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5 reasons Most New Cell Phone Business Owners Fail In Year 1


Published on - Learn just why most new cell phone business owners fail in the first year. We show you the best way to start a cell phone business offer the top prepaid carriers under one roof.

When you open a cell phone business there are some key components to getting it done right the first time. You can spend tons of money on starting a cell phone business and still loose money if you do not have the correct information on how to start a cell phone business.

The best way to learn how to open a cell phone store is to work with a cell phone master agent to help you learn the keys to starting a cell phone business. If you need to start a cell phone business be sure to explore all your options. Call 888-409-8505 ext 704

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5 reasons Most New Cell Phone Business Owners Fail In Year 1

  2. 2. LOCATION ● Are You Visible? (Does Your business Stand Out?) ● Easy Access (Do You have Good Parking, Are You Easy To Find, Can Your Customers Reach You?) ● Heavy Foot-Traffic (Are You Positioned Near Other Businesses That Get Organic Foot-Traffic?) ● Monthly Overhead (Don't Spend All Your Income On Rent) ● Directory Listings (Are You Listed With All The Major Business Search Directories Via Web, Apps, Websites)
  3. 3. INVENTORY ● Only Stock Whats Selling ● Never Over Spend (Trying To Keep Up With The Trends) ● Do You Have Variety (Offer Products That people Can Afford) ● Competitive Pricing ● Work With Solid Wholesalers ● Offer A Warranty or Insurance
  4. 4. THE KEYS TO ORGANIZATION ● Managing Stock Levels ● Understanding Your Products ● Swift Transaction Processing ● Information Over Load ● Never Spread Your Self To Thin (Don't Take On More Than You Can Manage) ● Customer Management ● Invest In A Good POS System Instead Of A Cash Register (Best for inventory & customer Management
  5. 5. THE RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB ● Invest In Whats Needed To Operate Your Business (This is not the time to cut corners) ● Use Tools To Help You Multitask (Every Second Counts) ● Delegate Duties To Employees ● Identify Hardware & Software (Technology Can help you Excel)
  6. 6. THE 5 SELF DISCIPLINE DO YOU'Z? ● Are You Self Motivated? ● Maintaining Hours Of Operation ● Take The Time To Educate Your Self ● Remember The Customer Comes First ● Identify & Remain Focused On Your Core Products
  7. 7. COMPENSATION ● Free = Low Compensation (Invest in your inventory to see greater returns) ● Think Residuals (Make a Sale & Get Paid For The Life of The Customer) ● Work With Wholesalers Not Resellers! ● Only Stock What You Can Sell
  8. 8. TAKE AWAY ● Know what you are looking for before scouting locations! ● Seek Advice On Inventory Selection and Trends ● Learn How To Maximize Your Income (Think Residuals & Related Products or Services To Offer) ● Value Both You & The Customers Time By Staying Organized ● Stay Motivated By Constantly Evaluating Your Own Work Educate
  9. 9. Created By. Doug Smith 7 yr Cellular Phone Business Development Consultant SYNCMOBILEDEALER.COM 888-409-8505 EXT 704 DOUG@SYNCMOBILEDEALER.COM