Culture Hack Scotland - Invitation to be an agency supporter v1


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Culture Hack Scotland - Invitation to be an agency supporter v1

  1. 1. An invitation to be a supporter ofCulture Hack Scotland, April 27-28 2012
  2. 2. Culture Hack Scotland 2012 is a 24 hr event where digital & design talent worktogether with cultural organisations to make new and exciting innovation projects.Last year’s CHS was the most productive event of its type ever seen and was themost remarkable example to date of two of Scotland’s great sectors - the culturaland the digital - innovating together.The calibre of the participation cultural organisations include the EdinburghFestivals, National Museums of Scotland, Scottish Poetry Library, Film 4 and manymore.Culture Hack Scotland 2012 takes place April 27/28 in Glasgow with the themeData, Sound+Vision as part of Sync the new prototyping and cultural innovationprogramme for Scotland.The event is core-funded by Creative Scotland and this is an invitation for you tosupport the event at either £250 or £500 and thereby help take it to an evenhigher level of production & quality.
  3. 3. Benefits of your sponsorshipGENERAL £250 £500!raised awareness with over 60 talented developers and designers . .!raised awareness with key Scottish cultural leaders + orgs . .!association your company with a unique innovation event . . SPECIFIC!logo on Culture Hack Scotland online estate . .!social media announcement inc. dedicated blog post . .!named hack prize (e.g. The Agency X Prize for...”) . .!logo included in projection displays during event .!advert in SyncTank magazine targeted to cultural professionals Scotland .
  4. 4. How your support will be spentYour £250 or £500 will be spent in one of four ways:1) Prizes. Prize packages worth £50-£100 for participant’s efforst2) Drinks. Refreshments for the Friday launch evening and the Saturdayshow&tell packages.3) Bursaries. For Scottish developers and designers from outside the central beltto attend the event.4) Swag. Useful items for everyone such as last year’s popular CHS mugAnd of course you can choose how your money is spent - either on one item oracross several. In-kind prizes are also welcome.
  5. 5. Contact Rohan on 07967 186 588 / @syncHQOther Sync partnership packages available also available upon request
  6. 6. Further information you might like to know
  7. 7. CHS is part of SYNC is a new two-year programme for the culturalsector in Scotland – all about making, prototyping and innovationin the space where culture, technology and design meetSYNC is a core element of Creative Scotland’s Cultural Economystrategy and consists of the landmark Culture Hack Scotlandevent, a Geeks-in-Residence programme and SyncTank thefuture-facing online magazine.
  8. 8. “ Culture Hack Scotland was a great advert for how open innovation can transform access to culture. Blown away by Culture Hack Scotland. Probably the most productive hackday that I’ve ever seen. Well done Scotland. A fantastic opportunity for non-techies to get their head around the possibilities that digital media offers. An educational, informative and fun experience. It really highlighted the advantages and importance of openness and collaboration. No clearer demonstration of how the worlds of digital and the ” arts are the same terra firma. I want more. Participant feedback at Culture Hack Scotland 2011
  9. 9. “ Being part of Culture Hack Scotland helped define our approach to innovation and has given us access to a like-minded and influential community of culture, design and digital professionals Hugh Wallace ” Head of Digital Media, National Museums of Scotland
  10. 10. Culture Hack Scotland 2012 will be held in Glasgow in Aprilat the stunning SocietyM
  11. 11. Centrally located just 5 minutes from Glasgow Queen Street,this creative workspace will be inspiring for all involved
  12. 12. Oh and your partnership will be in safe handsThe core Sync/Culture Hack Scotland team of producers all helped make it the success it was lastyear and are all leaders in their respective fields:Strategy Lead/ /Rohan GunatillakeHeads up the acclaimed Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab and was this year named by Wiredmagazine as one of fifty people who will change the worldCultural Lead/ /Suzy GlassProducer at Trigger, leading on a portfolio of creative happenings where art-forms, sectors andinterests collideLogistics Lead/ /Erin MaguireMedia producer and technical event manager with extensive experience in digital projects andproduction for arts organisationsDeveloper Lead/ /Devon WalsheEntrepreneur, publisher and geek working in the media, arts and cultural sector in Scotland andfounder and director of The Journal
  13. 13. Thank