THE IPPTS VIEWS ABOUT THE HCG DIET -    5 AUTHOR’S               HCG DIET REVIEW         STEVE SYMES         Medical Publi...
T C H E I E IT P EPV ITE SH G D           R        W  The IPPTS HCG Diet Review                       provide you with 5 t...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewwide difference in price and promise.         been designed to make people lose                  ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewloss of weight was because of the              However experts say that this is unlikelyhormone t...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewgoing for the HCG diet because of thepromises made by companies marketingHCG products. One thing ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewThe same rules that apply to lunch also      health, but aggressive dieters may lookapply to dinn...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewdiscount with the 60-day plan, with a      really a hormone created by the fetus insavings of 60 ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewHCG Ultra Diet Drops provide you withmany other benefits in addition to the       Mixturedrops. I...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewrequired energy for the body.                 and also have much less possibility to             ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Review                                               probably leave you a bit unsatisfied.#5 Jason     ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewbecause you are most vulnerable when        with no rice and a salad with no dressingeating out. ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Review                                             two groups, one lost 28 pounds over six#6 Using Irvi...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewtime and not being as hungry Side              1. Sleep in a cool room. Get a full nightseffects ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Review  experiences of the HCG diet and eating     lucky, because my own struggles  out.               ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewWhy most people struggle                     expensive supplements or any infomercial            ...
The IPPTS HCG Diet Review                                   What others are saying…                       down 6 pounds of...
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The HCG Diet Review


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the HCG diet, with 5 author’s views about the new diet treatment steps which use the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to assist you in burning fat and looking slimmer permanently!

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The HCG Diet Review

  2. 2. T C H E I E IT P EPV ITE SH G D R W The IPPTS HCG Diet Review provide you with 5 top articles in which the authors have reviewed the HCG diet and HCG diet hormone products, to help 5 review articles about the HCG diet, with you assess this new diet and find out 5 author’s views about the new diet whether it is the right weight loss treatment steps which use the method for you. hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to assist you in burning fat and looking Inside this report, you will learn: slimmer permanently! DISCLAIMER: This information is provided #1 Overview of the HCG Diet: Millions of "as is". The author, publishers and marketers men and women are overweight and of this information disclaim any loss or obese because of their lifestyle and diet. liability, either directly or indirectly as a As of late, there has been an increase in consequence of applying the information the awareness of the dangers of obesity. presented herein, or in regard to the use and These people now want to get back into application of said information. No shape and to live a healthier life and guarantee is given, either expressed or also to look attractive in the eyes of implied, in regard to the merchantability, others. accuracy, or acceptability of the information. #2 The Day to Day Dietary Discipline of the HCG Diet Reviewed: The HCG diet uses a Introduction diet drops to help a dieter burn fat calories instead of food calories, with the goal being very rapid weight loss. New research has come up with some innovative diet plans recently. One or #3 HCG Ultra Diet Drops Reviewed: One two of these are showing almost good reason to look into the HCG Ultra miraculous result in making the obese Diet Drops review is the fact that there person lose weight in a healthy way. The are numerous different HCG products; it HCG diet is one such new diet is not easy to uncover the one thats the technique, in which hormone drops are best. While each one of the HCG used, but does it work and is it safe? We products contains HCG, theres also a 2
  3. 3. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewwide difference in price and promise. been designed to make people lose weight and inches to achieve their#4 A review of Using HCG Diet Mixture dream shape that will allow them to wearUnderneath the Tongue for Rapid Weight two size smaller clothes.Loss: Theres lots of buzz making therounds in regards to the diet HCG drops.These contain the HCG hormone used byDr. A. T. W, Simeons in the 50s and60s. Have to lose a lot of weight rightaway, then these diet drops couldpossibly be the ticket for your needs, sowe recommend that you read this.#5 Jason Poindexters Experiences of theHCG Diet and Eating Out: Let me explainhow eating out while on the HCG dietcan be a frightful experience. Often,when eating out, we are ill prepared for One such diet that was accidentallythe dining occasion and results in failure discovered by a doctor while he wasto stick with the protocol. I would love to working on malnutrition intell you NOT to go out to eat and to cook underdeveloped countries is the HCGall of your meals. This is truly the best diet. Just what is this HCG diet and whatapproach but it doesnt always work out are its implications for all those wholike that. want to get rid of their obesity in a quick and efficient manner? Let us find out inAnd a whole lot more… this article. “HCG was accidentally discovered in the#1 Overview of urine of a pregnant woman”the HCG Diet HCG is actually a hormone that is produced by the body of pregnant women when they conceive. There areMillions of men and women are HCG-testing kits available in the market.overweight and obese because of their These are designed to confirm thelifestyle and diet. As of late, there has pregnancy of a woman. The name of thebeen an increase in the awareness of the hormone is Human Chorionicdangers of obesity. These people now Gonadotropin and the strange fact thatwant to get back into shape and to live a Doctor Simeons observed was that afterhealthier life and also to look attractive giving birth to babies, the health ofin the eyes of others. This realization has women deteriorated and they lostgiven rise to dozens of diets that have weight. The doctor concluded that the 3
  4. 4. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewloss of weight was because of the However experts say that this is unlikelyhormone taking away stored fat from the even though there are thousands ofbody of the woman to provide cases in which people have actuallynourishment to the fetus via the reported a loss of 2-3 pounds per dayplacenta. If this was really so, small when following the HCG diet. Expertsamounts of this hormone synthesized in say that this weight loss may be a resultlaboratories could help people who want of the very low calorie diet and not lose weight as the hormone seemed tohave the potential to drain fat cells of Despite testimonials and before andthe body. after photos of individuals following the HCG diet for 45 days, there is very little“HCG is considered a fat eater” or no scientific evidence to support the theory that the rapid weight loss is dueThe good thing about the hormone HCG to the human pregnancy hormone that it eats up extra fat inside the As of today, there are no FDA approvedbody of a person. It eats the fat that is HCG products for weight loss availablestored in hips, thighs, buttocks, waist, in the market. In fact, FDA has notarms etc. This is the fat that is not used sanctioned manufacturers claiming rapidfor anything. There are people who say weight loss through their HCG basedthat this fat could be eaten up by any products.low carb diet. Then why use a hormonefor this purpose? The fact is that a low The consumer is the final judge providedcalorie diet forces the body to eat up all there is no harmtypes of fats like normal reserve fats aswell as extra fat. Another problem that isobserved is that after stopping a lowcalorie diet, a person regains weight fast.HCG diet works on the basis ofsuppression of hunger and the directionthe hormone issues to the body to makeuse of fat as a fuel for the body. TheHCG diet consists of a mere 500 calorieper day diet containing unprocessedfoods along with drops of HCG hormonegiven under the tongue or through aninjection. The patients are asked to The FDA says that it is impossible for afollow this diet for 45 days and they are diet providing just 500 calories per daytold that they will lose 2 pounds per day. to meet the nutritional requirements of the body, including all the vitamin andThere is no scientific evidence to support mineral requirements. However, peoplethe claim… desperate to lose weight fast are seen 4
  5. 5. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewgoing for the HCG diet because of thepromises made by companies marketingHCG products. One thing is certain - theHCG diet is either a wonder or a fraudthat only the users can tell.Author: Helen Fryer#2 The Day to DayDietary Discipline The very low calorie diet plan was defined by Dr. Simeons, who formulated the HCG drops. The Very Low Calorieof the HCG Diet diet plan is intended to put the body into starvation mode, forcing it to burnReviewed stored fat as a substitute for food calories. The dieter eats only what is absolutely necessary to stem the urgesThe HCG diet uses a diet drops to help a for food.dieter burn fat calories instead of foodcalories, with the goal being very rapid During breakfast, the diet planweight loss. In concert with the HCG recommends tea or coffee with onediet drops, the dieter maintains a tablespoonful of milk. This is all the500-calorie per day diet, forcing the milk that is allowed during a 24-hourbody to burn fat instead of food calories. period. Sweeteners, especially artificial sweeteners like saccharine or herbs likeThe actual value of the HCG diet drops stevia, may be added to the coffee orhas been contested, and the FDA has tea.begun to limit sales by shutting downsuppliers that were making excessive For lunch, the diet recommends 100 rawclaims about the diet drops effect. grams of very lean protein. For example,However, remaining suppliers point to this could include very lean beef, veal,the fact that regulators targeted the shrimp, lobster, chicken breast, or whitevendors who exaggerated the effects of fish. Any fat on the meat should bethe diet, and not the HCG diet itself. removed before cooking, and the cooking process should not involve any additional fats. Grilling or boiling is fine; frying in oil - even healthy oils - is not. Lunch can also include one kind of vegetable and fruit, such as one apple, half a grapefruit, or a handful of strawberries. 5
  6. 6. The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewThe same rules that apply to lunch also health, but aggressive dieters may lookapply to dinner. The vegetable choice at their weight as a cosmetic problemmay include spinach, green salad, beet rather than a health problem. A doctorgreens, tomato, onion, cabbage, can be a valuable counselor, helping theasparagus, cucumber, chicory, dieter to ensure not only that his or herasparagus, fennel, celery, red radishes, weight loss choices produce a favorableor chard. cosmetic outcome, but more importantly that they provide a strong and beneficialAs the HCG diet has become more foundation for long term good health.popular, dieters have begun to sharerecipes for the 500-calorie diet, and a Kyle is beauty professional whonumber of these are now available specializes in the HCG The diet drops come in a kit,which is sold by suppliers, and that kit Article Source:also includes a detailed description of Very Low Calorie diet. _Bradson #3 HCG Ultra Diet Drops Reviewed One good reason to look into the HCG Ultra Diet Drops review is the fact that there are numerous different HCG products; it is not easy to uncover the one thats the best. While each one of the HCG products contains HCG, theres also a wide difference in price and promise. No matter which HCG drop you select, ensure that the seller is confident enough in his product to offer you a money back refund. Incidentally, thats what HCG Ultra does. The Plans:It is best to consult a doctor before Youll find three plans available whenbeginning the HCG diet - or any you purchase HCG Ultra Diet Drops. Youaggressive weight loss regimen. Weight can purchase the 15-day plan, the 30 orloss - and especially weight control - are the 60-day plan. You get a biggerextremely important for long-term 6
  7. 7. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewdiscount with the 60-day plan, with a really a hormone created by the fetus insavings of 60 percent. The 30-day plan pregnancy. Dr. Simeons found that whenoffers a savings of 30 %. The company combined with an extremely low caloriebases the discount on the cost of diet, it burned fat, not muscle weight.purchasing several bottles of the 15-day Simeons injected the HCG into peoplesupply. You receive a money back wanting to lose weight therefore itguarantee, no matter the plan you entered the bloodstream withoutultimately choose. compromising it in the digestive process. However, when you apply the dropsAlong with the drops, on the 15-day under the tongue, sublingually, youllplan, you discover a weight loss tracker find it goes into the bloodstream withoutand regimen and a custom diet plan. encountering digestion.You receive double the HCG on the30-day plan, the body weight loss The Results:tracker/regimen, the custom calorie planand a free bonus bottle of HCG. In the Most people discover that the HCG ultaevent you order the 60-day plan, in diet drops combined with the low calorieaddition to everything you receive from healthy diet enables them to lose thosethe 30-day plan and also the discount, areas of fat that other diets neveradditionally you receive a second free touched. They also find that the dietbottle of HCG, a bottle of vitamin B-12, plan helps them lose the weight fast.a necessary vitamin for those on a low Many individuals discover that this dietcalorie diet, a totally free bottle of works, where others have failed. It givesWeightLoc, an appetite suppressant, a you quick results and that helps youpedometer and free delivery. For those adhere to your diet longer. Obviously,who have a great deal of weight to lose, when the outcomes are almostthe Premium Plan--the 60-day one-is immediate, it gives you inspiration toyour best option. continue even longer. HCG can help you burn the calories faster and burn off your excess body fat. Youll discover that your cravings are fewer, as long as you stick to the simple steps. Make sure you put the drops under your tongue a few minutes before you sit down to eat. This allows the HCG to penetrate your blood stream and do its work. HCG is safe and natural. It has proven beneficial in trials conducted by Dr. Simeons.The way the HCG Drops Work: HCG is Why HCG Ultra Diet Drops? 7
  8. 8. The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewHCG Ultra Diet Drops provide you withmany other benefits in addition to the Mixturedrops. If you get the premium package,you receive the mild appetitesuppressant WeightLoc that will help you Underneath thethrough those difficult first times of thediet. The pedometer is also another Tongue for Rapidhelpful tool for anyone on a diet anddont forget the free shipping too. Weight LossAdditionally, no HCG Ultra Diet Drops Theres lots of buzz making the roundsreview will be complete without in regards to the diet HCG drops. Thesereminding you that youve a money back contain the HCG hormone used by Dr. A.guarantee while using drops, something T. W, Simeons in the 50s and 60s.thats not offered with other diet drops. HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone fetuses produce right after conception and made in the placenta. It burns the stored fat as opposed to muscle mass, according to Simeons research. He combined it with a low-calorie diet in underweight ladies and overweight men plus the results proved remarkable. Using his research Simeons began a strict diet regimen coupled withWithin the authors website Lifetime Slim injections of the HCG hormone. Ityoull find considerably more details on became really popular, but was verythe HCG Ultra Diet Drops including what expensive. Since that time, other typesmakes them so special, and where one of delivery were considered and the bestcan buy them for a great price. method was sublingual, absorbed underneath the tongue.Article Source: Thats the location where the diet HCG_Schierer drops started. By placing a few drops of the HCG formula beneath the tongue#4 A review of and combining it using a strict 500-calorie diet, people on the plan see amazing results in the initial weeks onUsing HCG Diet the diet. This plan insures that just the fat, not muscle, burns to produce the 8
  9. 9. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewrequired energy for the body. and also have much less possibility to produce a problem.While there are numerous versions fromthe diet used with HCG drops, many of While everyone will experience weightthem are severely calorie restricted and reduction when they follow the diet andneed you to place four drops of your make use of the drops, the amount ofHCG mixture underneath the tongue weight lost varies by individual. Sometwice a day. Because the weight loss lose up to 3 pounds each day, whileprogram is a severely calorie restricted some might only lose one. Combiningone, its not a long-term diet but may the diet HCG drops with an exerciselast from as short as Twenty-one days to regime is the ideal insurance that youllas long as 60 days for those dangerously lose more fat weight. Youll also find thatobese individuals or individuals who youll lose fat deposits and make moreneed to lose up to 60 pounds. muscle tissues once you combine the drops and diet with exercise. Youll find the diet and the drops would be the perfect solution to help shed those extra few pounds. Obviously, youll desire to keep to the diet using a maintenance plan and quite a few people discover that increasing their exercise likewise helps keep your pounds from coming back. As with every diet, in the event you return to improper habits, your unwanted weight will climb again. The diet HCG drops, however, can get you started with a large weight loss and give you the incentive to continue afterOne reason the drops really are a better the initial month.selection over the intramuscularinjections is not only the cost, but also Have to lose a lot of weight right away,safety. A physician must perform the then these diet drops could possibly beinjections in a sterile environment, the ticket for your needs. At the authorsmaking them not only costly, but also web-site theyve completed andangerous, due to the potential for assessment of the diet HCG drops. Visitinfection. Sublingual drops are far less the website now for more information onexpensive and carry limited potential for HCG diet drops.infection. Even though the drops followstrict protocol to get rid of the potential Article Source:for bacteria, they dont require same precautions upon administration _Schierer 9
  10. 10. The IPPTS HCG Diet Review probably leave you a bit unsatisfied.#5 Jason There truly arent many options for us HCG Dieters so I carry my apple to eatPoindexters after my meal to prevent me from ordering something else.Experiences of the Stick with the Salads - My recommendation is to order theHCG Diet and restaurants grilled chicken salad or grilled chicken Caesar Salad and holdEating Out the dressing and the croutons. Feel free to add tomatoes and onions, as this is the only mixture of vegetables you areLet me explain how eating out while on allowed to have. Salads are extremelythe HCG diet can be a frightful boring, I get that. Its okay. You knowexperience. Often, when eating out, we what your health future holds for yourare ill prepared for the dining occasion when you stick to the diet.and results in failure to stick with theprotocol. I would love to tell you NOT to Dont Give-In to Peer Pressure- The mostgo out to eat and to cook all of your difficult thing Ive had to experience ismeals. This is truly the best approach someone offering you food that you knowbut it doesnt always work out like that. you cant eat. Okay, listen. People are mean or they dont value what you value.Due to "Life", it is difficult to avoid Sometimes people dont understand youreating out while on the HCG Diet so here desire for a healthier lifestyle. Dont letare some tips to help you avoid cheating others determine the future of yourand to stick with it. Sticking with it is so health and the future of your goalimportant. Losing days of weight loss is weight.both frustrating and de-motivating. Trustme I know! Have A Good Time - This diet is not the easiest of diet protocols but it isPlan in advance - Having an idea of what effective. Keep in mind your goals andtype of food the restaurant serves will let why you decided it was time to loseyou know if you should even dine there. weight. Dont let your limited dietaryPreview the menu and choose the meal choices while eating out on the HCG dietyou are going to order BEFORE you get get you down. Stay positive and realizethere. This will help with the temptation that this small sacrifice will yield you aof ordering something that is way off the life-long Realize that its Psychological and NotCarry an Apple - Whatever you choose Physiological - This is more geared towhile eating out on the HCG Diet will overall success of your diet but it applies 10
  11. 11. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewbecause you are most vulnerable when with no rice and a salad with no dressingeating out. From personal or with a half of lemon juice.experience(Ive done this protocol 5times), I have realized that its not mybody that wants me to cheat on the diet,its my mind. The cravings are mentalbecause its something I used to eat notsomething that body actually needs.When eating out, order something yourbody needs. Yes, for sustenance.There are many places you can eat anapproved meal. My "go-to" is PaneraBread. They have exactly what I just Like I said before, the best option is tosuggested. They keep "eating out" on the just not eat out at all. Choices areHCG diet simple. limited and may be frustrating. The HCG diet is challenging enough. But,Try the Grilled Chicken Caesar(which is sometimes we gotta do it. I know I do.real chicken, not that nasty pressed So these are the choices I have madechicken) Salad with the dressing on the and so Im passing my experiences on toside(so they dont look at you weirdly), you.hold the croutons and parmesan cheeseand add tomatoes and onions. Panera is Jason Poindexter, after battling hisperfect because they have the correct weight most of his life, has successfullyportion of chicken needed for your meal. lost almost 90 lbs using the HCG Diet Protocol. He has completed the protocolI have also recently found Jimmy Johns. four times and has successfully kept theOne of my website visitors suggested the weight off. This weight loss has literallyRoast Beef "Unwich"; hold the mayo. Its changed his life. He hopes to inspiresimply a slice of roast beef, which is others to get healthier and losepretty lean, a couple of tomatoes, unnecessary weight.wrapped in lettuce. To add flavor, havethem put dijon mustard on it. Its only For more information how he was so90 Calories! successful visit http://www. HCG-diet-miracle.comAre you a fan of Sushi? Now be carefulwith this one. This can easily be Article Source:overdone due to you not knowing portion from sushi house to sushi house. _PoindexterStay conservative. When I visit the sushihouse, I get the Sashimi, which is sushi 11
  12. 12. The IPPTS HCG Diet Review two groups, one lost 28 pounds over six#6 Using Irvingia weeks while the control group lost 2 pounds over the same period. The IGGabonensis as an treated group has a 27% drop in cholesterol as compared to a 5 % in theHCG Hormone control group. The IG was given oral, twice a day in doses of 150 mg.Equivalent withthe HCG DietEverybody is talking about the naturalherbal product Irvingia Gabonensis (forshort IG) as the new weight-loss productfor 2012. Researchers have found it tobe a both a fat burner and appetitesuppressant.Irvingia Gabonensis is found in thedeserts of Africa where it is known as theAfrican mango. Its been used for over200 years to feed African armies invarious tribes of West Africa. They alsoused it as a medicine for many commonailments. Is been proven to fight obesity,accelerate metabolism, and suppressappetite. In addition IG has s beenshown to lower bad cholesterol levels as In another study of 40 subjects in 2005,it increases good cholesterol. On a in subjects treated for one month therelow-calorie diet IG normally suppresses was a loss of body fat of 5% in the IGappetite and since its a natural fiber it group and only 2% in the placebo group.also delays gastric emptying making one IG treated subjects showed reduction infeel fuller longer. blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.Studies on IG have shown decreasedbody weight, reductions in fact, Researchers concluded that IG as acholesterol, leptin and other hormones. natural fiber is an appetite suppressant as it improves metabolic problems.In 2009, a group of 100 healthy Specifically it suppresses appetite andindividuals that were randomized into delays gastric emptying. This results in one staying fuller for longer periods of 12
  13. 13. The IPPTS HCG Diet Reviewtime and not being as hungry Side 1. Sleep in a cool room. Get a full nightseffects were minimal including some sleep in a cool room. Your bodyincrease in intestinal gas, a little processes calories more efficientlyinsomnia and some headaches. All of when it gets 6 to 8 hours of slumber.these were no different than the placebo Studies show that room temperatures ofgroup. about 60 to 65 degrees can help you fall asleep faster and burn moreIG is the safe and effective weight loss calories per hour.solution. Its been used in West Africa 2. Start fidgeting. On average, people whofor 200 years for its nutritional and fidget are thinner than those whomedicinal values. Studies of shown dont. As long as youre not distractingamazing weight loss change in waist and others, swing your leg and shifthip circumference. Improvement in around. Even better, get up during TVblood pressure and the level of blood commercials to do some lunges andlipids is also said to occur. It alsoappeared especially effective in treating 3. See your doctor. If you need morethe metabolic disorder syndrome. help, talk with your doctor. Testing and treatment is available for manyIG acts not only by delaying gastric conditions that make it harder to loseemptying, but on leptin levels( controls weight such as hypothyroidism. Yourfat storage), PPAR gamma and doctor can also advise you on dietingadiponectin (hormone causing fat cell and exercising safely.growth). It may be the weight-loss drugof the future. Daily activities can trigger your body toDr. Richard Lipman is a Miami-based burn fat more effectively. With theseweight-loss expert an endocrinologist.. simple lifestyle choices, you can reduceHe is treated 20,000 patients with your body fat and stay lean and healthyweight and metabolic disorders in the for life!past. He offers the HCG diet with andwithout Irvinga Gabonensis a herbal Summing this Up you can. take the stairs wheneverweight-loss product that reducesappetite similar to the HCG. These are We started by giving you an overview ofavailable at his website www. the HCG We told you about the day to day dietary discipline of the HCG dietArticle Source: We explained about HCG Ultra Diet Drops and reviewed their use_Lipman_M. D. We gave you a review of using HCG Diet Mixture underneath the tongue for rapidOther Lifestyle Tips For Burning Fat Weight Loss, and finally, Jason Poindexter described his 13
  14. 14. The IPPTS HCG Diet Review experiences of the HCG diet and eating lucky, because my own struggles out. caused me to be so determined to find a quick and simple solution to getting theHCG weight loss sounds attractive as it kind of body and living the type of life Ipromises to deliver fast weight loss, wanted. Had I been born skinny, youwithout having to do a lot of exercising would never have even heard of me. Butat the gym. However, our view is that I wasnt, so here I am!because HCG is as yet unapproved bythe FTA, and they have said; “It is Ive lost almost no weight at all fromimpossible for a diet providing just 500 hours and hours of cardio. Ive restrictedcalories per day to meet the nutritional myself and felt horrible while losing justrequirements of the body, including all a few pounds, and then hitting a plateauthe vitamin and mineral requirements”, I couldnt budge. And Ive even lostand side effects may yet be discovered weight quickly and put it back on evenfrom the use of it, we would suggest that faster...a few wait before leaping on to this dietingmethod.If you want the combination of speedand a minimum need for exercise(though it always helps), a better choice,in our view, might be to take a look atthe following special report.SPECIAL REPORT:Is It Possible To Burn Fat,Get Healthy and Fit, in Just15 Mins Per Day... WithoutGyms, Fad Diets orSupplements? Having tried so many different diets,According to Rob Poulos, CEO & workouts, pills, supplements, andFounder of Zero to Hero Fitness, and gizmos over the years, I came to realizeowner of the popular website Fat most of what I was doing didnt work. IBurning Furnace the answer is yes! also was always looking for what worked quickly, what took very little time, and"From an early age I was lucky to have had was easy to fit into my life so I could getto struggle with my own weight. I say permanent results... ", Rob tells us. 14
  15. 15. The IPPTS HCG Diet ReviewWhy most people struggle expensive supplements or any infomercial junk.According to Rob, theres a reason whyso many people struggle with weight Then I shared these techniques with myloss, despite so much help being offered wife, who lost even more weight that Ito them today... did...59lbs and she also went from a size 12 to a slim size 4. Next my"One of the most fascinating things younger brother Mike lost 40 lbs. and 8youll discover, as I did, is that much of inches from his waist in about 6 monthswhat works long term is almost the EXACT using my techniques. I was on toOPPOSITE of what most people have been something, so I was convinced by a fewdoing all these years with little or no friends that I needed to share it with thesuccess. world," Rob tells us.It’s taken me years and over $23,000 of Rob Poulos focuses on the uniquemy own money to fail again and again, approach of boosting metabolism andbut eventually discover the secrets to simple nutritional changes to turn yourliving leaner and stronger longer...and it body into a fat burning furnace, withoutwas more than worth it, because what exercise, fad diets or supplements.I’m sharing is helping thousands ofwomen and men realize a life they might Was it worth it?never have thought possible... ...andnearly gave up on." "Im 36 years old and live in a little town just about an hour north of Detroit, How Rob conquered weight loss, with a Michigan. Im proud to have a beautiful unique approach wife Kalen, and our two kids Sarah and Ryan. I really wake up almost"I was never interested in strict regimens every morning looking forward toor time consuming activities that I EVERYTHING... because I feel like Icouldnt keep up for very long...because have a new lease on life. But it wasntthat doesnt work for us real people out always this way... "there! This gave me a uniqueperspective when putting together my And Rob is not alone. There are manyown system for fat loss, health and success stories that you can read on hisfitness. website, that should, at the very least, inspire you to give it a try too.My eye was always on efficiency... Andas I found techniques that did work, and To learn more about Robs solution, andwere efficient, I began to lose fat his/her story, along with dozens of otherquickly...eventually losing over 42 lbs. stories from people who have also triedand 10 inches off my waist in less than an this solution, visit: the Fat Burninghour a week and without fad dieting, Furnace 15
  16. 16. The IPPTS HCG Diet Review What others are saying… down 6 pounds of body fat and lost and inch off my waist (1 week later). Ill keep "I Do Feel A Bit Guilty... When Everyone you posted on my progress!" - Gary Else, Is There (At The Gym) For An Hour Cooper, United Kingdom Or More..." "Hi Rob... I have been using your program since January and have Click here to read the full review dropped 5 dress sizes. So many of my friends ask me how much Ive lost... though I do feel a bit guilty at not spending long at the gym, when everyone else is there for an hour or more. Oh well, it works for me!!" - Tracy Morison, Australia Click here to read the full review 22 Pounds Of Fat Gone In Just 42 Days! "Just a quick few lines to say thanks for putting me on the right track - your methods truly do work. Been gaining strength and burning fat for about 6 weeks... I was 180lb now 158lb (22 lbs. fat loss)...your advice has kept me focused...a new lifestyle indeed! Thanks again, heres to the next 6 months when Ill be seeing the Abs again that I havent seen in 30 years!" - Howard Williams, Cardiff, United Kingdom Click here to read the full review “I Am Down 16 Pounds..." "Keep up the great work... I am down 16 pounds and have 16 more to go! Thanks for your help! - Laquintha Robinson, USA Click here to read the full review “... Im Already Down 6 Pounds Of Body Fat And Lost An Inch Off My Waist (1 Week Later)." "Hi Rob...started your program Monday 14th and Im already 16Powered by TCPDF (