5 steps-to-choose-right-magento-website-development-company-in-india


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Best things to choose a Magneto Web Development Company from India to make your website most comfortable to users.

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5 steps-to-choose-right-magento-website-development-company-in-india

  1. 1. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Index Title Page 2 What Google says about Magento Page 3 Magento Connect Popular because Page 4 How to pick the best of Magento website Development Company Page 5 Contact Page 7 Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  2. 2. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Title 5 steps to choose the right Magento website Development Company in India! Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  3. 3. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin What Google says about Magento Before setting on to elaborate on the king ecommerce platforms - Magento, let’s have a glimpse of the podium where ultimately it has to prove itself. Google is the place where most of the fate of any ecommerce businesses’ sealed through organic search results and traffic interest. If Google trends analysis are to be believed Magento term is more popular than ecommerce itself, in simple words more people have searched Magento in Google than ecommerce. This factor is unrealistically true and so is the comparison between terms like ‘magentocommerce.com’, ‘prestashop.com’, ‘oscommerce.com’, ‘zen-cart.com’ and ‘vistuemart.com’. Out of these all ‘magentocommerce.com’ is far ahead of others when checked for traffic stats in Google trends. This again tells us that most of the people prefers Magneto over any other option for ecommerce. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  4. 4. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin Magento Connect is Popular Period! Google’s statistics are all valid, but to add to that there are many more attributes of Magento in particular that makes it what it is. A collection of more than 6400 extensions is what makes Magento store so very lovable to all the developers. These extensions suffice all the needs of ecommerce portal operation and manage many daunting tasks. Off late aheadworks stated in a survey that out of the fresh pile of submissions in Magento Connect 24% are themes and 76% extensions. This simple ratio tells that business owners are now more knowledgeable about the benefit of extensions and hence so much demand. Magento ecommerce development India is a name that practices liberty of approach in project lifecycle depending on project genre, but a standard path is always there where they don’t deviate from course. Magento is not just popular due to its platform’s robustness and flexibility, much of the credit goes to developers connected with this name and offering various services starting from integration, customization, extension tweaking to maintenance of the same. But, one needs to know what are the signs to look for in a genuine firm while asking them to deliver Magento development service for a ecommerce project. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  5. 5. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin How to Zero in on the Right Magento website Development Company Much of the projects fate depends on the team you hire for the job, and so just going for big names is not always wise. Having a fair idea about what points to look for and what questions to ask will put you in favorable position while dealing with them. Every store owner wants to have total control over the content of their site along with design; Magento offers just that in addition to a smooth admin panel for running the online portal. This made Magento the sweetheart among store owners. This popularity brought ebay to the table and made them offer Magento $180 million dollar. Magento website development India is a name that can be taken in this context as a trusted name, but following are the points to look over if you intend on hiring the right team for you. 1. Understanding of extensions: Smart work is much better than hard work and that is more important for the case of online business. There are hundreds of extensions which are meant to increase the efficiency of the portal many times, an authority developer uses them and saves your time and money. 2. Avoiding unnecessary script parts: Increasing the site speed is quintessential and this needs tweaking of various coding parts. Eliminating ‘else’ elements and ‘brackets’ from the code saves much of the coding job and lightens the site. One must have real understanding of these things. Generic approach won’t be very much helpful for you business success. 3. Gives importance to business logic: There are firms who will discuss the project scope with you in a fashion that it will look only a coding project, try to avoid them as they only cater codes and not business sense. For a successful store creation you need a team with right business understanding and knowledge of exclusive scripting style for adding value to the operation. Don’t just look for a great coder, look for a business minded one. 4. Gives value to user experience: Avoid those firms who do not employ the concept of UX design while initiating project planning. The ecommerce portal is meant for impressing the visitors with its aesthetic sense and usability. Make sure to have UX designers, Information architect and web planners in your hired team. 5. Understands concept of Mobile commerce: In the year 2009 according to Comscore survey there was 800 million mobile users which is expected to rise up to 1.9 billion by 2015. This prompted mobile commerce concept. For a successful ROI generation responsive design is a must and for that one needs to have through know-how of mobile commerce. Look for a developer with the flair for it. Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  6. 6. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin The moment you figure out that a company or developer sets itself to help you on the above lines, you know you are in for a joy ride. Longer! We extend a list of Magento-centric services for Small and Medium-sized businesses. From SEO to website development and ecommerce platform customization and integration, when it comes to Magento, we do it all! Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind
  7. 7. Follow Us: @Facebook #Twitter @Linkedin CONTACT: SynapseIndia Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Email:info@synapseindia.com Skype: synapse_india URL:- http://www.synapseindia.com/ Tel: +1-855-SYNAPSE Email: info@synapseindia.com (+91) 120 433 0500 IT Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind