Geeks in-residence (guide for host organisations)v1


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Geeks in-residence (guide for host organisations)v1

  1. 1. Geeks-In Residence 2012 A guide for host organisations
  2. 2. What is the Geeks-In-Residence programme?•5 Scottish cultural organisations are chosen as hosts•A pair of geeks with skills spanning design and web development is matched against each host•Each matching is allocated £6k to spend on geek time•Allocations are to be spent developing a project prototype for the host which has been defined in collaboration with the geeks•Allocations must be spent by December 15th 2012•How the allocations are spent time-wise is to be determined by the host and the geeksThis opportunity is for those who want to explore new ways ofworking and new ways of thinking. You don’t have to be “digitallyadvanced”: just interested in how digital can enable valuable change
  3. 3. Why is this different?What if alongside basic digital organisational development andhigh value innovation funding, there were more ways for us toexplore practically the more progressive side of innovation in arelatively low risk and low cost fashion? Sync explictly targets thismissing rung of cultural innovation, with an explicit focus onmaking rather than talking.The Geeks-In-Residence element of Sync is designed to helppractitioners and organisations who want to stretch themselves toengage in new practical conversations. This programme is forpeople who don’t want to relate to digital innovation and design ina transactional way that reduces the space for experimentationand mutual learning.
  4. 4. What you get out of it•Up to £6k of developer/designer time•A working prototype of an innovation project that allows you to explore & test a new way of doing things or a new line of thinking•Awareness & understanding of development & design processes•Access to new thinking and new networks•Dedicated Sync producer support to guide and optimise the opportunityThe project prototype could be creative, organisational or about youraudiences... A focus will emerge from initial conversations betweenyou and the geeks
  5. 5. What you must be able to give to be eligible•Director or equivalent senior level to own the geek relationship•Clear framing of the challenges and opportunities you face as an organisation•Recognition that this is an exploratory, collaborative and progressive innovation process: not traditional commissioning•The time and energy to work with the geeks on project identification and to support ongoing delivery and learning•A narrative report of your experience for publication in SyncTank, our online magazineBeing a Geeks-in-Residence host is a unique opportunity. To respectthat, only those who are ready to learn, be challenged and beexperimental will be invited to take part.
  6. 6. Timelines•Organisations register their interest in participation (asap)•Interview w/Sync producer to assess interest & eligibility (asap)•Host organisations to be confirmed by March 31st•Geek recruitment to close May 15th•Sync team match Hosts with Geeks by June 15th•Kick off, prototype development & delivery (June 15th-Dec 15th)•Narrative reports submitted by November 31st•Allocations spent by December 15th
  7. 7. What makes an eligible-in-Res host?.Director or equivalent prepared to champion the residency.You understand this is collaboration not commissioning.You’ll make the time to support the geeks and learn from them.You’re ready to have your thinking and practice challenged.You know the difference between a prototype & a full project.You recognise that what gets made might fail.You’re ready to be open about what you know & what you don’tThis opportunity is for those who want to explore new ways ofworking and new ways of thinking. You don’t have to be “digitallyadvanced”: just interested in how digital can enable valuable change
  8. 8. If you would like to be considered as aGeeks-in-Residence host please emailSync’s rohan.gunatillake@gmail.comto schedule a conversation to discussthe opportunity in more detail Thank you
  9. 9. SYNC is a new two-year programme for thecultural sector in Scotland – all about making,prototyping and innovation in the space whereculture, technology and design meet.SYNC consists of the landmark Culture HackScotland event, a Geeks-in-Residenceprogramme and SyncTank the future-facingonline magazine.SYNC is supported by Creative Scotland and youcan find out more at