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Synapse Interactive, a part of Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. is publishing a SEO E-book for beginners and intermediaries. This E-book covers various SEO topics in a total of 10 chapters. This ezine would guide on how to take full advantage of internet marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing E-Book By Synapse Interactive

  1. 1. 2009 SEO EZINE SEO ARTICLES & TIPS [ is a website of Synapse India Group offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services globally. With more than dozen of successful and happy SEO clients, is sharing some tips for its visitors. ] Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. 7/16/2009
  2. 2. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: CONTENTS WHY SHOULD ONE USE SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION? ..................... 3 STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SEO ..................................................................... 4 THE SECRETS OF GOOD KEYWORDS ........................................................ 5 WHAT IS SEO COPYWRITING? ................................................................. 6 SEO COPYWRITING - ITS IMPORTANCE IN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ........... 6 WHY AN SEO CONSULTANT IS A BETTER CHOICE? .................................. 8 TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF INTERNET MARKETING................................ 9 THE EVOLUTION OF AFFILIATE MARKETING.......................................... 10 TIPS FROM SEO CONSULTANTS ............................................................. 11 IT OUTSOURCING CONSULTANCY ......................................................... 12 IT OUTSOURCING TO INDIA - A REVIEW ....................................................... 13 OUTSOURCING SEO SERVICES ............................................................... 14 WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A SEO COMPANY? ................................................ 14 Page | 2 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  3. 3. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: WHY SHOULD ONE USE S EARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION? Imagine, there are two people-- one is Mark, and another is John. Both are dealing into virtual world and offer their products to Web surfers. They also share common aims of selling a great number of products and making a large number of customers. Mark has invested his money in Adwords and depends entirely on it to get sales leads. He has invested $15 and gets just a single sale, which compelled him to go out and work for some else. In this scenario, Mark has to create good work for others and help them to earn more. Now come to another situation. John owns an online business. He checks out his business status everyday to ensure its improvements. One day, he finds out that he has been spending $399 in Adwords and receiving 5 sales in response to it. But, he is not satisfied and has been looking out for a solution that might increase his sales further. Now, imagine your company's online presence and estimate the number of sales it produces so far. Are you satisfied or do you want a solution to improve the situation? If your answer is affirmative, looking out for the search engine optimization services could be the possible solution for improving the presence in online marketplace. Hiring the expertise of a dedicated team of SEO would help you in formulating right strategies to gain the top positions in the online world. They will decide the proper methodologies and tactics to generate more traffic and better results. Apart from Adwords management, SEOs deal in many other ways that can improve the ranking and rating of your website and web pages. Professional SEO Services in India India has developed a competitive service market place to address the emerging challenges of the online businesses. Avail the advanced SEO services in India to get an upper hand over your competitors and taste the fruits of success. Page | 3 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  4. 4. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is a specialized job that can do wonders for a website. There are scores of expert SEO professionals with impeccable understanding of the entire SEO process, who can really help promote your website to a great extent. However there are some recurrent simple mistakes which render an SEO process useless even after all the efforts put in. A check list is an excellent idea of ensuring that these mistakes are avoided. Using a keyword research tool is a good idea. These tools, with there huge database of targeted keywords help at finding the most appropriate set of keywords and key phrases. Try to allocate each page for a particular keyword or a keyword phrase. These act as the primary keyword or primary key phrases. Once this is done, secondary keywords or key phrases can be used in the remaining part of the page. Insist on your website being linked in a user friendly manner. Make sure that all the pages of your website are accessible through simple links. Try to avoid fancy graphics to link all the pages of your website. Instead, use texts in an optimized manner. This will help with your Keyword count. Be extra cautious when adding links. For example, if you add a link to a page where the primary key phrase is Search Engine submission, ensure that the links to the page contains the same phrase, i.e. Search Engine Submission. A sitemap is a must. Search engines prefer scanning or indexing the sitemap since it serves as an easy gateway to your entire website. Make your website content rich. Try to add sufficient SEO friendly content and articles that correspond to the main theme of your website. Add links from these articles to the relevant pages of the website. Go for an effective link exchange program. This means exchanging links of your website with other websites those are catering to the same industry but are not your competitors. Again, watch out for irrelevant links. Irrelevant links can be detrimental to your website and you risk your website being banned by search engines. Page | 4 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  5. 5. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: THE SECRETS OF GOOD KEYWORDS The key to search engine ranking is a set of good keywords and key phrases. More specific your keywords or key phrases are the more probable your website is for getting a good ranking in search engines. Most Internet marketing companies long to have a website that ranks high over their competitors and spend fortunes on finding keywords and key phrases that best represent them. However, it is often found that good keywords are not target by a large number of websites, and hence they fail to get rankings. There are some very effective tools that will help you find your best set of keywords and key phrases. The first one you should consider is WordTracker. A very user friendly website, the WordTracker can be accessed for $7 for 24 hours. The WordTracker features a window where you need to type in a keyword phrase you think suits your requirements the best. Upon doing this, the WordTracker will display a list of related phrases. Choose the ones you like the most and run through the software. Now the software will perform a set of internal analysis to rate your chosen keywords and key phrases based upon number of users searching for it and websites targeting them. The process is just to give you a list of the most targeted keywords and key phrases. The higher the rating the more effective it is. Google Adwords, offered by Google, is one of the most preferred keywords and key phrases analysis tool. It works in a similar fashion to that of WordTracker, where you need to type in your targeted keywords and key phrases and get a list of the most used, visited, or preferred keywords and key phrases targeted by websites. Overture is another tool which helps at identifying keywords and key phrases. Overture is highly preferred by SEO professionals because it gives a similar list of keywords and key phrases like the WordTracker, free of cost and faster. However, overture does not display the number of websites targeting the keywords and key phrases. Using these tools optimally will surely help you get a high rank in major search engines. After all, that is what each and every Internet marketing company long. Page | 5 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  6. 6. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: WHAT IS SEO COPYWRIT ING? SEO Copywriting can be referred to as writing for search engines. It’s not just placing words anywhere on a page and loading it with keywords and key phrases so that you are ranked well rather it’s an acquired skill that takes experience and knowledge to carry out. SEO copywriting is a competent method of achieving high and stable rankings with some of the major search engines. Search engines require keyword text in order to classify a webpage's content within its directory and such keywords and key phrases must be represented within predetermined positions in a webpage to ensure it meets the search engine standards. Overemphasizing a particular phrase is referred to as spamming and this can lead a search engine to steer clear of your website and even penalize you. 1. Exclusively gain a high ranking for non-competitive keyword phrases. 2. Assist and stabilize rankings for competitive keyword phrases. 3. Achieve extensive results that perform well across many search engines by taking into consideration that a page will never do equally well in all engines. SEO copywriting can never guarantee permanent ranking. Even the very best search engine optimization copywriting will fall in rankings, as other websites optimize themselves. Quality SEO Copywriting aims at maintaining rankings for a solid duration, often a year or two, within the free listings. SEO COPYWRITING - ITS IMPORTANCE IN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION SEO copywriting, simply put, is a new way of writing content in a way that is search engine friendly. Search engine copywriting involves framing the contents in a web-friendly manner. A widely prevailing misconception about search engine copywriting is that search engine copywriting is nothing but stuffing the content with keywords to make it rank high in search engines but a hopeless read for visitors in the process. However, the fact is quite dissimilar. In fact, search engine copywriting is the ideal blending of keywords and key phrases to make the content an interesting read to visitors, and search engine friendly. For aspiring search engine copywriters Page | 6 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  7. 7. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: If you plan to try your hand at search engine copywriting, you need to take care of some points: Density of keywords in the content- Search engine copywriting, as opposed to normal copywriting is writing for both search engines as well as human surfers. Hence, a well-planned mixture of keywords and key phrases should be used. Make a comprehensive keyword research before starting- A webpage is usually optimized for a particular keyword or a group of key phrases. Hence, knowledge of keywords and key phrases in advance will result in faster and easier framing of the content. Placement of keywords and key phrases-search engines scan the entire page for relevant keywords and key phrases, not just the first paragraph or heading. Hence, the idea should be to make the entire content keyword friendly. The beginning of the page should contain the important keywords as some search engines refrain from reading deep into pages. Keyword density-This is a serious consideration. Overstuffing the content with keywords and key phrases does not ensure high ranking. In fact, search engines like Google are prompt in penalizing websites with overstuffed keyword content. Ideally, a webpage should be optimized for one or two primary keywords and around five secondary keywords and the ideal density should be 3%. Length of page: All of your web pages should have sufficient text. The home page is the most important section and should be emphasized upon. As far as word limit is concerned, search engines such as Google, Overture, and MSN prefer pages with number of words between 300 and 500 on your home page and important section pages to assess its keyword relevance. SEO copywriting is not difficult, but a bit complicated as compared to normal copywriting as the needs of both search engine and human visitors have to be taken care of. Hence, being a little methodical in your approach can bring overwhelming results, something that you had never imagined before. Page | 7 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  8. 8. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: WHY AN SEO CONSULTAN T IS A BETTER CHOICE ? Are you getting overburdened with the lack of results of your online marketing expenses? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. In fact it is a common trend that is showing among online marketing companies—dwindling ROI. The Internet is loaded with exclusive marketing programs of all kinds but few are competitive and reliable enough to give you the promised results. Let’s go to the statistics. There are scores of companies who have tried and are still trying to go online based on in-house knowledge. There is nothing wrong with this, especially if you already have the necessary resources. However, there is a darker side of that. Online marketing means that you want to make business through your website, which in turn necessitates that your website be ranked high in major search engines. It is found that 85 out of the 100 visitors a website gets come through search engines. Hence, you need a high ranking if you intend to make business and a high ranking is achieved only by SEO. SEO is a constantly evolving field which requires constant up gradation by the professionals. For a company with core competency other that internet marketing spending resources on updating its professionals on the latest SEO techniques may not be very return centric. Hence, getting help from a consultant is definitely a better idea. I will tell you why. You lack a professional overview of the market. Unlike professional SEO consultants who continuously strive to keep updated with the latest evolving techniques, you have to rely on your core competency, thereby sidelining SEO. Hence is the result. You lack perception. You may upgrade yourself once or twice, and know much about SEO, but you never know how the market will respond to it. It has happened many a times that an SEO consultant, with his clearly laid down plans, has rendered unimaginable good results. You might need some discipline where keeping track of market changes are concerned. This is a common problem, and perhaps a major one. In order to cope up with your core competencies, you might sideline your SEO needs. This is will definitely show it your results. In other words, you need to be an expert to thrive in today’s competitive market. You are showing your expertise when your core competency is concerned. So why not let SEO consultants show theirs’ when SEO is concerned? Page | 8 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  9. 9. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF INTERNET MARKETIN G The secret of maximize your Internet marketing opportunities is search engine optimization. While, proper search engine optimization means optimal usage of keywords and key phrases. Choosing of appropriate keywords requires a thorough knowledge of the terms people usually search on the Internet in order to obtain information. In other words, if your keywords and key phrases are appropriate then chances of your website being visited by your target customers are high. But there is an ethical way of doing everything. Your keywords and key phrases should not generate spams or unsolicited mails, and risk your website being a source of annoyance for everyone. Now that your website has been optimized, the time for its submission to search engines has come. The obvious question that arises is which search engines to submit to. One of the best search engines of today is Google, and there are reasons behind it. Today, Google is the most visited search engine on the Internet. A simple and uncomplicated interface, the absence of adverts, and relevant search results make it the most preferred search engine. Moreover, Google has agreements with other major search engines and search directories such as Yahoo, MSN, etc. for example, Yahoo, AOL, Netscape, some of the most popular search directories use Google’s database for servicing. Hence, if your website is ranked in Google then there is a high possibility that it will receive high rankings in their sites as well. It is also advisable to get your website listed at the Open Directory Project, DMOZ is a renowned directory and is well respected in the search engine optimization industry throughout the world. What gives DMOZ its stand is that it uses expert human editors to scan the websites, unlike automated spiders or crawlers of other major search engines. Manual scanning ensures relevancy and quality of listings on DMOZ. Hence, if you enlist in DMOZ then there is a high probability that you will get high rankings in Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other major search engines. Now comes the most important part, search engine submission. Statistics reveal that manual submission is the best practice to get your website ranked. Manual submission to a dozens of search engines requires time but it’s worth doing. Major SEO professional prefer manual submission because most of the major search engines prefer manual submission. There are scores of software that claim that they can submit your website to a huge number of search engines. However such claims are totally baseless since there are only a dozen of major search engines that can really be counted and these software only get your website listed to Free for All (FFA) sites. You risk yourself being blacklisted or penalized by authentic search engines for getting enlisted in FFA sites. Once you have submitted your website manually to some of the major search engines, you have nothing to do except waiting patiently. It will take at least a couple of weeks for your website to show on Google rankings. Page | 9 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  10. 10. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: THE EVOLUTION OF AFFILIATE MARKETING Earlier, affiliate marketing was considered not that ethical as there was very little control over the affiliate marketing strategies, which used to be ill-treated by a large number of affiliates. False advertisements, trademark bidding on search engines, forced clicks to get tracking cookies set of computers, and most importantly adware—these all contributed to rapid miss management. Moreover, many affiliate programs were poorly managed, making the way for affiliate opting for false practices to gain quick income. But the scenario is now changed and improved. And there are enough reasons for this welcome improvement. Increase in online revenue generation, the gaining importance of e-commerce, which has become an integrated part of overall business as it generates more income than traditional advertising are some of the major reasons. In fact, companies are also hiring affiliate management companies to manage affiliate programs nowadays. Adware is an issue that still haunts affiliate marketing, but nowadays it is being dealt with strictly. Businesses are even realizing how adware harm their image than doing good. Usually, adware has neither any valuable purpose nor does it provide any useful message to users on whose computer they are flashing. In fact, online businesses are now quite against adware, an affiliate networks are even being forced by businesses to ban adware publishers from their network. The Web redefined The rise of blogging, online communities, and other evolving technologies has made their impact on affiliate marketing as well. Today, modern technology allows businesses to get closer to their affiliates and improve communications between each other. Some portals such as Return on Affiliates even allow affiliates, businesses, and networks to interconnect easily. All these developments have made it difficult, rather impossible to make money unethically. Moreover, search engines are coming out with newer technologies to detect and publicize unscrupulous affiliates with greater pace and efficiency—all aimed at making affiliate marketing a good way to generate revenue. Page | 10 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  11. 11. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: TIPS FROM SEO CONSUL TANTS  Ensure that your website title has keywords that represent your site effectively. The title should be short but always inclusive of your keyword(s).  Use meta-tag descriptions and meta-tag keywords on every page of your site if you want them to be indexed by the search engines.  Write quality content using most important keywords prominently throughout your website.  Perform a thorough keyword planning on both the search engines and directories to determine the best set of keywords and key phrases.  Put alternative text in your graphics that clearly describe the graphic image and use your keywords whenever possible.  Do not try to dupe search engines.  Organize the important content near the top of your pages. Search engine spiders read this to determine rankings. Closer to the top is usually better, and having keywords throughout a webpage develops a theme, which is also important.  Stuff the top of your pages with data that engines can read. Avoid HTML formatting, images, scripts, etc. toward the top of your page as these can result in lower ratings.  Always update your website. No one likes to visit a page that hardly changes or that is very out dated. Avoid dead links, these are not only an inconvenience for the visitor, but can also negatively influence your rankings.  Don't be fascinated by images. An artist can make a beautiful screen that displays the content in the most eye-pleasing way, but the search engines don't have eyes. So, more the content higher the rank.  Search engines rate heavily on how many other websites in their index have links to your website. It can take some time to get lot of authenticate links to your website, but patience helps. Page | 11 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  12. 12. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: IT OUTSOURCING CONSULTANCY The term IT outsourcing consultancy makes meaning for many world-wide. And considering the expanse of support the service provides to non-IT companies, it is quite understandable why it is so. An IT outsourcing consultancy service focuses on creating better opportunities for a business through competent and careful use of the Internet and contact- centers etc. The result is apparent through the distinctive competitive advantage which clients relish for a longer period of time. IT companies that provide expert consultancy services in IT outsourcing usually command on four main areas of specialization to provide the overall benefits of the emerging technological development. Let us discuss them in brief: Software Development: In this growing world, software requirement of companies differ. In order to satisfy the demands in the best manner, software companies make a thorough analysis of the requirement, frame their strategies and procedures to develop the solution that can satisfy the needs of different demands. It also includes business software analysis, prototype development, and database optimization. Website Designing & Development: A website design and development services includes steps like conceptualization, validation, creation and implementation of a fully developed and functional website that serves as the means of conveying an organization's vision to its end users. This service category takes care of logo designing, website navigability structuring and over all appearance of the web site. SEO & Internet Marketing: Once a website is ready to be launched in the online market, its needs effective marketing. Here, marketing means making the site popular by bringing it in the top rankings of major search engines. By making it visible in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs) the web site is made reachable for millions of net goers. Resultantly, prospective customers amongst them can easily recognize the presence of the web site and may end up availing the services. Services such as Search engine optimization (SEO), promotion, consultancy and analysis, online marketing, product promotion and submissions are amongst the many important aspects of this service range. Installation and Maintenance Services In a consultancy service for installation and maintenance, a company provides services for installing a web site, software or application and maintaining the usefulness of the service for a stipulated period of time. And while for retaining the interests of visits, a websites needs regular updates, an expert in managing websites ensures better and continuous reach to the website by continually updating it in terms of search engine specifications. Maintenance of the installed software is done via fixing bugs and conducting security checks. Page | 12 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  13. 13. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: IT outsourcing consultancy is a specialized field. It requires years of experiences to become technologically adept. For organizations in lookout for expert IT consultancy service providers, finding ones with experience in offering services to similar process alike to the respective business process is a necessity. IT OUTSOURCING TO INDIA - A REVIEW Nowadays IT outsourcing to India has become more about superior quality rather than cheap cost. Quality is the latest buzzword and is ruling business processes and services like never before. Indian firms are now focusing on process re engineering, excellent quality enhancement, training and certification level achievements. Various ITES and BPO firms in India now have specific quality departments that are accountable for ensuring accurate, consistent services to their clients. In the potential cutting costs will not be the only cause for outsourcing, it will be about superior quality of work. More multifaceted client services have already started substituting simple data processing, call center activities and SEO services. The higher-end functions being executed offshore these days include data mining, client data research, financial portfolio analysis, statutory reporting and inbound insurance sales, among others. Whilst multi-national firms choose to further cut costs, separation factors like skills, quality and modernism will become a driving force for IT outsourcing in India, thus making a sustainable competitive advantage. There is already a movement where activities considered for off shoring have moved up the value chain and begun to touch core functions, such as highly analytical processes. The frantic pace, with which Indian players are moving towards achieving internationally accepted quality control standards, largely arises out of the awareness that the Indian IT Outsourcing industries cannot maintain it on the advantages of lower costs and a huge pool of English speaking educated population alone. Apart from cost, the significance of quality, consistency, low error rates and customer satisfaction has never been felt more strongly as right now. However, any offshore approach formulated with an aim to attain these benefits, has been adding modest value when it comes to ensuring the position of IT with business. With most organizations' applications being supported from offshore, it is very significant to have Business-IT alignment as a part of their offshore approach. Moreover, range of an appropriate offshore engagement model allowing businesses to align IT Offshoring with business in the long run is the other impeditive. Page | 13 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  14. 14. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: OUTSOURCING SEO SERV ICES In this growing technological era, information is the power. When combined together information technology can create wonderful results to reap great benefits. People engaging in computer business realize that they need to have a good support system in hand. Hence, companies are turning towards outsourcing additional support to seek valuable needs and requirements. Information Technology shortly known as IT, includes developing and supporting computer-based information systems, such as networking, software and hardware and also a latest trend SEO (uses for Internet marketing services and Website promotion). The field is in great demand as more and more businesses come to rely heavily on outsourcing software development to earn the leading edge among competitors. The increasing demand for outsourcing information technology services have helped companies to save their money incurred in investing in various in-house functions. Advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology There are so many advantages of outsourcing activities in today's cut-throat competitive world. By looking around, a company or a service provider can actually finds a good match for the exact services it needs. In addition, outsourcing is often a cheaper option in comparison to hiring adequate staff to do the required services. In-house activities including staffing, training and others can be easily avoided by hiring the perfect information technology services. The cost savings also allows companies to concentrate on competing in their core business arena. As the market continues to move toward globalization and liberalization, constant improvement in the field of technology has been seen and it is expected that outsourcing fever will continue to grow in future too. With these new services like SEO or Website promotion, software companies re- evaluate their way of working and try to implement advanced business to generate better results. In addition, the practice offers cost-benefit incentives, which can help companies all over the world be more competitive. SEO marketing in India is one of the attractive destinations in software industry, offering great solutions in comparatively better price ranges. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A SEO COMPANY? It is always advised to check through the background of a SEO company so that you can get the desired results of a website projection. Expecting the Page | 14 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  15. 15. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: Website: results as per the company's competence will help you to determine the outcome of the whole search engine optimization process. Also, knowing adequate information about the company's worth and competence helps you in predicting the results and helps you to plans things prior so that you can catch the attractions of a large number of customers. Gathering information is also mandatory to monitor your website growth better and will also ensure that your website is growing on the right path. Knowing the initial working of search engine optimization market helps in getting the knowledge of different kinds of techniques prevailing in the search engine optimization market. You can easily hire the best technique that may benefit your business to a great extent. If you possess a sound knowledge of search engine optimization, you can easily identify the best technique to optimize your website. You can easily know about the usage of Black hat optimization techniques, which are officially unauthorized and illegal. Therefore, it is best to choose the company that uses legal and logical methods to produce the desired results. Get the services of a SEO company that use the right technique and the appropriate path to attain positive results. Professional SEO Services There are many professional SEO companies are operating in the market these days. All you need to do is to find the company that improves the worth of a website positively. Scrolling through the internet is the one of the smartest move to find the good quality search engine optimization consultancy. Having an access to SEO consultants will help you to get the rights results at the most appropriate time. Hire the most appropriates services and reap the benefits. Page | 15 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301