Geeks in-residence 2013 (application info for hosts) v1


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Geeks in-residence 2013 (application info for hosts) v1

  1. 1. Geeks-In-Residence 2013Application information for cultural hosts
  2. 2. The Geeks-In-Residence programmeA funded opportunity for Scottish cultural organisations to workwith talented digital makers on new, progressive projects.•A geek or pair of geeks is matched with a cultural host•£6k allocated by Sync to spend on each residency•Residencies have two main objectives: 1) Making a project that both host & geek come up with together & 2) Increasing host’s knowledge of digital & design processes•Use of geek time is agreed by the host and the geek(s)•Some of that geek time is to be spent in host’s office/location•In 2012, the 5 hosts were Scottish Opera, Macrobert Arts Centre, Stills, Eigg Box and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
  3. 3. Why does it exist?Most people commission and relate to digital makers as serviceproviders. Very few work with digital makers in an open-endedfashion and thereby can miss out on their creative potential.• Many cultural orgs have digital projects made without any visibility of the underlying thinking and development processes.• Few organisations have processes by which to generate interesting, innovative project ideas.• Many cultural practitioners find digital stuff intimidating and inaccessible... Geeks-in-Residence bring a human face to innovation.• It works. All five of our 2012 hosts found their experience valuable.
  4. 4. What do you get out of it?Your project prototype could deal with any element of your work -creative, organisational or audience-focussed. What’s important isthat you come up with the idea through dialogue with your geek.•£6k of developer/designer time - sourced & matched by Sync.•A prototype of an innovation-led project that allows you to explore & test new ways of doing things or a new line of thinking.•Awareness & understanding of development & design processes.•Access to new thinking and new networks.•A dedicated Sync producer support to guide and optimise the opportunity.
  5. 5. What makes an eligible host?.A cultural organisation or practitioner based in Scotland.CEO/Director or equivalent prepared to champion the residency.You understand that collaboration is different to commissioning.You have time to support the geeks and learn from them.You can physically host them & give them access to your team.You are open to having your thinking and practice challenged.You know the difference between a prototype & a full project.You recognise that creativity & innovation requires risk.You are ready to be challenged and think differently
  6. 6. What do you have to put in?This is a collaboration rather than a commission. It’s about workingtogether, so your relationship with your digital maker/s will be one ofpeers rather than as client and service provider•A senior member of staff to engage with & champion the project.•Enough time and energy to work with the geek/s to identify a great project.•Enough access and support to enable the project to develop and ensure organisation-wide learning.•Written content about your experience for publication in Sync Tank, our online magazine (•Attendance at a maximum of two events.
  7. 7. Timelines Feb Mar April May June July to November DecemberCandidate hosts apply Shortlisted 2013 Hosts orgs confirmed interviewed Geek 2013 recruitment residencies live confirmed Residencies take place during this period Completed by Dec 10th
  8. 8. How to applyIf you would like to be considered as a 2013 cultural host pleasere-read this information pack and send Rohan the following info by March 15th at the latest1.Which organisation is applying?2.Who would champion the residency and what is their role?3.Why do you want to host a Geek-in-Residence?4.What will make you an interesting host to work with?Please limit your answers to Q3 and Q4 to 200 words.
  9. 9. Sync is a two-year programme for thecultural sector in Scotland – helping culturalorganisations develop more interesting andprogressive relationships with technology andtechnologists.Sync consists of the landmark Culture HackScotland event, this Geeks-in-Residenceprogramme, SyncTank the future-facing onlinemagazine and the Sync Sessions events.Sync is supported by Creative Scotland.Find out more at