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Leuphana team #293 0202


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Leuphana team #293 0202

  1. 1. LEUPHANA team #293NECKARSULM GrazIndustrial town of the 21st century Old town with industry in the surroundingsEach town and city is an individual, different from Each town and city is an individual, different fromall others. The town represented in the accompanying all others. The town represented in the accompanying photos isphotos is situated in southwestern Germany and had been a situated in southeastern Austria. Today the city has about 260.000rural small town until the end of the 19th century. Industrialization inhabitants and is the zweitgrösste town in Austria. I cannot describe ourand the influx of refugees and immigrant workers after the Second town as an industrial or cultural or creative or something other specialWorld War have turned it into a medium-sized town which has town, because Graz was not able to build a profile. The town-grown right up to the borders of its neighboring city. government (?) always tries new ideas, but never found a final result. 2003 we have been cultural capital of Europe.The first picture shows the town´s central spot, so to speak. It is the market place, The first picture shows the town where a weekly market is held, ´s central spot, so to speak. It and concerts take place during is the >Uhrturm< on the Grazer the summer. Also, it is part of a ´townhill` the Schlossberg. You small pedestrian zone which is can see it from most positions definitely a “feel-good” part of in the city. Surrounded from the town. The place´s prominent small alleys with „redheaded“ building is the town hall, from old houses. If you are looking which the quite wealthy town is on Graz from the air, you can governed by an elected mayor see the biggest connected red and town council. In addition, rooftops-oldtown. I would like the town hall is a fine example of to sho you: http:// well-preserved classic architecture. v=5pxHq10dgXA. Special is a big pedastrian zone -in contrast to Neckarsulm with a small pedestrian zone – but my description of it, is the same: the zone is definitely a “feel- good” part of the town. One of the last mayors of Graz started
  2. 2. LEUPHANA team #293 The second picture depicts the town´s old one of the first network(?) of cycle tracks. Inhabitants love it, pedastrians Catholic church. It is one of the oldest places sometimes hate it. of worship in this once mostly Catholic town which now has prominent Protestant and The „Mur“ , as you see on the second picture ( ) cuts the town into two parts. Left of the river and right of the river. Two Muslim communities. The church was heavily cultures. Left you find the so called „Bürgertum“ (bourgeoisie). At the damaged during the Second World War, but right is the redlight district and a growing district with many foreign c a re f u l l y re c o n s t r u c t e d a n d re s t o re d people (migrants). afterwards. It can be regarded as a symbol of the town´s willingness to survive, and the shows you the Kunsthaus also called the continuation of the place´s Christian tradition Friendly Alien. Opened 2003 it trys to be the connection between left which has prevailed in spite of the dictatorship and right. that led to the war and ultimately to the church´s One of the biggest problems in Graz is traffic and the pollution. Becausetemporary destruction. of the position Graz does not have enough air-circulation, so we respireThe town´s train station building has only recently been restored the dirt of the city and the industry in the neighbourhood of the town. As in Neckarsulm Graz (Styria) has an Automotive Industry in the south of on the outside and the city. modernized on the inside. It is situated on a Nobody wants to be responsible. Nobody tries to stop the problem main railway line which because the theme is unpopular. The next picture is the expression for connects the town to the our bad public traffic opportunities in Graz. rest of the world, so to speak. Also, the building is a fine example of the typical sandstone architecture of the late19th century.
  3. 3. LEUPHANA team #293 The central bus station serves So you see, Neckarsulm and Graz have nearly the same problems. A as the hub of local commuter lack of identity for driving the boat in case the industry is down in the traffic. Four bus lines connect future. And the second, the pollution. We do have green around and in most parts of the town with its the city, but not center, and many more lines enough to clean the make a connection to nearby air. Look! towns and villages and, ofcourse, to the neighboring city. Public transport plays an evermore important role in this town, which otherwise depends so Resumee: Peopleheavily on cars… come to town,all over the world. For …that are produced in this working and for giant factory, which living. Todays cities stretches for more than two are not ready for kilometers from north so this onrush. So it is south, and several hundred three after twelve to meters from east to west. stop our affluent The town´s long tradition as society, to think about the future of our children, to find new traffic- a site for the manufacture opptortunities, to build generation-houses, to use alternative energy, to do to do to do – for a better, cleaner world and OUR city in tomorrowsof cars has made its name widely known. The presence of the car cosmos.plant and its supply industries make for a large part of the town´swealth, which offers more jobs than it has inhabitants.The downside, of course, is the noise and pollution it All our photos:, aspects known only too well to the inhabitants of theresidential area that directly faces the factory. In addition, the grayconcrete silhouette leaves not much green to be seen. Theunpleasant view is continued in the background, where theneighboring city´s coal power plant produces even morepolluted air. Somehow, the whole affair stinks…
  4. 4. LEUPHANA team #293 …which makes the presence of a green lung vitally important. Luckily, the town has a pleasant park of respectable size, though it is cut by a road in one place. A nice spot foran afternoon walk, this pond is a popular meeting place duringthe summer. Taking a bath there is reserved for ducks and otheranimals though… …whereas humans can make use of this public bath. It is one of the town´s most formidable places for recreation and attracts many visitors from afar. Several indoor basins and attractions can be foundunder the glass dome, while the heated outside basin makes for agreat swim even in cold winters.This town in the heart of Europe may have a bright future, as longas the car industry is booming. Should it decline one day, arestructuring of the local economy is vital for its survival, lest amass exodus of its inhabitants in search for other jobs sets in.Luckily, the headquarters of a supermarket chain and several ITcompanies guarantee some economic diversity. If the townsucceeds in limiting the effects of pollution and attracting“greener” industries, it may thrive and grow to be a real smallcity…