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Geeks in-residence recruitment guide v1

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Geeks in-residence recruitment guide v1

  1. 1. Geeks-In-Residence 2012 Recruitment Information Pack v1
  2. 2. What is the Geeks-In-Residence programme?• A funded opportunity worth up to £6k for developers and designers to work with a Scottish cultural organisation on an innovative prototype project you’ve come up with together• Whatever your discipline, as a Geek-in-Residence you’ll be expected to do main activities as part of the role: • Exploring (c. 10%) Working together with the Host to identify a project opportunity that best uses your talents to explore an area of interest of theirs • Making (c. 60%) Creating a tangible prototype as an output of the residency • Coaching (c 20%) Developing your host’s understanding of development or design by sharing aspects of your methods, your thinking, your networks and your world • Sharing (c 10%). Documenting your experience through SyncTank - the Sync online magazine• This is an experimental model which is looking to help Scottish cultural organisations evolve the way they related to technology, design, technologists and designers. It is designed to attract developers and designers who are interested in being part of that mission, not those who are just looking for any kind of work.This opportunity will best suit an articulate, self-starting developer ordesigner based in or near Scotland with at least 3 yrs experience andwho is comfortable working on experimental & collaborative projects
  3. 3. The skills and experience for the roleEssential• If you are a developer, you can have either front-end or back-end expertise• If you are a designer, you can have a specialism in UX, IA or service design• You have a portfolio of interesting and innovative work going back at least 3 years• You understand what the Sync programme is trying to achieve and want to be part of the community working towards its visionDesired• You have a history of speaking, blogging or writing about your area(s) of expertise/interest• You have an active interest in at least one of performing arts, visual arts, music or literature• You can offer a dayrate which offers your best value to the Host and to the Sync programme while still being commercially viableThis role requires a creative self-starter who enjoys collaboration,people-facing roles and responds well to high levels of trust
  4. 4. Things you should know before applying• There are five cultural Hosts in 2012 and each Host is allocated £6k (inclusive of VAT) to be spent on the time and expenses of the Geek or Geeks matched to them• It will be expected that £6k will cover 10-20 days of time including expenses• Allocations are to be spent by December 15th 2012• How the allocations are spent time-wise is to be determined by the host and the geeks, e.g. the residency may all take place in a few weeks or it could be spread out over several months• Geeks may be assigned more than one cultural organisation• Geeks may be matched with another developer or designer• Geeks are assigned a producer from the core Sync team to provide guidance & independent support• While they may work as part of a company through which they bill their time, Geeks-in-Residence applicants apply as named individuals• Some of your time will be spent on-site with the Host and expenses for travel are included in the overall 6k budget allocated to each HostThis role requires a creative self-starter who enjoys collaboration,people-facing roles and responds well to high levels of trust
  5. 5. How about we meet the five Hosts?
  6. 6. Host 1: Scottish OperaAbout Scottish OperaScottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company and the largestperforming arts organisation in Scotland. The Company is celebrating its 50thanniversary in 2012/13 – with its first performance having been a productionof Madama Butterfly at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow on 5 June 1962.Scottish Opera has a prolific education programme which reaches 36,000people of all ages and background each year as well as an exciting practice inexperimentation and prototyping through Five:15 - Operas Made in Scotland afive-year research and development project to find the next generation ofopera-makers, composers and librettists.Framing for the Scottish Opera Geek-in-ResidenceScottish Opera intends to pair its Geek-in-Residence together with its first everComposer-in-Residence, Gareth Williams.  The Scottish Opera Geek-in-Residencewill work with Gareth to design, develop and test a digital approach by whichmusic and singing can be used to support connection, communication andsocialisation for people with the chronic condition of cystic fibrosis.Residency to take place between August and December 2012Primary location:
  7. 7. Host 2: macrobertAbout macrobertmacrobert offers a huge variety of activities for all ages in the heart of theUniversity of Stirling Campus including live performances, movies, workshops,exhibitions, birthday parties, a fully licensed café, bar and restaurant and oneof Scotland’s top pantomime offerings for the festive season. The very best inlive entertainment combined with an excellent choice of movies sits alongsidesome of the most exciting programming for children and young people inScotland; all presented in a relaxing, family friendly venue with facilities secondto none.Framing for the Scottish Opera Geek-in-ResidenceIn October 2012 macrobert will deliver a festival of performing arts, ranging fromtheatre to bands, scratch performances to comedy, that appeals to teenagers andstudents.  The macrobert Geek-in-Residence will work with them to exploredeveloping a prototype that can creatively engage audience members in thefestival prior, during and following their attendance at the live event.Residency to take place between June and October 2012Primary location:
  8. 8. Host 3: Eigg BoxAbout Eigg BoxEigg Box will be a workspace on Eigg for island-based artists and creativebusinesses to share with visiting artists from Scotland and beyond. Currentlyin development, for island-based artists and creative businesses, Eigg Box willmean means somewhere better to work, companionship and creativecollaboration and a working environment with fewer distractions and morefocus than the kitchen table. And for visiting artists, Eigg Box will meanscoming to join a vibrant and supportive group of like-minded creative soulsand experiencing and being influenced by Eigg community life.Framing for the Eigg Box Geek-in-ResidenceEigg Box is a project in development and the Geek-In-Residence will be aprototype residency for the initiative. The project prototype is likely to be one oftwo sorts - either a creative way of showcasing and encouraging the talents ofEigg residents through music or photography or a system where local andmainland artists can collaborate. Please note that in Eigg electricity is capped at5kW use at any one time in domestic properties and 10kW in businesses andwired broadband download speeds are up to 6MB.Residency to take place between July and December 2012Location:
  9. 9. Host 4: Royal Edinburgh Military TattooAbout the Royal Edinburgh Military TattooThe Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is a spectacular event which having firsttaken place in 1950, has an annual attendance of c. 217,000 people with 35%of those from overseas. The Tattoo is performed every weekday evening andtwice on Saturdays throughout August and remarkably has never beencancelled due to inclement weather. An international icon with an annualtelevision audience of 100M people worldwide, the Tattoo is one of the twelvefestivals comprising Festivals Edinburgh.Framing for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Geek-in-ResidenceCurrently undergoing an extensive review of their digital estate, the RoyalEdinburgh Military Tattoo will work with their Geek-in-Residence to identifyinnovative interventions appropriate to their unique offer, audience and settingwhich can be prototypes and potentially scaled up for 2013.Residency to take place between June and December 2012Primary location:
  10. 10. Host 5: StillsAbout StillsStills opened in 1977 as Scotland’s first gallery specialising in contemporaryphotography and have since extended their facilities to provide high qualityphotographic darkrooms and digital production facilities in Scotland. Theirintegrated programmes illuminate the fascinating medium of photography,exploring everything from its technical and aesthetic developments through tothe central role it plays in contemporary culture. Production and exchangeform the heart of our activities as their work with artists and audiences tocatalyse the creation of new ideas, artworks and dialogues.Framing for the Stills Geek-in-ResidenceStills are interested in their Geek-In-Residence exploring innovative solutionsto three general areas - deepening their engagement with specific user groupssuch as tourists and young people/students, increasing the use of theirintangible asset of advice and expertise and increasing the use of theirtangible asset of their photography reference library.Residency to take place between July and December 2012Primary location:
  11. 11. Before applying please make sure you have read and understood the following information. It’s kind of important.
  12. 12. Key information for applicants• Mobile and web developers of all kinds and UX/UI and service designers are eligible for this opportunity• Choice of the successful applicants is at the discretion of the core Sync team• While people working within companies and agencies are fully eligible, applications have to be made by you as a named individual• You may be assigned to more than one cultural organisation• You may be matched with another developer or designer so that the Host has access to a team with a wider set of skills and therefore may not receive the Host’s £6k allocation all yourself• The Sync team may ask you for additional information to support your application• Sync reserves the right to contact applicants should any future similar or related opportunities arise during the course of the programmeBefore submitting your application, you will have to check a box toconfirm you’ve read and understood this information
  13. 13. Apply by May 8th
  14. 14. What happens now•Geek recruitment to closes May 8th•Longlisted applicants interviewed Skype/F2F by May 31st•Hosts matched with their Geeks-in-Residence by June 15th•Kick off, prototype development & delivery (June 15th-Dec 15th)•Residencies complete by December 15th
  15. 15. Sync is a new two-year programme for thecultural sector in Scotland – all about making,prototyping and innovation in the space whereculture, technology and design meet.Sync consists of the landmark Culture HackScotland event, a Geeks-in-Residenceprogramme and SyncTank the future-facingonline magazine.Sync is supported by Creative Scotland and youcan find out more at