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Shamit Khemka discussed Top 5 php framework to boost your Custom web development

SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka discussed Top 5 php framework to boost your Custom web development

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Shamit Khemka discussed Top 5 php framework to boost your Custom web development

  1. 1. What are the Top 5 PHP frameworks to aid you in custom web development Contents: The frameworks Introduction Page 2 A little more about PHP Page 2 Few big shots among frameworks Page 2 Conclusion Page 3 By Shamit Khemka
  2. 2. Being a very popular name in the scripting arena PHP is used primarily to develop sites and web applications that has MVC pattern for customizing any particular part of the application independently. As because it is free and easy to use quite a number of developers make use of it. A word about the PHP framework Talking about frameworks it must be highlighted that PHP has 18 frameworks which offers diverse range of features and based on the project scope those are utilized. On several periods some of them have been popular over other, but primarily there are top few among whom the real competition goes on. “SynapseIndia research and development always keeps a keen eye on ongoing updates and changes that makes our PHP development team aligned with the client's requirements.” as said by C.E.O Shamit Khemka. According to Google Trends most searched framework is Yii which is followed by Zend, Codeignitor, Cake PHP and Symfony respectively in the year 2013. The search volume of Yii is 88 which is much ahead of the rest of the lot. But decision of opting for any of these options is not taken by mere search volume index checking my developers. When it comes to php web development need the focus remains over the project requirement and based on that the most suitable framework is used. And a little more about PHP As PHP helps in creating robust functionality in any web application project it is widely popular among developers and business owners. It’s basically open source and is based on C++ language. This result is getting good many numbers of developers as this language is considered the mother of all. Frameworks are essential for developing any application or site as it helps is management of content and admin panel. It can be called the backbone of any website or web application.
  3. 3. From quite a few in the list of frameworks one needs to find the most befitting one for their custom web application need and for that professional expertise is needed. To make the whole process a little simpler discussing various parts of these frameworks might be helpful. Other big shots among frameworks: All Built around PHP! • Yii Framework: The name of Yii already bells the survey report that has been shared above a sense of authority. This one is most favored among developers and best fit for web 2.0 web application developments. Moreover it is faster than its counterparts and has additional features like error handling, etc. It can be used for cross-platform development too. You will get additional support in the form of features such as MVC, Caching, Authentication, Access Control, Database Access Object, etc with Yii. Also its implementation time is much lesser than other and security is top-notch. • Zend Framework: This one is often called the enterprise framework as most of the companies looking for high-performance php web based application prefer it over others. • Symfony: Being open source and lighter than all other options Symfony does have its benefit. Its loyal user base makes use of it as it is easily modifiable, lets the usage of various elements and complies with MVC structure. It has library with PHP code for making the development process easier. Symfony is configurable with any databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. As far as operating system is concerned it is quite friendly with UNIX and Windows OS. • Cake PHP: For those projects which need fastest development Cake PHP is the name to keep in mind. With the presence of features like translations, database access, etc. the whole development process becomes much easier. If you love doing lesser code this is the option to use. • CodeIgniter: Understanding CodeIgniter is quite easy with simple interface and logical structure throughout. These features have made it quite a famous option. Freelancers often make use of this as its open source and are most simple to understand. While the ‘top five’ list above will help you chose among eighteen PHP-based frameworks in your next project. This would hopefully spare you from the confusion, as you won’t have to check all. For more professional assistance – including decision-making to implementing the solution – you need a professional help. We can be that help!