Sync sponsorship invitation v1


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Sync sponsorship invitation v1

  1. 1. Sponsorship Invitation
  2. 2. SYNC is a new two-year programme for the cultural sectorin Scotland – all about making, prototyping and innovationin the space where culture, technology and design meetSYNC is a core element of Creative Scotland’s CulturalEconomy strategy and consists of the landmark CultureHack Scotland event, a Geeks-in-Residence programmeand SyncTank the future-facing online magazine.
  3. 3. Culture Hack Scotland is afast-paced and highly creativeevent which challengesdesigners and technologists tomake innovative new culture-related projects in just 24 hours.The inaugural CHS in Spring2011 was considered the mostproductive event of its type everheld. The 2012 and 2013 eventswill build on this remarkablemomentum and will be theannual showpiece celebration ofculture vs digital.
  4. 4. Being part of Culture Hack Scotland helped us define our approachto innovation and has given us access to a like-minded andinfluential community of culture, design and digital professionals //Head of Digital Media, National Museum of Scotland
  5. 5. The Edinburgh International Book Festival’s world classmobile site is based on a Culture Hack Scotland prototype
  6. 6. The beautiful data visualisation startedas a Culture Hack Scotland project
  7. 7. festafriend, another Culture Hack Scotland prototypebecame the talk of the Edinburgh Festival
  8. 8. Culture Hack Scotland 2012 will be held in Glasgow in Aprilat the stunning SocietyM
  9. 9. Centrally located just 5 minutes from Glasgow Queen Street,this creative workspace will be inspiring for all involved
  10. 10. Through the Geeks-in-Residence programme fiveScottish cultural organisationsare matched with digital &design talent and together theyco-create a project which testsa new way of working for thatorganisation.These engagements will allowcultural practitioners andorganisations to work withdigital & design talent in a waythat in genuinely valuable andgenuinely collaborative.
  11. 11. Written for culturalprofessionals, SyncTank is apop-up magazine and podcastthat showcases thefreshest thinking of how digitalis enabling, inspiring andchanging our cultural practiceand experiences.Launching in June as an onlinemagazine, PDF and podcastSync Tank will contain features,interview, insight & practicaladvice on looking and movingforward.
  12. 12. Benefits for sponsoring the elements!connect with talented developers and designers . . .!connect with key influencers in the cultural industries . . .!associate your company with a champion innovation event .!create brand visibility and networking opportunities .!showcase your services in a way that best fits your needs . . .!demonstrate your commitment to Scottish creative communities . . .!reach cultural, design & digital professionals internationally .!contribute editorial input and content relevant to your company .
  13. 13. Sponsorship opportunities across Culture Hack Scotland SyncTank Full SYNC programme Associate Sponsor Executive Sponsor Associate Sponsor Executive Sponsor Partner Premier Partner (CHS1) (CHS2) (ST1) (ST2) £1000 £4000 £2000 £8000 £7000 £10000 (4 available) (2 available) (5 available) (1 available) (3 available) (1 available) All benefits in Advertising space All benefits in All benefits in All benefits in Logo on website CHS1 plus on SyncTank ST1 CHS2 and ST2 CHS2 and ST2 Named sponsor of Advertising slot on Judge at Culture Logo at event Logo on website party segment podcast Hack Scotland Primary logo Company listed in Named sponsor of 2 VIP tickets placement all press releases Geeks in Residence Social media Company listed in Company-relevant Primary sponsor of promotion all press releases written content Sync Tank print run 2 additional VIP CHS1 ST1 ST2 ticketsPlease note that all these rates are for 2012 sponsorship only. Discounted rates apply forcompanies wishing to sponsor for both 2012 and 2013 and these are available for negotiation.
  14. 14. Your partnership will be in safe handsThe high quality core SYNC team is made up of four producers who are all leaders in their fields:Strategy Lead/ /Rohan GunatillakeHeads up the acclaimed Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab and named by Wired magazine as oneof fifty people who will change the worldCultural Lead/ /Suzy GlassProducer at Trigger, leading on a portfolio of creative happenings where art-forms, sectors andinterests collideLogistics Lead/ /Erin MaguireMedia producer and technical event manager with extensive experience in digital projects andproduction for arts organisationsDeveloper Lead/ /Devon WalsheEntrepreneur, publisher and geek working in the media, arts and cultural sector in Scotland andfounder and director of The Journal
  15. 15. Contact Rohan on 07967 186 588 hello@welcometosync.comBespoke Sync partnership packages available to suit your specific requirements