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Crowdfunding Websites: Engage & Empowering Patrons


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Like any other website, fund raiser websites also carry a few feature and functionalities. In this article we have discussed a few point to be remembered when someone is looking for a website he want to get developed for crowd funding.

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Crowdfunding Websites: Engage & Empowering Patrons

  1. 1. CR O W D F U N D I N G WE B S I T E S : EN G A G E & EM P O W E R I N G PAT R O N S In accordance with all the innovative advances that the web world has brought to us, the rise of crowdfunding websites is among the most impressive ones. We often wish to do something sensible for our community; like splintering-in few pounds for our child's school, or to support a significant native agreeableness. Wouldn't it be great if we get a web interface to do all that? A website that would not only help you in donating money for a cause, but also enables you to track your investments/donations! The growing variety of crowd funding web development is establishing the fact that these websites are considered to be one of the most important as well as reliable fund-raising tools. Through these websites, individuals can invest in assisting a project, business, charity or social enterprise – to get off the bottom and grow. In purview of this recent phenomenon, let's discuss the in-&-outs of such websites here. On an outset.... One such site facilitates you with a platform to set-up a non-profit web entity that would help you in acquiring funds for various causes. Apart from the introductory static pages, a fund-raising page that accepts money through it's own credit card processor - is a must for one such site. Many of those sites also enable people to line up fund-raising pages on behalf of the charities they want to support. On the contrary, other varieties may enable the organization you are supporting to set up a master page for any particular campaign. The master-page will assist the supporters to line up further pages which they can use to induce their friends and colleagues to participate in the master campaign by donating and helping the cause.
  2. 2. Elements that you need in your fund-raiser site: • It's a given fact that, when you are looking for a fund raising website development service provider, you should shop a lot. Each site offers different features and benefits, thus their development costs also vary. However, we are listing a few finger tips that you can keep in mind while hiring one: • The Attire: Like any other website, looks matter the most when it comes to a crowdfunding website. The idea is to present your motive & cause in such a way that your patrons can instantly understand your point and feel motivated to help you spontaneously. A video that explains everything with compelling pictures are “must-haves” here. • Ease of Use: If your site enables users to create their personal pages to populate the cause and help in raising funds; the best thing would be to avoid adding too much technicalities in the page creation process. The simpler crowd funding website design you have, the best it can work for you. • Payment Processing: The more payment options you give to your donors, the more fund you raise. If you add a complex credit card/debit card/net banking payment process, you may likely to loose a few patrons. People may agree to shed a few pounds, but your complex payment system may disgust them. Thus, keep it as simple as possible. • Social Marketing Capabilities: Fund raising requires more and more involvement from people across communities or geographical boundaries. The more supporters you have, the more successful your cause is. Thus, make sure you allow your patrons to share your pages on their social networking home pages - so that a greater section of the mass can also come to know about your endeavors. And you never know, you may end up getting help from some of the unexpected corners of the globe. With all these and more, we can ensure that you will be capable of running a successful online movement to raise huge cash for your next campaign. If you are looking for a conspicuous web development firm that would help you in fund raising web design & development, giving a shout to SynapseIndia at may worth the call. CON TAC T FOR M OR E IN FOR M ATI ON Kapil Gupta, COO, SynapseIndia