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State of the Union, Gabriele Columbro


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State of the Union for the Symphony Software Foundation - Presented by Executive Director, Gabriele Columbro, at the 2017 Annual Members Meeting.

Includes projects, working groups, roadmap, state of the union

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State of the Union, Gabriele Columbro

  1. 1. State of the Union Welcome to the 2017 Members Meeting! Gabriele Columbro (@mindthegabz) Executive Director Symphony Software Foundation
  2. 2. Proprietary and Confidential
  3. 3. 3 Uhm… where were we? :)
  4. 4. Proprietary and Confidential
  5. 5. @symphonyOSS Platinum Members Our Community by the numbers ~60 Open Source Projects 4 Active Working Groups 26 Member organizations 100+ Contributors Gold Members Silver Members(New!) 2 Individual Members
  6. 6. @symphonyOSS Swagger API Spec Integrations Bridge Symphony Platform Clients 
 (Java, Python, C#, Clojure, ..) Desktop Containers
 (Minuet, SymphonyElectron, .. )OpenSourceReadinessWG Agent API Extension API API WG Legend Proprietary Working Group Open Source Bots
 (Vote, Helpdesk, ..) App Samples Apps
 (RFQ, Angular, .. ) Integrations
 (Jira, SFDC, Zapier, SFDC, .. ) Container API 
 WG FinancialObjects
 Standardization WG Community
  7. 7. Proprietary and Confidential Thanks to you. Our Community!
  8. 8. Proprietary and Confidential The Answer is: Projects with a sustainable ecosystem. And what’s an ecosystem: A rich developer community whose code is used to create value which is in turn reinvested back into the project From
  9. 9. The Value of our Foundation Independent and trusted container for Open Source intellectual property Transparent governance based on meritocracy and influence by contribution Industry grade Open Development Platform as 
 safe space for inter organization development OSS Readiness Definition and implementation of an industry wide Open Source contribution policy and reference infrastructure Security by many eyeballs Mission critical components are developed and maintained to the highest standards of security through OSS Independent Sandbox The ODP provides the perfect level playing field for experimenting, innovating & standardizing on open source FinTech Faster innovation Open Source is eating the world and fosters a cost effective innovation model. Foundation allows FinServ focus to build industry wide solutions and standards Talent Pool Attract and retain top talent through participation in 
 Open Source Community driven contributions
  10. 10. 10 Basically… We are Switzerland!
  11. 11. 11 So… why should you care?
  12. 12. @symphonyOSS Open Source is good 
 for your health™ Consumers ● Deliver great code faster ● Make your lawyer & infosec guy happy ● Get help from our Community! Contributors ● Collaborate with other industry leaders ● Exposure in the Community ● The Open Developer Platform
 (free for our Contributors!) Learn more at session on our Open Development Platform at 1:50PM with Maurizio Pillitu, our Director of DevOps.
  13. 13. @symphonyOSS
  14. 14. Proprietary and Confidential 2017: graduation time
  15. 15. Proprietary and Confidential Introducing our new Members
  16. 16. Proprietary and Confidential Financial Services is ready for Open Source
  17. 17. Help us shape the future of the Foundation! Feedback on the whiteboard and session at 1:00PM Objectives: • Receive contribution of Synapse • Create / extend working groups as appropriate to cover API / Data standards Objectives: • Enable incremental contribution of Symphony core platform • Projects activation (depth) vs. #projects (breadth) Focus Bots Apps Integrations Area Launchers Standards Platforms Use cases Community-drivenCollaboration App Interoperability Data Focus on high value platforms and use case Plexus / Synapse API/ Standards Container
  18. 18. Proprietary and Confidential Financial Services is 
 not (yet) ready for Open Source
  19. 19. Value Frictions Legal Contribution Policy, CLAs, License Cultural Cultural, Community RoE Learn more at the
 Open Source Readiness roundtable at 3:00PM with Aaron Williamson, our General Counsel. OSS Readiness Working Group Technical OSS Supply chain. DevOps Workflows The Open Source readiness program Why Open Source? Strategic value of OSS engagement What 
 to Open Source? Identify “value line”, OSS commercialization tactics Attend, speak and help us promote the Open Source Strategy Forum on November 8th in NYC. Decision Makers enablement
  20. 20. Proprietary and Confidential The Open Source Strategy Forum is a one-day conference for executive-level decision makers and senior technologists from financial services seeking to drive industry innovation through open source NYC, November 8 2017 Register (free for Members!): Speak (CFP now Open!):
  21. 21. @symphonyOSS Hon can you get involved? Consumption Ask our Dev list Contribution Contribute a Project or Idea Join an Existing Project
 Submit PRs & Issues
 Host a meet up or hackathon! Commitment Become a Foundation Member Join a Working Group Stay for Community awards!
  22. 22. @symphonyOSS Would you help us “build” a forest?