVC to the next level, decoupling front end from back end * Enforces consistency within interfaces * Allows mobile and 3rd party clients to stay current with website * Allows for quick iterations
  5. 5. * You already have a model that's working for you * You don't have the time/resources to add an extra layer * You're never ever going to have a second product * You only want the external API to do a couple of things * These are all examples of short-term thinking
  6. 6. * Cloud printing/mailing service * API based product * Everything external/internal uses APIs
  7. 7. * Backed into API first with Mobile first * Users clamoring for website, no resources available to provide it * Opened up their API, third party developers made some nice websites
  8. 8. * API Management Company * Strong commitment to supporting APIs * All functionality is available via API
  9. 9. * Global company, 18 million items, 60 million monthly visitors, 25 million members * Etsy sellers made over 1 billion dollars in 2013 * v2 API - standard REST, clients made multiple requests for a single view * Access control added complexity * Duplicated code and business logic * v3 - domain resources, not row resources (not driven by DB schema) * scripting for more complex requests (for multiple related resources) using bespoke * Improved communication between backend and frontend engineers * Faster iterations, more confidence in API * Activity Feed went from asynchronous to on-demand, from minutes to sub-second
  10. 10. * Cat photo ends any intelligent discussion on the internet * … but I’d love to hear your questions!