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Using EC2


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Published in: Technology
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Using EC2

  1. 1. On Amazon AWS Growing into your infrastructure! Jurg van Vliet, 9Apps (, @truthtrap)
  2. 2. 9Apps We currently run 4 Apps for an equal number of customers. With room for 5 more we are looking. Large or small, doesn't matter. You can be interesting for different reasons. Apps | Tools Amazon AWS is cool, really really cool. But operating this cloud is also difficult. The main reason is the lack of good tools. Tools to help you build and maintain your apps.
  3. 3. What is Amazon AWS?
  4. 4. Today we do 'only'
  5. 5. Application Centric Infrastructures use separate accounts consolidated billing for bringing down costs but multiple accounts not yet fully supported in most tools (including Decaf)
  6. 6. Small Apps (Buzzer) small database, preferably RDS amazon console & decaf (monitor) build to fail (EBS, AMIs)
  7. 7. Medium Apps (Kulitzer/Layar) database RDS (HA later this year) autoscaling, load balancing EBS doesn't scale: S3/CloudFront build to migrate (zone/region)
  8. 8. $ as-create-launch-config layar-app-server-launch-config-1 --image-id ami-0ba24c62 --instance-type m1.large --group web $ as-create-auto-scaling-group layar-app-server-as-group-1 --launch-configuration layar-app-server-launch-config-1 --availability-zones us-east-1a --min-size 1 --max-size 3 --load-balancers layar-elb-1 $ as-create-or-update-trigger layar-app-server-trigger-1 --auto-scaling-group layar-app-server-as-group-1 --namespace "AWS/EC2" --measure CPUUtilization --statistic Average --dimensions "AutoScalingGroupName=layar-app-server-as-group-1" --period 60 --lower-threshold 20 --upper-threshold 40 --lower-breach-increment=-1 --upper-breach-increment 1 --breach-duration 300
  9. 9. Large Apps (Layar) database: simpledb (cassandra) Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS cache (client and server) build fully distributed (Amazon?)
  10. 10. (Lack of) Tools Amazon Console Decaf (for Android) cmdline ElasticFox, Ylastic, Rightscale Amazon AWS Support Forums My wishlist (= 9Apps roadmap) Multiple account (including Eucalyptus) Full CloudWatch Support (mobile) Clients optimized for the 3 app sizes Web Console the level of Google docs (open source & as a service) Netbook/Tablet optimized Decafs, because we always work, including holidays :)
  11. 11. Cloud computing, a new paradigm virtual infrastructures are becoming part of software infrastructure cloud is not DIY autoscaling load balancing RDS Amazon AWS #1 in public clouds the future of the cloud is private
  12. 12. Thank you! And have fun growing your virtual (Amazon) infrastructure! Jurg van Vliet, 9Apps (, @truthtrap)