Why Hire Mobile Application Developers from India


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Mobile app development being an important marketing exercise these days, it has become all the more important to find out a cost effective way to produce it. Thus, outsourcing come into the play.

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Why Hire Mobile Application Developers from India

  1. 1. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Index Title Page 2 Outsourcing and India Connection Page 3 The global app environment Page 4 Indian mobile developers USP Page 5 Contact Page 6 Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  2. 2. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Why Hire Mobile Application Developers from India Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  3. 3. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Outsourcing and the India Connection To define simply, outsourcing is just about offloading your extra work share to someone who can do the job better and in a cost-effective manner. But, over the year the concept itself has evolved a lot and not outsourcing industry is not just meant for extra piece of work. IT industries with higher development cost are now opting for outsourcing services as that not only saves money, but keeps them one step ahead with the research of future opportunities. From software development to app development, almost every sphere of IT has its share of outsourcing story and the best known place to look for has been India always. A data shared by SourcingLine, according to a survey over some of the major elements to be considered while giving marks to any outsourcing destination are shared here. In this survey India has not been able to dominate all other prime hubs in each of the tests, but overall it has retained the position of number one. The overall outsourcing index of India is 7.1, cost competitiveness index is 8.3, resources and skills index is 6 and business & economic environment 4.2. Countries following are Indonesia, Estonia, Singapore, Bulgaria, China, etc. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  4. 4. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin The Global App Scenario: The outsourcing is totally related to the demand. The global app economy witnessed a worth $53 Billion in 2012, which reached the height of $68 Billion by the year 2013. The CAGR growth rate has been estimated to be 28% which will make sure that by the end of 2016 the market with be of $143 Billion. The most of this contribution with be coming from Asia Pacific region and Latin America. It is estimated that in the year 2013 there were 2.3 million people directly connected with various companies for app development. Another fact suggests that almost 12.6% of the developer community of world is that of mobile app developers. This means 1 out of every 8 is now related to mobile app industry. With the passage of time this number will see more height. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  5. 5. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin USP of the Indian Mobile Developers: Discussing on the outsourcing part and India’s strong hold in that has settled one fact that when it comes to mobile platforms app development India is leading with strong reasons. Mobile application developers India are not here only to make you save few hundred dollars, but they are here to deliver you with consultancy, service and solutions that really matters. There are tons of reasons for going ahead with them and in many write-ups these have been duly covered, but here also let’s discuss those for keeping the brighter points in your memory. Here are some of the major points: a. Superior Deployment Speed: With the presence of so many qualified names in the development hub India, you are always in a commanding position as a client. You can ask the project manager to pace up the speed and they will follow your lead. This will save quite of our project development time and expenditure meant of overlooking the whole process. b. Wide, Cross-platform kKnowledge: All the codes they offer from the very initial stage are cross-platform compliant and reusable codes. Thus, if you want any customization done on later stages and do not want to spend more money by hiring someone you can do it yourself provided you have the knowledge of subject. The above points can give headway to start a process towards outsourcing. There are several features like favorable infrastructure and policies that make India the favored destination when it comes to mobile app development. While statistics support India and its horde of outsourcing app Development Companies, for the maximum benefit, all it needs are a few prudent and open interactions with an expert. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  6. 6. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin CONTACT: SynapseIndia Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Email:info@synapseindia.com Skype: synapse_india URL:- http://www.synapseindia.com/ Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind