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Regional Help Wanted Sales Kit


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How employers can use RegionalHelpWanted's network of over 400 job sites throughout North America to connect with qualified, local jobseekers.

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Regional Help Wanted Sales Kit

  1. 1. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | The word on the street ... comes from us We’re, a Network powerhouse of 400 job boards across the United States and Canada and a leading source for employers looking for the area’s top local talent. We started with just one regional site,, and have grown to become the dominant player in local, online recruitment and employment. All of our websites are heavily promoted by local radio, driving high-volume traffic to our sites. No other job board does that by the way. Yet we’re down to earth about helping with your hiring, which is why it’s a snap to post jobs and search for applicants. And if you ever need assistance, you’ll talk to a living, breathing person – not a help screen. Job Seeker Profile When you’ve been doing this as long as we have, you know how to attract the brightest bulbs in the box. Job seekers in our top markets are: Experienced On average, 58% of our job seekers have 11 or more years of professional experience and 34% have more than 20 years of experience. College Graduates Over 30% of our job seekers are college graduates. Employed 60% of our site traffic is made up of candidates who are already employed full-time but looking for a better opportunity like yours. Every month, delivers an average of: • 1.5 million unique visitors • Nearly 22 million page views • 24 applies per job posting High Volume Traffic, Minus the Gridlock Our Media Partners: AudienceProfile Source: Internal survey
  2. 2. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | One Post A single job posting works overtime With, you’re connected. Our Network of distribution partners, affiliate websites and search engine optimization activates your job listing across multiple channels – giving you the most local exposure possible from any one source. One job posting does the work of 20 on a website. Now that’s efficiency. OnePost and’s far reaching community of 400 local markets. Top Job Boards Exposure on the top, local, regional and national job boards including Simply Hired, Twitter/TweetMyJOBS, Indeed, TopUSAJobs and more. Local and National Partners The Business Journals network including 41 top markets and 20 million monthly page views. Media Partners Our websites and jobs are heavily promoted on local radio and TV stations, boosting awareness and driving even more applicants to our employment communities. Affiliate Websites Appropriate placement to onTargetjobs’ portfolio of niche sites, including healthcare, life science and hospitality markets. Search Engine Optimization Your jobs end up on top of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more. Proof Positive Radio Results RegionalHelpWanted was named one of the top 20 national radio advertisers for 2010 by Media Monitors.
  3. 3. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | Online video performs better than rich media or simple Flash through online awareness, brand favorability and a variety of other branding metrics.* *Source: Dynamic Logic Online Video Your company’s name in lights Online video gives you the one-two punch of broadcast advertising and direct response, all rolled into one. It’s versatile and flexible with production costs that won’t break the bank. And online video is a more personal introduction between your company and job candidates. It’s the next best thing (besides long distance) to being there in person. Click-throughs, through the roof Because online video is interactive, job seekers spend more time with your brand. The longer they linger, the more likely they are to click. And that means more qualified candidates applying to your jobs. OnlineVideo Sample: Online video Online Video Gets the Ratings: A 30-second video on gives you time to talk about your open jobs, brag about your company or promote a unique work environment. A video’s interactive quality grabs prospects’ attention quickly. Online video is cost-effective, dynamic and delivers the candidates. Don’t know how to produce an online video? Just ask. We’ll direct you to the best place to produce one.
  4. 4. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | Banner Advertising Stop Traffic There’s a reason that banners are the hallmark of Internet advertising. They have stopping power. They direct people to your job postings. And they allow you to target specific types of job seekers. That’s valuable. Place your banner ad next to a job seeker’s search page and presto – you’re talking to the right candidates. Looking for that “passive” candidate that isn’t looking for you? Place a banner ad alongside job searches and pull in top talent for your tough-to-fill spots. And with 22 million monthly page views on our Network, that’s a lot of bang for your buck. Premium banners: These are the gold standard in banner advertising – your ad has premium placement on the homepage and “view all jobs” page. This is high-level exposure for your brand and jobs. Tower banners: These page banners show up on search pages, increasing your visibility and promoting your jobs and brand. BannerAdvertising Sample: banner advertising
  5. 5. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | Top Jobs Single out your company Your company is in a class all its own. Shouldn’t you advertise it that way? Top Jobs separate your positions from everyone else, putting your company first in the minds of job seekers. Top Jobs on sites are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A clickable link sends job seekers to the full description of your posting. Featured Employers It’s all you Job seekers won’t miss your company logo and name with these featured spots on the homepage. These premium positions give you first dibs on qualified candidates. One click and candidates link right to the full description of your job posting. BannerAdvertising(continued) Sample: Top Jobs & Featured Employers We’ll work with you to build a customized branding and recruitment strategy to maximize your budget.
  6. 6. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | Enhanced Profile Page Give yourself more room to attract the right job seekers Stand out, get noticed and attract the right kind of job seekers to your company. An Enhanced Profile Page is a great way to hit the high notes of your company, your culture and the key benefits you want a job seeker to know. Plus, tell your industry story in even greater detail by adding links to your social-networking initiatives and any other relevant websites. Set up an Enhanced Profile Page on, and we’ll host it for an entire year! EnhancedProfilePage Features and Benefits • Great branding – The page displays your company logo. • Dynamic – Up to four color photographs grab a job seeker’s attention and bring your page to life. • User-friendly – A direct link to all your job opportunities drives job seekers right to your postings. • Informative – You get a full page to describe your company’s corporate culture, work environment and contact information. • Viral – The page boosts your Search Engine Optimization and raises your corporate visibility, while linking to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). Sample: Enhanced Profile Page
  7. 7. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | eNewsletter Advertising Your company is the top story What are local candidates reading to get a jump on the competition? eNewsletters from Issue after issue, we deliver industry news, upcoming events, career insight and more to help job seekers develop their careers. Advertising in eNewsletters puts your company at a significant competitive advantage. Job seekers are engaged in our content, making them more likely to remember your message and to take action. And because our subscriber lists are in the millions, you can broadcast your brand and jobs to a large audience or target by region. Circulation Career Insider eNewsletter Our distribution is 2.4 million total job seekers. eNewsletterAdvertising Sample: eNewsletter
  8. 8. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | Applicant Tracking Keep tabs on talent Applicant Tracking is like your own personal assistant – except it doesn’t make coffee or pick up your dry cleaning. It does keep your job applicants organized and neatly filed by the dates you received their resumes. There’s even an online section to make notes on candidates with qualities that really stand out. Stay on top of every single candidate with Applicant Tracking. ApplicantTracking Sample: Applicant Tracking feature
  9. 9. For more information, contact: | Phone: (800) 365-8630 | Email: | The Secret to Our Success? You. “I have really gotten a great response from the ad that I posted. You all have been very helpful and very user-friendly. My recruiting area encompasses eight other cities and I plan to use the sites in all available cities. I have also sent out an email to fellow recruiters in other states to tell them about my success.” Dean Kingery Regional Recruiter, Enterprise Rent-A-Car “We have hired two employees who were directed our way from your site. At the present time, we consider one of the best values for advertising open positions in the marketplace.” Del Waltner Director of Marketing Communications, Minnehaha Country Club Testimonials