Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?


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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe to Use? Could they bring new problems to those that use them? There is no doubt that electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular as a way to GIVE UP SMOKING. BUT, are they safe? We try to provide the answers in this FREE report.

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

  1. 1. ARE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES SAFE?As E-cigarette Use Rises IPPTS Reports on Potential Dangers STEVE SYMES steve@anaerobic-digestion Medical Info Publisher IPPTS Associates
  2. 2. ARE ELECTRONIC Cigarettes Safe? DISCLAIMER: This information isAre Electronic Cigarettes provided "as is". The author,Safe? publishers and marketers of this information disclaim any loss orThe patented Electronic Cigarette liability, either directly or indirectly asoffers to effectively simulate the a consequence of applying theexperience of smoking an actual information presented herein, or incigarette, without any of the health or regard to the use and application oflegal issues surrounding traditional said information. No guarantee iscigarettes. given, either expressed or implied, in regard to the merchantability,While electronic cigarettes look, feel accuracy, or acceptability of theand taste much like traditional information.cigarettes, they function verydifferently. So, there is little doubt Introductionthat they are safer than smoking, buthow safe are they, and WOULD YOU Inside this report, you will learn:want to base your QUIT SMOKINGstrategy on using them? # 1. Health Concerns from the Use of Electronic Cigarettes: The healthWould you even want to start effects of using electronic cigarettes“smoking” by using them? are currently unknown, as this product is relatively new to theIn this report we provide information medical professions. Read this articleon the research into Electronic and you will learn about the resultsCigarettes use and its safety. The (some only preliminary) from severalwork is incomplete but there are studies regarding the long-term healthinterim conclusions which can be effects of nicotine vapor, both inhaledmade. Read this report to find out directly and second hand in theabout the currently available research manner of an e-cigarette.findings and information from healthorganizations. # 2. Alternatives to the E Cigarette to 2
  3. 3. Help Smokers Quit: Some say quitters # 5. Electronic Cigarettes - A Healthierusually lose out, but making the Alternative to Smoking: There is a neweffort to give up smoking and winning invention that everyone who smokesis one of those exception. In fact, should know about. Its called thewhen you quit smoking, everyone electronic cigarette, also known as aaround you wins. Your health is smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette,better, the health of your family is and it is changing the legal landscapebetter, the air you breathe is cleaner, for cigarette smokers around theand you are adding years to your life world. If you are interested in aexpectancy. Learn here how to do it… healthier alternative to smoking, or if you simply want to have the freedom#3. How I gave Up Smoking: Andre to smoke wherever and whenever youWest smoked cigarettes for 24 years want, an electronic cigarette might beand was imprisoned in his own mind the solution youve been looking suffer what most smokers deny. He Learn the views of a person who likescame to believe that he is powerless the electronic cigarette.over cigarettes and smoking wascompromising his life. By the grace ofGod, he no longer has the desire tolight up a cigarette and is here to tellyou why.# 4. How to Give Up SmokingCigarettes: Cigarette smoking is ahabit in which tobacco is burned andits vapors are either tasted or inhaledand the active substances areabsorbed via the alveoli in the lungswhich trigger off chemical reactions innerve endings causing rise in thecoronary heart rate. To stop smokingyou must be very determined andconfident about giving up and onceyou learn a life without smoking,youll discover that lifes even morebeautiful with no clouds of smoke. Itis worth it, and you will learn muchmore about the solution by readingthis. 3
  4. 4. the cartridges from the other brand. The study found that the actual# 1. Health Concerns from nicotine levels did not always correspond to the amount of nicotinethe Use of Electronic the cartridges purported to contain.Cigarettes The analysis found traces of nicotine in some cartridges that claimed to be nicotine-free. Further concerns were(The following is an extract from raised over inconsistent amounts ofWikipedia – June 2012.) nicotine delivered when drawing on the device. In July 2009, the FDAThe health effects of using electronic issued a press release discouragingcigarettes are currently unknown. the use of electronic cigarettes andSeveral studies regarding the repeating previously stated concernslong-term health effects of nicotine that electronic cigarettes may bevapor, both inhaled directly and marketed to young people and lacksecond hand, are currently in appropriate health warnings.progress, although it should be notedthat second hand sidestream smoke isnon-existent due to on-demandoperation and that vapor is generatedrather than smoke.The Views of the US Food andDrug AdministrationIn May 2009, the Food and DrugAdministration (USFDA) Division ofPharmaceutical Analysis tested thecontents of 19 varieties of electronic The Electronic Cigarette Associationcigarette cartridges produced by two said that the FDA testing was toovendors (NJoy and Smoking "narrow to reach any valid and reliableEverywhere). Diethylene glycol was conclusions.” Exponent, Inc.,detected in one of the cartridges commissioned by NJOY to review themanufactured by Smoking FDAs study in July 2009, objected toEverywhere. In addition, the FDA analysis of electronictobacco-specific nitrosamines cigarettes lacking comparisons to(TSNAs), known cancer-causing other FDA-approved nicotineagents, were detected in all of the replacement therapy products wherecartridges from one brand and two of similar levels of TSNA were detected. 4
  5. 5. Exponent concluded that the FDAs products may be marketed as a saferstudy did not support the claims of alternative to conventional tobaccopotential adverse health effects from products and, in some cases, as anthe use of electronic cigarettes. aid to quitting smoking, electronicFurthermore, FDA methods "have smoking products may pose risks suchbeen lambasted in journals" by some as nicotine poisoning and addiction."medical and health research expertswho noted the potentially harmful The Views of the World Healthchemicals were measured at "aboutone million times lower Organizationconcentrations than are conceivablyrelated to human health.” The World Health Organization stated in September 2008 that to its knowledge, "no rigorous,The Views of the American peer-reviewed studies have beenAssociation of Public Health conducted showing that the electronicPhysicians cigarette is a safe and effective nicotine replacement therapy. WHOAs of April 2010, The American does not discount the possibility thatAssociation of Public Health the electronic cigarette could bePhysicians (AAPHP) supports useful as a smoking cessation aid."electronic cigarettes sales to adults, WHO Tobacco Free Initiative director"because the possibility exists to save ad interim Douglas Bettcher statedthe lives of four million of the eight that claims that electronic cigarettesmillion current adult American can help smokers quit need to besmokers who will otherwise die of a backed up by clinical studies andtobacco-related illness over the next toxicity analyses and operate withintwenty years." However, the AAPHP is the proper regulatory framework. Heagainst sales to minors. The AAPHP added: "Until they do that, WHOrecommends that the FDA reclassify cannot consider the electronicthe electronic cigarette as a tobacco cigarette to be an appropriate nicotineproduct (as opposed to a drug/device replacement therapy, and it certainlycombination). cannot accept false suggestions that it has approved and endorsed the product."The Views of Health CanadaOn 27 March 2009, Health Canadaissued an advisory against electroniccigarettes. The advisory stated"Although these electronic smoking 5
  6. 6. Health New Zealand Ltd. Study In 2008, Dr. Murray Laugesen, of Health New Zealand, published a report on the safety of Ruyan electronic cigarette cartridges funded by e-cigarette manufacturer, Ruyan; Laugesen and the WHO claim that the research is independent.In 2010, the Tobacco Regulation The presence of trace amounts ofmeeting held in Uruguay came out TSNAs in the cartridge solution waswith warnings about electronic documented in the analysis. Thecigarettes. Signatories of the results also indicated that the level ofmeetings treaty included nicotine in the electronic cigaretterepresentatives of countries and cartridges was not different from theregions such as Brazil, Thailand, concentration of nicotine found inHong Kong, and Saudi Arabia, where nicotine patches. John Britton, a lungelectronic cigarettes had been specialist at the University ofbanned. Nottingham, UK and chair of the Royal College of Physicians TobaccoThe secretariat of the meeting refused Advisory Group said “if the levels areand stated that electronic cigarettes as low as in nicotine replacementdo not violate articles 9 and 10 of the therapy, I don’t think there will beframework convention for tobacco much of a problem.”control regarding composition (toxins,carcinogens, harm to self) or The studys detailed quantitativeemissions (second hand smoke or analysis concluded that carcinogensharm to others). The secretariat stated and toxicants are present only belowthat the problems regarding electronic harmful levels. It concluded: "Basedcigarettes relate to regulatory issues on the manufacturer’s information,and not to the work that the the composition of the cartridge liquidconvention is tasked with. In the is not hazardous to health, if used asmemo, they also mentioned that intended."electronic cigarettes can beconsidered a medical product only IFthe marketer wanted to make medical The Views of the Bostonclaims, otherwise they are a tobacco University School of Publicproduct. 6
  7. 7. Health StudyA study by researchers at the BostonUniversity School of Public Health in2010 concluded that electroniccigarettes were safer than realcigarettes and may aid in breaking thehabit of smoking. Researchers saidthat while further studies onelectronic cigarettes were needed,"few, if any, chemicals at levelsdetected in electronic cigarettes raise A report from a UK Governmentserious health concerns." Electronic advisory unit favoured to adoptcigarettes were found to be "much "smokeless nicotine cigarettes"safer" than traditional tobacco ones, instead of the traditional "quit or die"and had a level of toxicity similar to approach believing this would saveexisting nicotine replacements. more lives.In the report, the level of carcinogens While electronic cigarettes arein electronic cigarettes was found to purported to deliver nicotine to thebe up to 1,000 times lower than user in a manner similar to that of aregular cigarettes. It also said early nicotine inhaler, no electronicevidence shows that electronic cigarette has yet been approved as acigarettes may help people to stop medicinal nicotine replacementsmoking by simulating a tobacco therapy (NRT) product or provided thecigarette. necessary clinical testing for such approval. Doubts have also been raised as to whether electronicOther reports cigarettes actually deliver any substantial amount of nicotine at all.According to Cancer Research UK,"For a smoker, the health hazards of Research carried out at the Universitycontinuing to smoke greatly outweigh of East London on the effects of theany potential risks of using nicotine use of an electronic cigarette toreplacement therapy". reduce cravings in regular tobacco smokers showed that there was no significant reported difference between smokers who inhaled vapour containing nicotine, and those who inhaled vapour containing no nicotine. 7
  8. 8. The report concluded that although modified by the man by stackingelectronic cigarettes can be effective several reducing nicotine-relatedwithdrawal symptoms, the nicotine Proponentscontent does not appear to be ofcentral importance, and that othersmoking related cues (such as taste,vapour resembling smoke) mayaccount for the reduction indiscomfort associated with tobaccoabstinence in the short term.Though manufacturers have marketedelectronic cigarettes as a way tocurtail an addiction to nicotine, theWorld Health Organization has stated Despite the various health concernsthey know of no evidence confirming raised, proponents of electronicthese claims. cigarettes often market them as an alternative to tobacco smoking or as aIn an online survey from November smoking cessation device. Many claim2009 among 303 smokers, it was that electronic cigarettes deliver thefound that e-cigarette substitution for experience of smoking without thetobacco cigarettes resulted in reduced adverse health effects usuallyperceived health problems, when associated with tobacco smoke, or atcompared to smoking conventional least greatly reduce those risks.cigarettes (less cough, improved Claimed benefits include the lack ofability to exercise, improved sense of smoke or smells, cheaper insurancetaste and smell). rates, and the lack of a need for an ashtray or lighter.Other safety issues The above was obtained from .On February 13, 2012, an electronic Readers should refer to this link forcigarette exploded in the mouth of a updates.57 year old man, causing him to loseseveral teeth and part of his tongue. # 2. Alternatives to the ENorth Bay Fire District Chief ButchParker explained that a faulty battery Cigarette to Help Smokerswas likely to blame for the explosion. QuitIt was later reported that theelectronic cigarette may have been 8
  9. 9. If youve tried to give up smoking in address the addiction. Those thatthe past, you dont need anyone to tell manage to address the addiction toyou how difficult the process can be. tobacco often are unable help youThere is a lucrative industry built break the habit. Smoking is a two-foldaround failed attempts to quit process and when you only addresssmoking cigarettes and overcome a one problem you will miss the mark.tobacco addiction. There are a When you find a product or processfortunate few who manage to stop that handles business in both arenassmoking cold turkey but these cases you may be on to something.are few and far between. Give Up Smoking with NLPWhen Quitters Win Neuro-Linguistic Programming is oneYouve probably spent most of your of the simplest solution to a lifetimelife hearing about how quitters never of addiction to tobacco. If youwin. There are a few exceptions and seriously want to give up smokingmaking the effort to give up smoking then hypnotherapy addresses not onlyand winning is one of those the breaking of the habits associatedexceptions. In fact, when you quit with smoking but also the actualsmoking, everyone around you wins. addiction, including the symptoms of withdrawal and the craving for anotherYour health is better, the health of cigarette.your family is better, the air youbreathe is cleaner, and you are addingyears to your life expectancy when youbreak the tobacco smoking habit. Youare also ridding yourself, your home,and your vehicle of the tell tale smellof cigarettes that follow youeverywhere you go.The Challenge for HelpQuittingThere are many solutions you can findon the market that are designed tohelp you quit. Unfortunately, most ofthem address the habit of smoking The real beauty of NLP when it comesand breaking the habit but do little to to giving up smoking is that it puts 9
  10. 10. you in the drivers seat. Too often Ireland, and for Sydney, Melbourne and Perthpeople attempt to give up smoking in Australia. If you are unable to visit a practitioner in person you may well benefitbefore they are mentally prepared to from a good and guaranteed self hypnosisdo so. Hypnotherapy takes care of the recording such as Help Stopping Smoking, bymental aspect of quitting first. In experienced hypnotherapist Duncan McColl.other words you wont stop before yourmind is ready to deal with the Article Source:aftermath. _J_SeymourThrough hypnosis, you are giving yourmind the tools it needs most to quitsmoking. More importantly, you will # 3 How I Gave Uphave what you need to quit smoking Smokingfor good. Even hypnosis isnt a quickfix for a lifetime of smoking addiction. God Did For Me What I Could Not DoBe prepared to devote at least three For Myselffull sessions to your hypnotherapybefore you expect to be able to give I dont remember exactly what day Iup smoking all together. started smoking cigarettes, but I do remember the day that I quit smokingYou will find, after you have as if it were yesterday. At about tensuccessfully quit that you will wonder years of age, started acting cool likewhy you didnt get hypnosis help grown-ups with a couple friends bystopping smoking long before now. acting as though we smoked by rollingTry it today and be ready to give up up dried lawn grass from backyardssmoking soon and be able to stick and the Merrill Park in the Jefferywith it this time even though youve Manor at Chicago, Illinois. We alsocome back so many times before. tried smoking dried tree leaves rolled up inside notebook paper, typingJ Seymour is a writer with Self Help paper, old Chicago Transit AuthorityRecordings. Hypnotherapy and NLP can bevery useful in your effort to Give Up Smoking transfer fare paper, torn pages from a- one good source of experienced phone book or whatever was available.hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners is JustBe Well. This organization has experiencedprofessionals throughout the UK in London,Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, EastAnglia, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle,Surrey, Sussex and Scotland. You will alsofind links to related practitioners specializingin treatment for quitting smoking inVancouver and Toronto, Canada, for Dublin, 10
  11. 11. Somehow I dodged that bullet. If you ask me today, then I wish I had been busted so I could be punished. And back then we used to get beatings for disobedience and doing wrong. Today it is called child abuse. I think that is whats wrong with this world today. Spare the rod; spoil the child. I needed a beat down just on GP alone. Time passed and I learned to smoke the real McCoy, cigarettes fresh out the pack or crush-proof box! Newport brand cigarettes, an attractive green square shaped pack or box with the upside Nike swoosh on the front labelTrying to imitate my father, cousins, and the surgeon generals warning onother adults, movies stars, soldiers, the side, to be exact. Twenty, filteredcowboys, musicians, tough guys, bad menthol cigarettes, jam packed withguys, good guys and any other heroes nicotine, tar, embalming fluid andwho smoked cigarettes. I guess it was couple hundred more flavorfulcool and glamorous when they low-dosed toxic deadly poisons.inhaled/exhaled smoke in their lungs.It made them look smarter and in I learned to hold the cigarette like acontrol. I did not know how to smoke real man should. I held the squareat all. I just puffed and coughed from between my index finger and middlethe burning sensation that I felt in my finger with a slight curve on the pull,chest and lungs. It was awfully like a cool way of holding a pool stickpainful! at a speak-easy pool hall, tavern, bar or a club. I was cool at 12 years old.One day a friend stole an open pack Stunting my growth and developmentfrom his mother and we tried to already. It took me a couple days tosmoke a real cigarette. I think it was learn exactly how to inhale smokeeither Benson & Hedges or Virginia without choking. And of course, I didSlims cigarettes. By the way, we choke.learned that a cigarette is also calleda "square". We almost got busted I got light-headed and dizzy in thebecause my friends-mother found out beginning of my 24-year life sentenceher cigarettes were missing, and it as a smoker of cigarettes. Thatseemed like trouble was coming fast. light-headedness made me feel 11
  12. 12. relaxed after enjoying a refreshing I heard in the military, they werecigarette. Oh, I did not discriminate about $7 for a carton of 20 packs ofin the beginning. I smoked many squares back then, in the early 80s.different brands without prejudice. It just didnt cost that much to killFor example, Kools, Marlboroughs, yourself back then. Now the cost ofSalems, Players, Camels, and Viceroys living is high and the cost of dying is(the brand that helped to give my dad higher. My oldest brother and I usedemphysema and cancer), oh well, to hang out at a friend’s house. Therewhatever, never mind. Put it this way, we were enabled to smoke, drink andif you had a cigarette, I would listen to loud music in his basement.probably smoke it without hesitation.I was cool, calm and collected, an in At home, we hid our bad smokingcontrol smoker. I mean I was bad, the habit by sticking our heads out of thebest of the best, top cat, cool, can bathroom window while smokingyou dig it man. (So I thought) cigarettes. We used air freshener and aerosol hairspray to kill the smell of cigarette smoke. Who were we fooling? One snowy evening, in the winter of 1982-83, my brother and took a walk down the avenue where we lived, to smoke cigarettes. My mother, for some reason, open the door, looked down the street, just as my brother was taking a few hearty drags, on a freshly lit Newport 100 cigarette. She came out the houseAlways coughing up cold. Spitting and saw him smoking. I almost gothockers ranging from off-white to busted that day because I was justyellow, to tawny, to brown and green, about to pull my cigarettes out myorange and red and the occasional pocket. Well, just say that eventually Iblack hocker. Sometimes getting a confessed to my habit of smokingsolid chuck that resembles a broken around that time also. My mother toldsunflower seed that stank worse than us not to smoke around her or in herRex the dogs breath on a hot and house, period. She was veryhumid day in Maywood, Illinois in the disappointed in us but she knew thatmonth of July. Cigarettes were cheap it was basically nothing she could doto buy back in the day. I mean the because we were big young boys andearly 1980s when I started smoking. officially addicted to inhalingThey were more or less about 75cents nicotine, tar and about 400 other lowa pack. dose poisons. 12
  13. 13. Shortness of breath, bad colds and flu mean, my smoking. But I denied thesymptoms, yellowish (coffin) truth about it. Back to Green Bay, thefingernails, eyes looking lowly and people I was visiting found out that Idimly lit up were signs of the was a young boy smoking cigarettes,unhealthy aspect of smoking after trying to hide it and cover it upcigarettes. What a drag after taking so from them. I remember, Joseph amany drags. My clothes and hair were man I love and respect like a father,stinking like smoke. Holes were telling me dont be a hypocrite andburned in my clothing. I apparently admit that I smoke. It felt like aloved cigarettes and it was a marriage weight was lifted off my chest afterof convenience that kept us together telling the truth. Yet, I still one. And for 24 years it took its So, I asked Josephs father, Gramps,toll on my life and me. Nicotine did he smoke? He said "yes, but hecontrolled me and I was not the wiser. quit about 15 years before our conversation." I asked him "how didA friend once told me that with every he quit?" He said, "he just stopped."pull of smoke I took, 5 seconds was And that, "when it is time for you totaken from my lifetime. My rational quit, then you will know it and justanswer was, we are all gonna die from quit for good." I had a fresh addictionsomething, youll never know what or to nicotine flowing through my veinshow. Enough said for the glory of and I craved for a cigarette after thatsmoking cigarettes. delicious meal. I thought to myself, "easier said than done old man". That meeting with him has stayed with me ever since.While visiting an elder near Green As time went by, year progressed. TheBay, Wisconsin in about the spring of same thing, I smoked after eating1984, I remember eating an food, drinking alcoholic beverages,authentic home-cooked Polish dinner drinking coffee, drinking soft drinksfor the very first time. We ate Polish and especially drinking highlysausage and sauerkraut and some caffeinated colas. I smoke when I feltkick ass horseradish. It was the bomb! happy, sad, upset, or just to beI was about 14 years old at the time. I smoking a cigarette to have somethinghad a girlfriend. She didnt smoke. I to do like people who play baseball, ause to always brush my teeth, use past time. Even when someone tickedmouthwash, chew gum, and use a me off, when problems and troublebreath mint or spray or something came up, before and after relievingbefore I kissed her, if I smoked. It myself, I had to smoke anotherreally wasnt right, to be honest. I cigarette. That is the plain truth. And 13
  14. 14. its somethen rong with that pickture!I remember trying to quit off and onwith no success whatsoever. I wouldquit a day or two, a week or so and"bam!" I was back at it again,"Smokin!" It was off to the racesagain, baby. Addicted to nicotine. Yousee, as the years went on, I becameallergic to dogs, cats, dust, pollen andgrasses. I later developed bronchitis. Iwonder did smoking have something It is not so much as the physicalto do with my developing these health dependence of nicotine or cigarettesproblems. but the mental dependence caused by my thinking and the force of habitualHmm. I wonder... Well, anyway, Im in thinking and acting upon the thoughtmy mid-30s. I am now a little older of physically craving nicotine. And theand I believe a tad bit wiser. I no best way I could get my nicotine fixlonger need to look cool, act cool and was to fire up a cigarette and inhalethink that Im cool, in order to be the smoke. If I do not pick up thecool. Sometimes in order to be cool, cigarette, then I will not have to be uncool. You willsurprise your friends and confuse your A few months ago, one night I hadenemies. I felt like Pavlovs dog when awakened very early, like came to smoking cigarettes. I also Immediately, I got the thought tobegan to remember when my mother write down all the pros and cons ofuse to say that "I do not want to use smoking cigarettes. Besides lookinganything that has that much power cool, which is a lie, I could not findover me." Yes, she was right and one good reason to smoke cigarettes. Ibasically said " I am powerless over have some pretty good reasons why Icigarettes." Until I realized the truth should not smoke, though. I came upin that statement, I would probably with over 35 reasons. Here are somehave smoked for the rest of my reasons why I should stop smokingnatural life. cigarettes from the top of the list: 1. Stopping smoking now reduces your chances of getting throat cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colon or stomach cancer and other serious health 14
  15. 15. problems. score. The price of cigarettes have recently gone up due to city/state2. Pregnant women reduce the excise taxes in Illinois for healthchances of having miscarriage, or a cost/benefits, the military budget, andchild born with birth defects. lot of other things. It costs $7 for a fresh pack of cigarettes at many3. Cough less and have fewer colds stores in Chicago. But the true cost isand flu symptoms. of smoking is one human life at a time. Many cities have now imposed4. Breathe better, more freely and ordinances that ban smoking in publiceasily. facilities even outdoors. People are aware that second hand smoke causes5. Outlook on life will improve. cancer and emphysema just as well as inhaling/exhaling the smoking gun,6. Run, walk and climb stairs with firsthand. So it is becoming more andless effort. more socially unacceptable to smoke. Ahhh, the pressure...7. Smile wider with brighter eyes.8. Mental keenness and alertnessimproves dramatically.9. Hair, skin, teeth and fingernailssmell and look better.10. You will save a lot of money.Just read the side of a pack ofcigarettes. It comes with a gravewarning. Those are the consequences Well, Charles, the good friend of mineyou get for smoking. I know because that I mentioned told me that hemy biological father died of throat stopped smoking with the help basedcancer and emphysema. Yes, he upon his realizing that he too issmoked cigarettes, suffered the powerless over cigarettes and that hisconsequences and died prematurely. life was unmanageable as far as theGod rest his soul. One day, while I time and effort put into smokingwas talking with a good friend about cigarettes. And only a Power Greaterhis recently stopping smoking than himself or what I call God, couldcigarettes. He made it sound easy and remove the mental obsession of ain fact it is. First, lets look at the nicotine fix or shall I say smoking 15
  16. 16. cigarettes. Also, he did not mention death to yourself and others. You havethat he feigned or had nicotine fits or no power over cigarettes whatsoever.a bad attitude associated with manysmokers because there were basically So, stop fighting the cravings and letnone. them go right past you. Stop anticipating how you will act uponIn fact, when I finally quit. I had only stopping smoking. Try exercises suchtwo big cigarette cravings that I could as jogging, cycling, or swimming.really remember. The rest was just my Read a book; write a short story orchoice and desire not to smoke at all, poem or two. For example, enter awhich God gave me to remove it, poetry and writing contest such asHimself. "God did for me what I could Dream Quest One Poetry & Writingnot do for myself!" Also, my good Contestfriend Charles told me that he just It ispicked a date to quit smoking "cold a great avenue to share your thoughts,turkey". No nicotine patches or feelings and dreams with the world. Itnicotine gum because the problem is helps to take you outside yourself.not the patch or the gum, the problem Just dont think about smoking andis the person smoking. You dont need dont try to figure out how God works.a crutch. Besides, you are only takingthe thing that you are trying toremove, "nicotine". He said that aftertwo days, the cravings went away.It was just that his desire not tosmoke cigarettes had outweighed hisdesire to smoke cigarettes. Also,believe that a Power Greater than God works in mysterious ways. Soyourself or God can restore your make a decision to turn your will andthinking to sanity. Insanity is doing life over to your Higher Power, as youthe same thing and expecting understand Him. That means thatdifferent results. Sanity is knowing every morning you wake up, duringand believing and acting upon the the day when you feel like smoking atruth that you cannot successfully cigarette and before going to bed turnsmoke cigarettes without grave your will and life over to the completeconsequences. When you realize that care and abandon of God as youyou are powerless over tobacco or understand Him.smoking cigarettes that means thatyou surrender the belief that you can Give yourself completely to God. Youbeat a cigarettes power to causes will see a change. You better believe 16
  17. 17. it. He will direct your paths to quitting tobacco is burned and its vapors aresmoking cigarettes one day at a time. either tasted or inhaled and the active substances are absorbed via theTake a deep breath whenever you feel alveoli in the lungs which trigger offan urge to smoke. And if you really chemical reactions in nerve endingswant to stop smoking, you will causing rise in the coronary heartunderstand that when a craving rate.comes to you, you are powerless overit. And to just let it go by you insteadof being strong and trying to resistsomething you cannot resist byyourself.Let it go and let God have it. Let Godhandle it. If He brings you to it, Hewill walk you through it. You will seethe results, one day at a time. In thelong run, you will be smoke free andhealthier. For more info on stoppingsmoking please visit the followingwebsite: (God Bless!) Website:http://www.lungusa.orgAndre West smoked cigarettes for 24years and was imprisoned in his ownmind to suffer what most smokersdeny. He came to believe that he ispowerless over cigarettes and smokingwas compromising his life. By the Smoking is a bad habit and it annoysgrace of God, he no longer has the the people who dont smoke adesire to light up a cigarette and is cigarette. About 4.9 million peoplehere to tell you why. die every year because of cigarette smoking. Scientists disclosed a longArticle Source: time ago a connection between smoking and lung cancer. #4. How to Give Up You will find a lot of methods forSmoking Cigarettes giving up smoking but none of them can work if youre not firm in yourCigarette smoking is a habit in which heart that you truly need to stop. You 17
  18. 18. can follow these easy steps in giving Services, Microtab, Lozenge, Inhalatorup cigarette smoking:- are some techniques which can help you. Also consult your doctor to prescribe medications to help you quit cigarette smoking.Make a list of reasons that yourethinking of about giving up and get a Survive the first week of quitting bysturdy willpower to stop cigarette using cigarette substitutes like mints,smoking. sunflower seeds, toothpicks etc.As an alternative to attempting to quit Learn some details about smoking.every year on a particular day, choose Research on the world-wide web anda specific give up day of every week. discover what will happen to smokersThat will give you 52 chances in a later in the life and the facts aboutyear instead of just one and thus any give up cigarette smoking solutiongiving you more chances to succeed. or technique which is more successful than others.Dont smoke the same brand when itisnt your particular one "No CigaretteSmoking Day". The different flavorsand chemicals can make smoking lessenjoyable.Remove all tobacco products fromyour house and workplace and do noteven keep a pack of cigarettes aroundyou since it can make you startsmoking again.Find a doctor to assist you stopsmoking. Nicotine replacementtherapy, Nicotine patches, nicotinegum, nicotine sprays and inhalers,e-cigarette, Acupuncture, Cold turkey,Hypnotherapy, laser device treatment,NHS cigarette smoking Helpline(excellent source of practicalguidance and support on cigarettesmoking and giving up for UKnationals), NHS Stop smoking The cravings can also be halted by 18
  19. 19. performing pushups or brushing your _CubbonAlways think positive and be assured # 5. Electronic Cigarettes -that you can stop. Believe that youcan and you will do it. A Healthier Alternative to SmokingTry ignoring smoking for 30 days.Keep telling to yourself that you will There is a new invention that everyonego back to smoking soon after that who smokes should know about. Itsmonth. But when the month ends, do called the electronic cigarette, alsonot return to cigarette smoking and known as a smokeless cigarette orstart ignoring it for another month. e-cigarette, and it is changing the legal landscape for cigarette smokersDont compel yourself to give up but around the world.observe yourself and the practice ofsmoking for 7 days typically as youusually do. You will be disgusted inyourself.If you think you are able to give upsmoking then jot down how it feels orwrite down the steps you took whenyou started giving up cigarettesmoking from beginning to end.To stop smoking you must be verydetermined and confident aboutgiving up and once you learn a lifewithout smoking, youll discover thatlifes even more beautiful with noclouds of smoke.Rob Cubbon is a designer andjournalist that write regularly abouthow to give up smoking easily andhow to give up smoking for free invarious blogs and journals. The patented Electronic CigaretteArticle Source: offers to effectively simulate the 19
  20. 20. experience of smoking an actual nicotine strengths. You can getcigarette, without any of the health or regular, menthol, even apple andlegal issues surrounding traditional strawberry flavored cartridges andcigarettes. nicotine strengths come in full, medium, light, and none. WhileWhile Electronic cigarettes look, feel electronic cigarettes are technically aand taste much like traditional "smoking alternative" rather than acigarettes, they function very smoking cessation device, the rangedifferently. You see, electronic of nicotine strengths offers somecigarettes do not actually burn any obvious potential as an aid in thetobacco, but rather, when you inhale ones attempts to quit smoking andfrom an e-cigarette, you activate a seems to be proving popular within"flow censor" which releases a water that market.vapor containing nicotine, propyleneglycol, and a scent that simulates the The nice thing about electronicflavor of tobacco. All of which simply cigarettes as apposed to say, nicotinemeans that electronic cigarettes allow patches, is that e-cigarettes produceyou to get your nicotine fix while the same tactile sensation and oralavoiding all of the cancer causing fixation that smokers desire, whileagents found in traditional cigarettes satisfying ones tobacco cravings assuch as tar, glue, hundreds of well. When you take a drag from nadditives, and hydrocarbons. electronic cigarette you actually feel the your lungs fill with a warmIn addition to being healthier than tobacco flavored smoke and when youtraditional cigarettes, and perhaps exhale the smoke billows out of yourmost importantly of all, is the fact lungs just like regular smoking,that electronic cigarettes are however, as mentioned, that smoke iscompletely legal. Because Electronic actually a much healthier water vaporcigarettes do not involve tobacco, you that quickly evaporates and thereforecan legally smoke them anywhere that does not offend anyone in thetraditional cigarettes are prohibited immediate vicinity.such as bars, restaurants, the workplace, even on airplanes.Furthermore, electronic cigarettesallow you to smoke with no fears ofinflicting harm on others due to nastysecond hand smoke.The refillable cartridges come in amultitude of flavors as well as 20
  21. 21. than_Drake Wrapping up... In this report, weve shown you: Health Concerns from the Use of Electronic Cigarettes Alternatives to the E Cigarette to Help Smokers Quit How one person gave up smoking with a personal view from Andre West, who smoked cigarettes for 24 years before quitting. How to Give Up Smoking CigarettesWhile electronic cigarettes have been and how it is worth it.around for a while in variousincarnations, it has been recent How Electronic Cigarettes can be aadvances in the technology as well as healthier alternative to smoking inever increasing restrictions against the views of a person who likes thesmoking that have propelled the electronic cigarette.e-cigarette into a new foundpopularity. If you are interested in ahealthier alternative to smoking, or if However, this is just the beginning. Ifyou simply want to have the freedom youd like to know more about how toto smoke wherever and whenever you quit smoking and ways to the smokingwant, an electronic cigarette might be habit, then you may find the followingthe solution youve been looking for. special report useful:Watch a video of an Electronic SPECIAL REPORT:Cigarette in action at . Ready for asmoke free life? Learn more aboutSmokeless Cigarettes Is it Possible to Stop[]. Smoking for good, WithoutArticle Source: Using E-Cigarettes, Bogus 21
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