How to Pick the Right Outsource Software Company


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The offshore software development trend has witnessed a great deal of upswing in the recent past. And the same is suggested by global industry statistics coming from various authority sources.

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How to Pick the Right Outsource Software Company

  1. 1. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Index Title Page 2 The stature of outsourcing industry in India Page 3 A review of preference of buyer page 4 Points influencing outsourcing in 2014 page 5 Look for these in your partner page 6 Contact page 7 Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  2. 2. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin How to Pick the Right Outsource Software Company Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  3. 3. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin India is the prime face of outsourcing with a strong base of 2220 senior level developers, 1480 intermediate developers and 430 junior developers. All these numbers are much ahead of what China, Morocco and Tunisia outsourcing industries are offering in the year 2010. The Growing Stature of Outsourcing Industry in India All these get duly supported by number of qualified engineering students which in case of India was 900000 in the year 2010. This pace has been maintained by various Indian organizations and with government giving more aid to IT business and investment here the benefits are mounting. A sneak peak over Indian IT-BPO revenue generation also shows that by 2012, $69 billion service support has been exported and $32 billion has been imported. This is almost 7.5% GDP growth. All these have solidified the trust factor in this industry among the business owners from offshore. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  4. 4. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin A Review of Preference of the Service Subscribers Based on the preference of clients coming from various part of global IT industry, the trend of the outsourcing service catering has been changing. According to recent preference of global client base offshore outsourcing has seen a significant increase of 12% whereas over increase has been somewhat around 43%. This obviously comprises of Indian outsource software development company’s contribution. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  5. 5. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Points Influencing Outsourcing in 2014 There are always certain elements in the decision making process which influence the outsource service hiring process in organizations looking for software development, app or any other IT related service. There are two sets of operational and strategic points based on which today’s clients do take the final decision. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  6. 6. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin In this write-up this has been discussed explicitly as understanding these points makes one stay in a commanding position while being in a software development project with hired help from outsourcing company. According to the survey under the operational points the major one is ‘reduced operation costs’ and for having this only 43% of clients favor going for outsourcing. Next major important point is ‘greater flexibility to scale operations’ which covers a considerable part of 37% of the decision making part. 35% prefers it for getting standardized processes and for meeting compliance requirement 34%. Under the strategic influencing points the first one that comes in the list is ‘gaining access to talent’ which covers a respectable 24% of the decision making process. Also, similarly for getting the exposure of new technology 24% prefer outsourcing, etc. All these point towards a major statement and that is just like earlier times outsourcing is here to stay and that too with dominance. Look for a Partner who Keeps a Promise: Only one can succeed with having a reliable partner beside - both in business or technology development. In the industry of outsourcing software development is the most critical part and for making sure that the project sees a successful completion one needs to ensure hiring of the right name. Below are some more additional points which influence an ‘outsource’ talent hiring decision and must be looked over while hiring someone for project execution. • Passion about modern technology and command over that: Why should one just go seven seas away for hiring a developer unless he or his team has something unique to offer? In the age of semantic concept one must have the passion to know more about mobility, big data, cloud, etc. and all the expertise over these areas if they can themselves software developers. Look for these points while hiring any company. Innovation and understanding of business dynamics is also additionally impressive. • Customer support record: You must check the mindset of the firm when it comes to customer service as just technical knowledge won’t let you have a jerk-free project execution. A team with dedicated mentality is what you should look for. Keeping an eye over all the points enumerated above, you are going in a good stead ahead in enjoying some of the finest options in your software development endeavor. And if you have decided to go for an expert with proven experience in the domain, give us a chance to share our skills with you. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  7. 7. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin CONTACT: SynapseIndia Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Skype: synapse_india URL:- Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind