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Windows Phone 7.5 와 Windows 8 메트로 스타일 앱 개발


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Cross Device Development - Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows 8

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Windows Phone 7.5 와 Windows 8 메트로 스타일 앱 개발

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 현재 80,000 개 넘어 곧 10만개로! 게임 14%
  3. 3. Windows Phone : KT-Nokia Lumia710 Consumers Launch Party & T Apps Showcase op
  4. 4. Case Study - 연합뉴스 분야명 타일영역 해당분야 톱기사 제목 톱기사 제목은 전체표출. 1줄~3줄 해당분야 톱기사 관련사진 관련사진 없으면 표시 안 함 Section title 66px Margin 26px
  5. 5. Bugs
  6. 6. 계속해서 개발자들에게 디바이스 지원!! 연락 바람!!
  7. 7. metro.
  8. 8. design principles describefundamental ideas about thepractice of good design, these ideasare assumed to be the basis of allintentional design strategies.
  9. 9. a design language is an overarchingscheme or style that guides thecreation of a common set ofexperiences and user interfaces
  10. 10. Windows Phone Application Architecture Applications Your App UI and logic Frameworks Silverlight and XNA HTML5/JavaScript User data Structured data App Model UI Model CLR Cloud Integration App management Shell frame Xbox LIVE Licensing Session manager Bing Chamber isolation Direct3D Location Software updates Kernel Compositor Push notifications Data sharing Windows Live ID Hardware BSP Security Networking A-GPS Accelerometer Gyro Compass Light Proximity Storage Media Wi-Fi Radio Graphics Hardware Foundation
  11. 11. Windows 8 Platform Architecture Metro style apps Desktop app XAML HTML / CSS Vie w C C# Controller Model JavaScript HTML C C++ VB JavaScrip t C++ WinRT APIs System Services Communication Graphics & Devices & & Data Media Printing Application Model Internet Explorer Win32 Windows Kernel Services Kerne l
  12. 12. Windows Phone Mango Frameworks Windows Phone Frameworks Camera Device Integration Launchers & Choosers Windows Phone ControlsMultiTasking Structured Data PhoneApplicationFrame PhoneApplicationPage PushNotification WebBrowserControl Sensors Silverlight Presentation and Media XNA Frameworks for Games Controls Drawing IsolatedStorage Drawing GamerServicesSilverlight Silverlight Integration 4.0 Shapes Markup Media Navigation Media Input Graphics Audio Content Application Object Common Base Class Library Runtime Resources Globalization Reflection Location Text IO Net Diagnostics Sockets Security Threading Collections ComponentModel Configuration ServiceModel Linq
  13. 13. Metro style app APIs User Interface HTML5/CSS XAML DirectX Controls Data Binding SVG Tiles Input Accessibility Printing Devices Communications & Data Portabl Sensor Geolocation NFC Contracts Local & Cloud Storage Web e s Notifications Streams Media Visual Backgroun Networkin Playback Capture PlayTo XML SMS Effects d Transfer g Fundamentals Application Memory Authenticatio Cryptograph Threading/Timers Globalization Services Management n y
  14. 14. 윈도우폰 라이브 타일
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Silverlight XAML namespaces Windows Runtime XAML namespacesSystem.Windows Windows.UI.XamlSystem.Windows.Automation Windows.UI.Xaml.AutomationSystem.Windows.Automation.Peers Windows.UI.Xaml.Automation.PeersSystem.Windows.Automation.Provider Windows.UI.Xaml.Automation.ProviderSystem.Windows.Automation.Text Windows.UI.Xaml.Automation.TextSystem.Windows.Controls Windows.UI.Xaml.ControlsSystem.Windows.Controls.Primitives Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.PrimitivesSystem.Windows.Data Windows.UI.Xaml.DataSystem.Windows.Documents Windows.UI.Xaml.DocumentsSystem.Windows.Input Windows.UI.Xaml.InputSystem.Windows.Interop Windows.UI.Xaml.InteropSystem.Windows.Markup Windows.UI.Xaml.MarkupSystem.Windows.Media Windows.UI.Xaml.MediaSystem.Windows.Media.Animation Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.AnimationSystem.Windows.Media.Imaging Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.ImagingSystem.Windows.Media.Media3D Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Media3DSystem.Windows.Navigation Windows.UI.Xaml.NavigationSystem.Windows.Printing Windows.UI.Xaml.PrintingSystem.Windows.Resources Windows.UI.Xaml.ResourcesSystem.Windows.Shapes Windows.UI.Xaml.Shapes
  18. 18. How-To